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I ended up downloading the game to fix this, but pressing tab would sometimes help on the webpage

On the third run, I was ready for it.
Wished I could smelt quicker, but honestly a great game and fun challenge.

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Possibly my favorite so far.
And a killer approach to the theme conceptually.


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An amazing tool.

It seems like the gif export gets cut off, is there a way to change this?

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Genuinely happy you saw that easter egg.

You know... tbh I'm not 100% sure it does reduce wobble. I think to an extent for the limitation it did.
By making the octo mesh first it allowed me to tackled wobble first and then not worry about it while designing the rest of it.
I had to make the octo mesh particularly large so I could reduce wobble of course, but the more I look at what I did the more I think I could have just combined the two.
BUT it allowed me to adjust the alphas on the square edges rather freely and I think that saved me a lot of headache as well.

I think I'm going to revisit this project but without the limitations.
There's so many... so many things I could do to reduce the texture size and more things that I want to add.

Just fantastic.

Def one of my favorites
You had a lot of space left over!
It's clear you had more concepts that you wanted to build on top of, as the bubbles don't appear anywhere.

"No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die."
Easily one of the best of the challenge.
By far best of technique and a stunning concept.

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So after seeing yours and the AC house you made on twitter, I became motivated to join the jam.
You really made a shining example of low-res design and pixel art skills.

Thank you!
I think I put the most time into the texture work, glad it paid off!

Those were my favorite part to make!

No U!
Really that means a lot.

really great! Love this concept

I think you showcase each of the primitives very well. Is that a tiny render of the scene on the monitor?

Makes me want to live by the sea, love the concept.

Great concept, reminds me of Myst.

Lot of good details in here.

Best skybox so far!


Full marks.
Composition is great as a bottom to  view.
Clever use of deleting faces for the limitation and using the primitives in unique ways,
Visually the whole thing is just stunning.

Very cute!
Also good marketing!
I followed you on twitter.

Lots of details!

Revisiting this now the jam is done, the angles you got are pretty interesting.

Very enjoyable to look at and overall great.

The characters in this breathe a lot of life into it the composition.

Very simple, but very enjoyable and well done.

Clean project page, very high concept and presentation.

So peaceful.

PicoSAD, amirite?
Makes me want to revisit LISA

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imo you have the highest concept vs technical limitations

Great framing and clever setting.
Full marks

I'm still lost on some of the gifs you posted, it looks like flipped normals from the top down light 

But the edges have a "shimmer" of gray and light blue that I don't follow completely.
Lmk if you ever post that write up or revisit that technique, really great stuff.

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Full marks,
It's clear you used the file to a full potential and everything is very clean and that is amazing technique.
The details you put in are really enjoyable to find.

The long display of the field is a nice change of pace.
You def nailed the framing

Lot of visual/technical love on this!

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I forget to get the lantern from a chest each time I play this.
This certainly takes me back.

Very technical use of cubes and prisms
Really like this.

Favorite part of this is the tree shadow, beautiful touch of detail.

Genuinely enjoyed this one, very well thought out, yet simple.
Elements of framing were def my favorite parts about this - being able to see the outside to inside.

Great work!
I would love to see how you did the original that you posted in the discord.

Clever play on words, also SOLID pixel art for the cards.