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Raw Egg Studio

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Well, I don't know how far you got, ... but there are four types of enemies and some power up ships. We are actually thinking of growing that project a little... More ice-creams to fight with and stuff like that... Thanks for your time!

We are really happy you like our concept

Thank you for playing the game, and we are really happy you liked it!

Yeah... It 's kind of hard I admit, it takes a bit to get used to it. Thanks for playing!

Thnaks for downloading our game!

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I am glad you think it's fun. Oh... you don't have to wait long... this weekend or maybe the next one (we have a little problem as I mentioned before) is going to be uploaded a new major update. So... wait for it, a little :)

Thank yo SOOOO MUCH!!!

Thank you so much  for playing the game. I am happy you liked the DEMO. A new version is going to be uploaded this weekend (or maybe the next one because we have a little problem here -aren't we all?- ). So keep an eye for the update...

Again THANK YOU!!!

Thank you SOOOOO much for your video!!! I want you to know how much I appreciate your help. If you have any ideas about the game and the gameplay I would love, to have them sent!!! Also if you want a more personal contact, on the development of the game, this is Raw Egg Studios' mail:

ok, thank you guys!!

I have no idea what NSFW can you explain me?