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POV: Top 10 undiscovered pixel fonts your doctor doesn't want you to know about.

It feels like I'm being told I can lose, but I don't have to lose.
Great game!

Minor gripe: the exchange of the cards wasn't the clearest but when I figured it out it was a pretty unique take to a classic approach of the theme 

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I have a question about Spirit and Bond numbers! It's a little unclear how I'm reading it.

The rules state your companion cannot pick the same starting numbers.
If I do Spirit-1 and Bond-5,  does that mean my companion could do Spirit-5 and Bond-1?

Or is it more like "Your companion and handler cannot pick from the same number sets"?

Please reach out to me on Discord
discord: swagshaw

That means a lot, thank you.
This jam has been a labor of love to give opportunity and community as best as we can to game developers.

Thank you!

Oh no!
That doesn't sound intended, I recommend reaching out on their discord.

I remember some people having trouble with the code before checkout, but the discount is supposed to be free.

Interesting game, lots of kudos for making the exchange of position an important mechanic

first time I've seen a submitted game be password protected!
Very interesting

So returning to this, I can't seem to deal any damage, regardless of what limb I use or target

It is only compatible with Unity and Unreal sadly, they have plans for godot but not in time for this jam

clever name!

Gonna copy the email we sent out!

🎤  1 free song license ($25 value coupon)

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🔌  Free Unity and Unreal Plugin to add music directly to your game

Register for PlusMusic today: 

Enter this offer code to redeem FREE music at the checkout: BOSSRUSH24

You can join PlusMusic on Discord at for any questions or to provide feedback. 

(1 edit)

The game itself was started before the jam was started.

As for the theme, I recommend looking at the many definitions

it also looks like you started production on the game a day early from the competition, this disqualifies your game from prizes.

Please be aware the game needs to be a boss rush as well as include the theme "exchange"

yeah, that's basically pg13, unless it's wildly excessive then it's 18+
but both are fine to make

This is a very unique approach to the theme. 

Small suggestion, I'd add a photo-sensitive warning somewhere noticeable.

So this does count as a fan game! (you can remove that from the title)
As you don't own Terraria

But this submission is welcome to stay in the jam, as long as you know it won't qualify for prizes.

Additionally, the eye is really hard 🤣
But this is fun
Thank you for joining!

If you showcase it in the jam's discord channel, specifically for early playtesting, you'll get critical feedback that can help with QA/polish/balancing.

I highly recommend you submit early, as we won't take late submissions. You can edit the game (even do a dev log) before the jam ends. But editing is limited to the itch page only - once voting occurs.

You'll need to change your name away from "Minecraft" and not use Herobrine as the logo. 
Otherwise, you'll be disqualified for using IP you don't own

Additionally, my game crashes/closes after playing for less than 3 seconds.
Good luck!


Will be curious to see how you include the theme "Exchange" into this.

that's fine

It means Game Of The Year

This game does not qualify for the Boss Rush Jam as it was made before the jam started and does not apply to the boss rush genre at all, please quit submitting it.

A modern book of poetry, thank you for sharing.

Very clever!

As the game evolves, I'm excited to how this is turned into a boss rush as well!

Good luck

only for certain awards but not the main prize pool

It seems like you started early, the jam is supposed to start now
The theme was just revealed, not changed

Got that dog in him

Nice game!
Feels juicy but how do I get more stars?

Thankya! the movement has to match the frame rate

This is 60 frames so 60

Awesome! Sorry for the confusion.

I think someone ripped your game 😟


I thought I would share what I made with your program here!