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Well, I found a quick fix. Shift+Right Click on the Task Bar Icon > "minimize" > "maximize". Does the trick. Kinda weird view, but playable.

We are happy you like it. Yeah, as it has been mentioned before it would have been better to link RMB to the charging, instead of SPACE. It would make more sense. We 'll probably continue development of this game and this will be one of the changes. Follow us, if you are interested to seeing how this prototype will be evolved. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!!!

Very original idea! If it had a little more "juice" and visual feedback (particles,flashing,strech-squash etc.) it would be perfect. I hope you add those effects postjam. That said, considering it is your first game, the work you did here is magnificent! Keep it up and good luck!

We are happy you like it! And yeah, your suggestion is really well founded. If we continue the development of the game, this will be something to change. Thanks again!

Very interesting concept. It was so satisfing when the bulbs turned on! Only one suggestion, I think that a visual representation of where is -/+ on the moving parts, would be better than just guessing and if you are wrong turning it around. Overall a great game. I enjoyed it a lot! Good luck!

Really neat game. I had some problems when trying to use WASD but arrows worked just fine. With some sound effects and music this would make a hell of a game! Good luck!

We are happy you like it... And yeah, the tutorial needs a rework, 'cause being a jam game it was added litterally in the last half hour before submmiting ... Thanks for playing!

It was quite difficult to get used to, but when i did i was instantly fully commited to the experience! Well done! It's trully amazing. I only have on huge complain.... why aren't there more levels! Just kidding... amazing work! Good luck!

Wow! This was really interesting. The fact that you have to build momentum by moving in circles, while avoiding bullets, while trying to kill enemies, all at the same time, leads to a very dynamic gameplay! Love it. Keep it up!

This was great! I really hope to see more levels in the future!!!

Good Luck!

Magnificent submission! It more than deserves an all-5-star rating!

Good luck!

Really neat puzzles. I actually felt like I was pulling something apart, when I tried to separate the rocks.  I liked it a lot! Good luck! 

Exactly! Haha

haha! this comment made my day! take care!

Really fun game! I enjoyed it a lot!!! Good luck!

This was a really great mechanic. I wish you would develop it further! It can make for super interesting puzzles! Keep it up. Good luck!

It's a really fun game! I wish I could just shoot MOREEEEE! It feels so good!

Good luck!

Pretty neat game! Well done. I only fiound the controls to be a little buggy when using the arrows to move. Other than that it's pretty solid. Good luck!

I came here from your youtube video... you gained a sub. It's funny how much I can relate... my game went though a similar prosses... About the game: it's pretty solid and fun to play. If I were to change somethign I would make the view a little more zoomed out. Other than that it's really great! Good luck!

Wow! It was amazing! I really love how the game feels and plays! Good luck!

Very good game! It was really juicy. I think I run into a bug though. While eating the Spinies the game stopped dropping boxes. Did I do anything wrong? Good luck!

Interesting take on the theme. I dig it! If I were to change something I would add a little more visual and audio feedback when you damage the enemies. Overall, it's a solid entry! Good luck!

Prety fun concept! I like it a lot. Good luck!

Very interesting concept. I wonder what would happen (gameplay-wise) if the enemies did not only attack you, but also try to cut your webs too. Good Luck!

Thanks! It really means a lot! Good luck with you game!

Nice game. Our submissions have the same name by the way... lol!

Good luck!

Ohh. It's a shame for the second level. 5 star rating for the presentation though!

I wish there were a windows build to play it. Anyway, good luck!

ohh ok, I will try that...haha

Very nice puzzles! They get difficult very fast though. Overall a solid game.

Good luck!!!

Interesting concept. I'd like it to have some music and sound effects though... Good luck!

A really interesting take on the theme. Got stuck in the twitter page... Good luck!!

A really polished and fun game! I like it a lot!

Nice game. If I were to change something, I would add a sound to when you are pressing the buttons to move. It would be easier to much  it with the beat of the song. Overall, i like it! Good luck!

Oh. There is so much juice in this game! I love it. Just two things: Α)the audio needs a little balancing (especially the music) and Β) i'd like some more visual feedback for when you damage an enemy (squash and stretch/ white flashing ectc). Overall, a great submission! Good luck!

Really interesting mechanic. I dig it!

Good luck!

This was so fun! I am not really into puzzle games, but his one was really good! Good luck!

I really like nice submission you've got here. The puzzles are really interesting. I'd like to see a little more "game feel", but considering the time frame, it is solid! Good luck!

Thanks for playing! When the boss shoots the crystals you should be near the center of the room so that you have enough time to take cover behind the Jar. There should be some checkpoints though. Good luck with your game!

Thank you for the feedback! Indeed, there could be an easy mode.

Good luck!