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Bless, been super excited to wait for this.
You are doing amazing work!


Cozy 🏕️

This just jumps into the boss rush action with style turned up to 11.

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I submitted a report on each game
But I just wanted to report the user because he has a history of this kind of stuff in the past week.

How do I report just the user in the future?

  1. R-52951
  2. R-52953
  3. R-52956
  4. R-52960

What are you supposed to do?

One of my favorites so far on visuals and theme approach. You've nailed some replay with the crafting, but I have mixed feelings about boss balancing. Anubus kicked my a**, and the sand was too easy.

There is something awesome about Normal Guy that is clearly not normal.

Tuna outdid himself, I was shocked tbh.
Thanks for playing and commenting~
(it means a lot!)

Yusss, thanks for playing~

I got good news!
It won't be 15 bucks if we release it on steam. Hoping to show some stuff off soon!

(That happens to me as well!)
My tip for that - if you're trying to finish the Gauntlet - is to make him follow you to the corners
Really glad you enjoyed our game. Hoping to keep working on it.

Thank you for commenting and playing!

Glad you liked the game, and thanks for commenting!
We already have plans to balance the game further after the jam, as that has been consistent feedback.


it doesn't have to be html, don't worry about that

Put all the files into a zip folder and upload to, instead of each individual file.

And you can't redirect to or use a github link, that will need to be removed from the page

You will have to make the file upload properly to or be disqualified.

quick bug mention, if you beat a boss and a moment later then take damage to the point you die, you get a restart that overrides the win button

I appreciate how hard you've made this game. You're leaning into the fight and the fun of a bullet hell, but I share similar thoughts that everyone else expressed about it being too hard.
This game has juice, and that's really cool!
I love the personality you put into everything.

These are just suggestions:
- Maybe something like the player can auto pickup weapons when walking close to them instead of pressing E. That way the focus can be on dodging instead of picking up.
- I-frames would soften the punishing feeling of getting hit and allow the player to progress further.

I hope to see more of what you make!

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Excellent, thanks for the reply. I am loving your work!

Hey there!
Following up on this, was it ever added? I couldn't find it

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Big fan of both of you!
Here's that vid!

Yes, it can be other genres.

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Thank you for your quick reply!

The jam is

I couldn't see it on the tab in the schedule/timeline.

It's... back now? Which is great! But it's lower on the list's order. The jam used to be 8th from the top, and now that it reappeared, it's closer to the 45th. When it disappeared, I used ctrl+f to find "Boss". We weren't on the page despite having been on the webpage for 3 months and starting the jam that day with 900 users. We also had users on our discord that reported the same thing.

I guess it resolved itself somehow because we're back, but it's curious why we disappeared from the list to begin with when we had so many that joined. Would the total jam count on that list have a limited index?

I'm just trying to think of other things that might have happened at this point to help. 
We also made an edit to the jam page itself on that day. But even after making the jam edit, we were still on the timeline for a few hours before disappearing.

That's all the details I can think of. I hope this helps!

And! thank you for making!

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We just started the Boss Rush Jam (pretty proud about the turnout), but someone noticed our Jam was no longer on the timeline.

What should we do? {resolved as it reappeared]
Were we taken off post-launch? [Still unsure of what happened]

Edit: I believe this has turned into more of a detailing on the bug report, as the Boss Rush Jam jam did reappear on the jam timeline
I posted some information below,
LMK if I can help further on the report.

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That isn't an acceptable way for us to transfer money. You'll need a different method, if you win.

No, with these amounts we wouldn't feel comfortable doing that.

Yes. But not premade games from the asset store.

What kind of assets?

Rules 2 and 5 apply here best.

Don't work on the game before the jam starts. You can use art assets that you own, but don't go working on making art early.

Yes, default engine scripts are allowed.

We could probably make Nequi work. It seems like there is a third-party platform called sharemoney that would help. But we would ideally ask for your bank information to wire transfer before trying that.

One of the judges will be covering the jam when voting starts!
Follow him on twitch!

(1 edit)

Hey there!

The judges talked about this rule and updated it to this.
"Majority of the code must be made during the jam."

We hope this rule will simplify the specific details while keeping the spirit of the jam open to all skill levels and resources.
Such things as game engines, visual scripting, and plug-ins are allowed. (as already mentioned)
Code libraries and premade player controllers are now allowed, too. Although, they shouldn't be the bulk of the game.

I hope this helps!

Surprising twists and turns for something so poetically simple.

Man, this is top-tier picoCAD'ing!

I'm not sure if it's possible for the sprites to billboard.

But if a 3D plane with a texture/animation could lock on the camera in a 3d space - with X, Y, and Z axis locking
it can add a lot of depth to scenes!

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Thank you for playing!
I am digging your vibe, man.
It was an absolute pleasure to watch.
Your video and audio edits are crisp!

This game was def made as a BYOB-Multiplayer. 
(Bring Your Own Buddies 😂 )

Tasty collectibles