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Oh you phrased it just fine! I just didn't phrase my reply properly :) I got what you meant, thanks for the info! Could be a browser specific thing, I'll have to try it out myself.

Awesome work. First time through I didn't notice the big ? button, so I was a bit confused. Might have been a good idea to pop it up at the start for first time players.

Rerolling the low charge trinkets is a cool solution to the problem of running out of them!

The elemental weaknesses weren't immediately clear even with the tutorial button, as others have pointed out (except for the fire guy, that was pretty obvious :P)

Thanks for playing! I agree, the balance between ice and fire elementals is still a bit out of whack :)

I think the fundamentals are there, just needed a more clear tutorial (and some button prompts, it took me a second to figure out E: interact)

I got a bit confused because I was trying to place the ingot into the smelter from above and that didn't work, and then ended up throwing it into the trash can (whoops!)

The sharpening mechanic popped up pretty suddenly and I wasn't sure what button to press and lost the sword entirely. I liked how you did the anvil minigame though, that one worked much better.

Thanks for playing! I'm having trouble reproducing the WASD only issue on both chrome and firefox browsers -- what browser/context were you running it in?

Thanks for playing shibey :)

I just pushed out an update, it should make the upgrade process a little easier to accomplish (Though the game may be a bit harder in other ways)

Thanks for figuring that one out! If I scale the page it does the same thing for me too. Hopefully it'll be an easy fix!

Ooh, that's strange. Doesn't look like that on my end at all.

Ooh, thanks for all the ideas (and for playing) putney! 

Easier solution could be to have a visual indicator on the bombs themselves to show the blast radius, I should have thought of that!

I found myself putting the spare potions in the same spot myself!

I love the tall grass idea, though in the current game it would get cleared out *very* quickly unless it also grew back

Placeable walls that the enemies attack would be good, right now the enemies are a little too dumb for that! The skeleton's bodies serve a similar purpose.

I actually have a sprite for an ice slime that I ended up not using, it would have left a trail that slows down the enemies.

Definitely spammed as many bullets as I could before realizing what was going on :P

I like how there's an element of planning where to move to and how to shoot, to make it easier for yourself!

Love the look of it! Interesting that there's not really set solutions for any of the puzzles. Got pretty difficult to manage once there were two cursors at once, but it was fun.

My only complaint is that I didn't get my free toaster from the popups :( Also, I deeply regretted picking the captcha one when I also had the poison swamp.

Amazing work! I love how you really painted it as being a game developer experience with the code editor and comments.

Neat little game! I like how you incentivized making a maze out of the fences by giving more money if the character had gone a certain distance.

Cool concept, I can see a lot of ways it could be expanded on!

I feel like the adventurer movement should be a bit less random. Maybe nudge them a bit more in the direction of the treasure? Would be cool to see purchasable traps, maybe an item that lures the adventurers to a point so they can fight each other.

Really cool concept!

Got slightly over 1000 points! Loved the narrative setup with the cutscenes. I feel like maybe the difficulty ramp up at the start was a little sudden but was still enjoyable.

The gameplay music felt a little loud in comparison to the title music.

Huh, runs fine on my end. What browser and OS are you running?

I like how you flipped the "cozy" part of the theme on it's head :D

Was fun with the various leaf types and humor!

I love the idea of narrative through spam messages. Didn't realize I was playing as a hedgehog until I half jumpscared myself when I eventually looked out the window :P

Really clean visuals, nice work! I especially loved the animations for the printer and shredder

Thanks :)

This might be the coziest game I've played from this jam so far :P

I love how you've managed to achieve a progressive increase in difficulty, keeping things interesting, while in practice it's impossible to achieve a fail state (Running out of money). Visuals are great, sound is great.

Also, kind of hilarious that you can serve "coffee" with no ingredients and still gain money

Really polished submission, love it. The mechanics all worked together really well, visuals are super nice and autumn-y.

The nighttime transition was cool the first time but on that last section it caused me some problems since it caused the cannon shots to blend in with the large windmill. That last section was definitely a large spike in difficulty and took me a significant amount of time to get through

On the section after you have to drop all the way down, I spent way too long assuming that the windmill being turned by the wind would eventually bring a platform back down that I could then ride back up to the top

Definitely cozy atmosphere :)

Would have been good to have something happen when you sit down, like a quick day/night time lapse

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Fun little game, I like the slight puzzle element where you have to figure out when to pick up more time

Also good work for your first game :)

Cute :P I liked the hand drawn visuals for the characters, would have been cool to see the whole game in that style (The realistic grass texture definitely threw me off) but what can you do if you don't have your tablet :x

I can't seem to post the picture but I made a green haired, green skinned, massive lipped monstrosity with a 4 foot tall hat, 10/10

This was fun, I don't think I've played a jam game with a character creator before :P

Fun little endless runner type game :) I think I made it to 128m

The game looks really nice! But I think the platforms you can jump on should stick out a little more clearly. You could decrease the saturation/blur some of the background elements to create more contrast

Steven's Sausage Roll was definitely what inspired the movement controls :P

Glad it posed a challenge!

Glad to hear you appreciated the tutorial, I wasn't sure if it was too long/not clear enough :P

Thanks for playing!

Perhaps, though then I'd need to come up with some other lose condition :P

Thanks for playing!

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Definitely cozy vibes :)

Also kind of hilarious how many customers get stacked up

Loved the narrative stuff, particularly the bits about the forest since that was kind of unexpected :P I definitely felt the cozy autumn vibes.

Love it, I definitely went for the badgers and beans/hazelnuts strategy :P

Picking up all the resources with the cursor was very satisfying.

Interesting game. Took me a bit to get into since there was so much information at the start but it started to be enjoyable once I figured most of it out.

There were a couple things I couldn't figure out, like why I couldn't plant certain seeds (I think it was the blueberry bush seed?) and why I didn't seem to ever be getting the cover plant seeds from the wind -- do those only come from pollinating the starting cover plant?

Cute game, visuals were clean. I liked how the bugs had varied hiding places.

I think the player move speed was just a tad too slow, but that might just be me being impatient :P

Cute game, the character portraits and UI elements were very clean.

Interesting decision to not let the player choose what gets replanted in the garden. I think it added to the experience since you have to make use of what resources you're given

Love the art style, gives me some A Short Hike vibes. Nailed the "cozy autumn" theme :)

Thanks :)

Thanks, glad you found it challenging :)

Thanks, hopefully not too long on the last level :P