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The visuals and the gameplay is awesome!

I believe that the controls could be a little tighter and more responsive, especially when climbing; some times when hooked on a wall the jump button does not work and you have to drop off and the re-try; something really annoying when you are on wall where you can die if you fall. I, also, suggest the acceleration and deceleration to be faster -higher friction, if you use physics-, so that the controls feel more resposive. Finally, I believe that there should be some tweaking on the wall-to-jump (towards the opposite direction) movement; it is really difficult to manage it properly, without falling...

Those are some suggestion I have movement-wise.

Oh, by the way, I would love to know more about the story!

All in all, it is a great game and I hope there will be more levels in different areas... Like a desert... I am just saying... ahem... ahem...

I will stick around to see how this project will evolve!

Keep up the great job!

We are happy you like our concept! Good Luck with your game!

We didn't have enough time to explore the story further unfotunately... Thanks for playing!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for playing! We are glad you like it!!

I beat it!!! haha

Good luck mate!

We are really happy you like it... It was hard finding the sweet spot between random movement and not-so-random movement...

Thanks for playing!

Hey I reached a highscore of 13!! i am really proud of myself! haha

Good Luck!!

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Hey, I hit 24 score!!!

This is a neat game! if I were to suggest one thing it would be this: add some game "feel", you know, screenshake, particles etc...! It would make a hell of a difference!

Overall I really liked the game!

Good Luck!!!

Awesome game! I love what you did with sprite stacking! I always wanted to try it but never got a change...  The game is nice, and the plot twist at the end was unexpectable... well done!

Why such a sad ending though... :(


Anyway Good Luck! 

I really like this game... Such a soothing and calm experience!

Then only thing I would suggest is that the tiles' paterns gave you a hint about what they are doing... I can understand that it is on purpose, as it is out of your control, but game-design-wise, when the jump tiles were added a got a little confused...

I finished all levels anyway!

Good Luck!!!

We are happy you like the artstyle... yeah, if enemies are charging when you shoot them, the charging stops. So you have to time your shots and attack the enemy that is currently charging. There will not be more than one enemy charging at a time, so it is possible to beat it without getting hit at all...  Hope you manage to do it...

Thank you for playing!!!

hahaha! Ok fair enough!

This was really nice! Well done!

Good Luck!!!

OK... let me say something... I am playing that game alone at 1am expecting it to be a calm roleplay visual novel. And then ohfuckohfuckohfuck! I don't have words... Or actually I do... WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS ENTRY HAVE SO LITTLE RATINGS???!!! 

Well done! And I thought that our game had a creepy mood... 

Best Luck...

P.S. Please promote your game more!!!

Awesome! Well done! haha

Ohh! I really liked this one!!!

I have some feedback you could take into consideration in your next builds, if you want:

1.Screenshake, flashes and more particles! It would really enhance the game "feel"

2.Make the shooting towers visually distinguishable depending on their hp and shooting patern

3.Make the spawning of the enemies and spawning of the bits different (Some times I saw a tower spawning and went for it thinking it was a bit)

4.Make lower hp towers spawn more at the begging and less as the highscore increases

5.Add some pitch variety to the "glink" sound when collecting bits so that it doesn't get repetitive

All in all, those are just some minor tweakings you could do. Overall I really enjoyed the game!!!

Good Luck!

P.S.: the walking animation is slick!!!

I liked the game a lot! I wish there was a little more feedback when you ate a ship... some game "feel"!...

Overall a neat game!

Good Luck!!!

Very cool and fun game. I thing it needs a little more game feel.


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This was funny

It was cool to have a anime girl as an enemy. Keep up the good work.

I am happy you like it! I will mate!

Very nice mechanic here! i like it! Good luck!

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That is a nice game. I would have liked it if there was some more "game feel", you know: screenshake, flashes, some more particles... And also if there was a clearer indication of when it was your turn to move.... Overall it is a neat game.... Good Luck!!!

Hey, I hit a highscore: 3741!! hahaha

Nice game... I would like it if there was some more "juice" to it... you know screenshake, particles, flashes etc... Overall, I liked it a lot!

Good Luck!!

Thank you sooo much for playing! We are glad you like it!

I liked that a lot! Nice take on the theme here! i would like it if there were some more particles, screenshake and flashes to add some game "feel"... apart from that I really enjoyed the experience!!!

Good luck!

Hey... that was nice. I like how with shift you get both an advantage and a disagvantage... interesting mechanic game-design-wise... Good Luck!

Hey! That was really nice! I am really fond of the 4th wall breaks! when i saw the gms2 interface I was laughing so hard! Good Luck!

Hey that was really cool! i really liked the idea... You could have added some sfx, screenshake and particles to make it "feel" better though... Good Luck!

This was pretty nice... It had that creepy feel that my game has too... not many games have tried that mood for the jam... I overall liked it a lot!! Good luck!

This was funny... You could have added some screenshake, flashing adn audio to make the clicking more impactfull and fun.... i also liked that when you switched off your computer it exited the game... It was kind of 4th was break...

Good Luck!

This is a nice game that you have here. Only on prob: the physics are kind of problematic, as well as the collisions. It was kind of frustrating to have a block stuck inside a wall while I was trying to neatly place it on the platform... Apart from that it was a nice experience...

Good Luck!!!

Hmmm... This is an interesting take on the theme... I am a little confused about the physics though. I would like it to have more feedback and some instant response  when shooting, so that it was a bit more managable to control your spaceship... Overall it was a nice experience...

Good Luck!

Hey this was really fun!! Did anyone actually manage to beat it?!! I played it for like 15minuites and I didn't manage to get higher then room 5... i liked it a lot though!!!

Good luck!!!

Hmm... this was kind of strange. I like the visuals and the general concept though. I think that it needs some tweaking, like for example:

-Make the enemies walk in paterns

-Make a countdown system to the "ghost phase"

-Add states to the enemies like "unsuspicious ", "suspicious", "aware"...

Overall I think it is a nice experience... Good Luck!

Yeah, maybe it needs some tweaking... but I believe some luck was involved too, as we had quite a few playtesters trying to "break" the game and they didn't mange to do it. Anyway, thanks for playing and thank you for your feedback, we really do appreciate it!!!

Take care!

Yeah, we both took a creepy kind of approach... I like that! Haha!

thanks for playing!!!