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Nice walk cycle, I like the bounce to it. Though it'd look much better if the arms were swinging a bit. The music almost made me feel like it should be more of a skipping animation.

Added some screenshake and such today, though it's still got quite a ways to go on the polish front!

For sure! Ran out of time during the week to add that in.

Hey, thanks for playing. I'm considering expanding on it.

Is it only sinking into the ground when you jump from large heights? If you make the rigidbody2d have continuous collision detection it might solve the problem. (Rigidbody2D -> Collision detection -> Continuous)

My immediate reaction was to jump over the arrow -- I think it looked like there was just enough room to.

Ahh, misread the hint. Had to look up a table though because there was no way I was remembering the ASCII code for it

Hey, cool concept. It's made very easy though because the bullets will never hit as long as you move in a circle. A few ideas to make it more challenging:

  • Random bullet patterns, as opposed to the current firing directly at the player. This would be more bullet-hell like
  • Moving obstacles on the outer edge of the circle that force you to change direction

Weird! Glad it works, doesn't seem like anyone else has had the same issue yet.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree about the difficulty -- the levels were thrown together fairly quickly, and I probably added in too many health pickups. I didn't want the player to have to pick up all the bullets so I made the bullets return, but I did think about adding in an enemy that would take the bullets you've fired and run out the door.

Ahh, I was clicking on the red button to go back (Even though I knew that was for the units).

Alright, I tried the 06 version and that worked just fine.

Cool game, looks like you spent quite a lot of time on the RTS type controls and the unit upgrades. I like the sketchy ui.

My strategy generally ended up being just packing the units in as close as possible and then bumrushing. I would have liked to be able to retract my decision on who to upgrade -- at one point I tried to upgrade the soldiers with helmets, armor, and axes, and there was no option so I had no choice but to skip.

Yeah, I've had problems in the past with the controls not being clear enough so I tried to make it as blatant as possible!

Thanks for playing!

Are you using a trackpad? I could definitely see that being an issue on a trackpad. I'll try and take that into consideration in the future

Played it again, the mini jump definitely helped things flow better for me!

Love all the polish work that went into this. The UI looks fantastic, background parallaxing is a really nice touch. Seems well balanced, though I only made it through a few waves.

I didn't understand at first that I could eat the enemies during the red phase. I think the red phase also might end a bit too abruptly to react in time.

Jam version, win 10 64 bit

Fun little game, liked the narrative.

My go-to strategy for shooting the enemies was to just run in circles around them while shooting -- it felt a little too clunky to hit them from further away, and they tended to not be able to hit me if I was circling them.

The background music loop was a bit repetitive

Woo, I made it! In half the time!

Well, I made it through about 10 levels? The ranged enemies tend to be the main thing that kill me because the projectiles are so fast. They also hit you right off the start of the game.

Game closes when I lose, which is a bit annoying if I want to replay

Pretty hard game! I think one thing that would have made it easier is if the buttons showed which buttons they toggle on mouseover (A highlight or something). It was hard to remember which button corresponded to which other buttons, so I tended to just hit buttons randomly until success.

Kept getting a "Cannot open input file" message when trying to run the game.

Like the auto combat thing you've got going on, and the game looks pretty good!

The walls tend to obscure the player a lot. My character also somehow ended up trying to attack a guard on the clear other side of the map.

The walking noise is repeating every frame and it's pretty irritating

Visuals and sound were really well done! I wish I got as many followers per game as you do in this game! Also liked the coding minigame, though I would have preferred to be able to just hold buttons down to "type"

I didn't understand the music minigame initially. Because the orange notes caused my combo to go down at the start, I thought I had to avoid them. Does hitting oranges notes with a 10/10 combo give more music progress?

Really like the art and music, and that shader looks really cool. Platforming was overall pretty solid, though I had a lot of trouble with the moving rotating box on level 2.

Fun game! Like the intro sequence, the part with the rabbit vomiting carrots made me laugh. Wasn't expecting to be able to climb walls, but it worked pretty well.

The rabbits features are pretty hard to make out because it's constantly moving, and the eyes are only one pixel.

Fun little platformer, though I really wasn't expecting it to be a platformer from the screenshot!

Jumping off the tops of the blue walls seems like it doesn't always work -- the section right at the start where there's a white wall surrounded by blue walls was kind of a pain because of that.

Cool game, liked the pseudo 3d perspective. Liked how the fire spreads. 

It's pretty easy to slightly veer off course when you're building ice bridges and waste mana, which causes a restart. The only way I could think to fix that though is either press the cast spell button to place ice, or change the movement system.

The xbox controls were pretty strange -- I would have expected the analog sticks to be used for both movement and camera.

Also felt like the wizards were just a hair too slow for my liking

I really like the movement mechanic, and the low poly models are all really well done.

Collision was pretty spotty on the walls, and I also managed to get stuck like this:

Love it, especially the visuals. Super clean.

Didn't seem like there was a lot of challenge, would have been cool to have some predators that try and attack your bees.

The icon for the number of bees(?) gets cut off if you're not in fullscreen mode, and it's also hard to see where you're supposed to go in some areas.

The art is pretty cool, getting super meat boy vibes from the big red guy. Particle splatters were especially cool.

The music was a bit too repetitive, kind of grated on me.

Interesting concept. After about 20-25 I couldn't really keep up, not sure if the intended goal was to get to 100.

Well, I jumped a bit.

The face makes it pretty hard to see some of the dots, particularly when the dots are on white pixels.

Fun little game, liked the animations and simple sprites. Got a little boring after the first 30 or so though, if the game sped up a bit that would be great.

Can't fathom why the game is 70 mb though, that seems absurdly large for something like this.

Cool game, took me one full try before I figured out how to actually play, but after that it was pretty fun. The music and sfx seem pretty balanced out now.

Really solid visuals, though the UI didn't seem to match up very well with it.

It was hard to tell if the buttons not always staying pressed was a feature or a bug.

Pathfinding seems to work pretty well, but there's not a lot of obstacles you can actually hide behind. I think I also managed to completely halt the enemies somehow.

Fun game, I like whatever shader/lighting effect you're using on everything to make things glow.

Quickly amassed a star army on the ground and died.

Definitely button mashed WASD until I got a score of 17/10.

I really like how the text moves around and changes font, though it can be a bit distracting.

I wasn't able to go back to the main menu after the game ended.

Not sure how I managed it, but I ended up walking off the cube entirely during the transition, which made for a very easy run. Things definitely get very finicky during the transition.

Really like the visual effects, though the dark character is hard to see against the dark background/cube.