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Thats an awesome gameee!!!

Well Thats awesome!!!

Hey! Do you have a specific problem or you just want more stuff ;-)

Unfortunately I am sitting exams to enter uni this year, so any changes will be made in the summer of 2020 (as well as the new game for GMTK jam and a lot of other projects that we want to make)

We are happy you played our game though. Follow us to get notifications when we update/upload something!

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback.

Apart from your first observation, I agree and we will implement all the others, but as for the first one the difficulty is a part of the challenge: the bullet fires away from the player when you release the mouse.

That said, when people play the game, I notice that they don't use the "refire" system, so it may be TOO difficult or complex, so I should enhance it or change it, but I don't know what I could do.

Anyway, the changes won't be made soon, because this year I am studying to sit the exams to enter university. I will make them though. Again thanks for zplaying!!!

Thank you for checking out our game!!! Yeah, actually the point is not to load the bullet, in order to maximize your bullet-power and be able to one-shot the enemies. Anyway, thanks for playing, it means a lot!!!


To beggin with, I don't think there should be that much of a controversy over the rating/ranking matter. The point is to just have fun.

Someone could say that I speak from a safe spot because I ranked #10, but that's just not true! I had as much fun this year, as I did last year that I ranked #206!

What really matters is to have fun making games, meet with new people and learn stuff. Then just rate, not in order to criticize, but in order to give honest feedback. That is the only way the rating system could work 100%, because, in my opinion, no-matter the mathematical formula there will always be enough space to cheat. It's is up to us, not to the algorithm.  In the end, your life won't change if you end up in the 100 finalists, neither in Mark's video. It is awesome if you manage to achieve that, but should not be the purpose for taking part in the jam.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

See you next year!!!

Yeah I hope not...

I will drink ten buckets of coffee and everything will be ok.

Seriously now. It's 3:10 here in Greece, and I have to study tomorrow. Where are the results? lmao

Yeah I am like: "Where are the results!!??" 

Good luck everyone!

Thanks a lot.

Thank you a lot!!!

Nicee! Thanks for playing!

That sounds legit. I think you are right.

yeah I saw that especially in the last jam finalists. But I think the average rating number has something to do with the final score. Anyway we will see...

Yeah I am really happy you pointed that out. At the begging there was going to be no powering up system. But after some playtesting I realized that people didn't use the magnet as I wanted them to. After some maybe-we-should-drop-the-idea thoughts, I came up with this solution. I think it works pretty well. Thanks for playing.

I will test your game when home, I am on an phone now. Good luck!!

Awesome, we are happy you like it!!!

yeah, that's what I think too. I was wondering if anyone has that formula.

Good luck everyone!!

I loved the dragon! He made the game really stressful. It was kind of difficult to understand what was going on but I guess that was the point. Overall it was pretty fun to play!

Hereee!!! Why not? A rate is a rate!

Good luck mate!

Can someone explain how is the overall score formed? I know it doesn't only matter how many rates you have, neither if they are good or not alone. It is something in between, but does anyone knows exactly how?

Thanks in advance!

Why don't you rate our game if you have some time?

Yeah! thank you for playing. Oscar did a GREAT job with the music!!

We are really happy you like it!

we are glad you like it!!

yeah admittedly it is a little tough, but it's a part of the challenge indeed. Thanks for your feedback!!

thanks for playing the game and for the feedback! Yeah I ll check your game!

First of all thank you for playing our game. Yeah getting to max power is difficult but impossible... nah. And if you consider that when on max power you can one-shot kill the enemies, it worths the try. Again thanks for playing, I am gonna check your game now.

Thats awesome!!! Really! I am just laughing in front of my screen right now!

You made my day! Thanks!

Oooooo thats awesome I love it. I mafe an one bullet game too, but took a different approach. Why don't you check it out?

hello there awesome game! It is a 5/5!

We made a game (in  gamemaker :-) ) too check it out:

Thank you for your comment. About the bullet, it was considered to be faster, but when faster it was almost impossible to control it away from you and maximize the power. Again thank you for playing it, it means a lot!!!

We are glad you liked our game. Really, it's an amazing feeling that someone enjoys something we made (far from effortlessly). We really appreciate your feed back. Thanks for playing!!!

Let's see some bad art on this...
Good luck to everyone who participated!!!

Yeah sorry for the inconvenience, we didn't have enough time to make a browser version. We are glad you liked it. We may upload a browser version as well as a mac one in the future.

We are happy you liked our game!!!

If you are talking about the game page, yes you can. It is considered a separate project that has been submitted to the jam actually. Or so I think. I hope I am not telling you bullshit...


I think that through e-mail would be a wish move. Other platforms are not that stable. Espesially when it comes to exchanging files.

Mine is ,hit me up. And we will talk about the details  there.



Hello Oscar,

I am an Indie game programmer from Greece and this is the second time I take part in this gamejam. I haven't worked with a team via internet ever before. I have uploaded some games in with this account if you want to check them. Do you have any portfolio to check your songs and tracks?



Well, I don't know how far you got, ... but there are four types of enemies and some power up ships. We are actually thinking of growing that project a little... More ice-creams to fight with and stuff like that... Thanks for your time!

We are really happy you like our concept