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Is there a way to script autoplay music on load/start with CSS?

I'm completely inexperienced with coding in general. I apologize if this is a simple line of code.

Also, I have loved this app so far, and I recommend it to all my music buddies!

The technique is great, vvvery clean!

Been hoping for an Ed, Edd n Eddy crossover.

Like this?

One of my favorite textures and wireframes from this jam
It's just so "doomsday" and large.


I absolutely love how much fun you had with this.

You really let the tower be alive!

It goes ZAP ZAP
Solid shape, it's very cartoony.

Love it! Thank you for joining, hope to see you make more!

So effective and simple, awesome work!

Hope to see more stuff you make in the community!

Nothing short of greatness, you even included an example gif!

How did you get so many shots in the animation?

This thing is unsettling in the best ways.
It's so detailed when everything in the game is so cartoony

I would be very afraid if I saw this in the game

Healing is a fun idea to conceptualize
Love you went with rainbows

WHY is so THIC?


Like that you chose dark matter as a generator,
got me thinking about what kind of towers would get charged by this.

I really love how cartoony this is!

It reads clearly and has action,
I like that you added an outline similar to how the game has one.

Really love the animation work for this!
Kinda reminds me of the Nintendo Rob

You can never go wrong with big friggin' lasers

Solid tower idea, slowing enemies is an important part of any tower defense,
and you made that idea in a really fun way.

Lil' bun-bun is cute.

Genuinely a fun-sounding game design concept and solid technical approach.

Simple yet very effective with great animation.

This is very interesting as a concept.
The animation work is flawless the heat really builds up.

This is very interesting as a concept.
The animation work is flawless the heat really builds up.

Some amazing lightning texture and animation!
Love how you worked out the idea of damage also causing a slower enemy.

Great collection!

Hella cute!

Love how you gave the cabinet life by giving it a gloss

(1 edit)

Some of your most crisp work I've seen!
Perfect picoCAD replicas of the cabinets.

Oh man! You did all the taxi designs, wild attention to detail.

Really stunning work here, I had to do a double-take from just the arcade to the blast!

Love the broken desert concept!

All-around exceptional model!

Strong modeling and texture work!
Would love to see more weapons/objects that you make.

One of my favorite PicoCAD models.
This page is super slick, too!

I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Interesting game!

No worries!

Looking forward to more of your amazing art!

Your work is amazing!
Do you do commissions?

You really made this game come to life! Marvelous pixel art in this 2.5D style

Thank you!

"Too short" is for sure a compliment! (Really glad you liked it enough to say that)

🤔 you got me wondering what a good challenge/boss would look like in this jam with the direction we took.

I def looked up some VA tips this time 😉

Solid surrealism and atmosphere, very short though.
Would love to see what you come up with for a longer narrative.

One of those jam games that had clear love and fun put into it.

Great art, loved the simplicity of everything.

Challenging boss fight!

Great art! (and hey you did va too!)

Hard as nails!
Always love the amount of love you put in your games.
Guys, great stuff