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Thanks for the feedback!

I'm not using ogmo, just unity rule tiles, tilemaps, and object prefabs

Managed to beat it, though there were plenty of close shaves :p I really like how the rocks pull you in, makes things a lot more interesting.

The waves did not immediately register to me as obstacles -- it took a couple tries before I realized what was going on. Not sure how you'd make that more clear, maybe debris riding on the waves that crashes into your ship?

Nice work :)

I like the one button style gameplay -- we definitely went for similar ideas.

I think that the Getting Over It style gameplay doesn't fit well for this sort of control scheme. If you compare it to something like Getting Over It, the speed at which you can actually return to where you were before falling is much slower. In Getting Over It, there's a certain amount of momentum which lets experienced players return to their furthest point much quicker. In this game due to the stop-and-go nature of the controls it takes much longer, and there's not a lot of optimization you can do to speed things up.

Not really sure what you could do to make the return time faster in this case. There's always a certain amount of time that you have to take between jumps to aim it. It may be a better solution to just add checkpoints of some kind.

I like the concept, especially the bit where you can jettison passengers.

It's a bit frustrating not being able to get past the pipes when you're holding something. It'd be nice if you could quick fix if you're not holding the right tool for the job. You could also add alternate routes throughout the level so you can avoid the pipes entirely.

I really like this. Definitely feels "out of control" after a short while! Only issue is that it'd be good to be able to rotate the camera freely so you can easily click on buildings behind other buildings.

This feels way better to control than I thought it would be reading the description. The color coding of the ship is a really nice touch. Nice work!

At first I didn't notice the blue arrow pop up so I had no idea how to start the timer. That's probably just me being blind though. You could possibly make it more noticeable by adding text that shows the distance to the goal.

As others have said, cards that do different things would be good, like a U-turn, speed boost, laser, teleport, etc.

Really like the visuals, very clean. 

The slightly acceleration based movement didn't really work for me in this context. Since you have only limited uses of each button, not being able to stop on a dime was a bit annoying. Particularly for level 8 where you have to have the red poggit press the button and it's very easy to over or undershoot it.

The grass preventing the poggits from jumping wasn't very obvious. I'm not sure exactly how you'd better represent it, but it should at least be a different color or something to stand out from the background.

Would be interesting to see more levels using the mechanic where the poggits keep going after they run out of moves.

Nice, I really like the artwork.

There's a slight issue with the camera movement -- if the camera is on the edge of the map (say the left edge) and you keep holding the left arrow key, when you try to go back to the right it'll take a while to start moving again. I assume there's some object that's being moved separate from the camera and it doesn't stop when the camera stops.

I love that run cycle, it's got a lot of personality for being 3 frames long. The music is really fitting too.

It seemed like for the first button press it'd fail you much quicker than the subsequent presses. I got used to it eventually but it does require a pretty fast reaction.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm a little hesitant to add an indicator of where you'll land since that would make some things pretty trivial, but it's definitely something to think about.

Definitely something to consider if I keep going with this. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback! I added in a quick kill button late in the jam so I didn't really have the time to mention it within the game. The delay might still be a little too long even with that since it still goes through the death animation.

Glad you liked it :)

A friend pointed the Gido thing out to me after the jam -- definitely didn't have him in mind but it's pretty funny how close it is.

Funny game. I think being able to skip dialogue/cutscenes/etc would really help the pacing, at the moment it feels too slow on subsequent attempts.

I liked the concept. The bouncing sheep were cute. It was definitely a bit too "out of control" for my liking though. It might be made easier if you could see the radius that the dog/human affect.

I think for the visuals you might want to use an unlit or toon shader for it.

Thanks for the feedback! I probably should have moved "Dropper" to be one of the later levels.

Cool concept! Staying alive in that last area was pretty fun :)

It felt like actually lining up the sword launch and the enemies was kind of pointless (I feel like that would be the first thing people try since it's not immediately clear that the rotating sword also damaged the enemies). The optimal strategy seemed like it was to group up all the enemies into a big clump, and then fire the sword ahead of them so that when it starts rotating afterwards it hits them all multiple times. I also grouped them up at the start of each level before I activated the sword because it damaged all of them when it got activated.

There were some issues with the sword not launching properly because it was slightly inside of the outer wall after rotating to face the player.

That was pretty fun, got pretty crazy by level 5. It's got that oldschool DOS kinda vibe to it which is cool -- not super pretty (Though some of the animations were pretty solid!) but nostalgic.

My go-to strategy pretty much ended up being mash spacebar and run up and down on the screen until a medkit spawned in. Got me all the way to A+ rating :)

I like the mechanics. Having to go back to the start was pretty frustrating, I feel like it could have started you over on the level you were on. 

I wasn't sure initially how to get past the barrier -- it's a bit weird since you have to jump up on the side wall to actually get the zombies to spawn (I think?).

I also fell into the pit and then killed all the zombies which left me with no way out.

I like the concept. Cute visuals :)

There was a point where an enemy fired and one of them teleported and immediately walked into the bullet.

The optimal strategy seemed to be to just wait until someone fired, and if the person who fired gets swapped with you, you can easily destroy the bullet.

I like how it turns into keyboard twister :) Very fitting for the theme.

Bombs did get stuck, only made it to 4 plates because of that.

Clean ui, nice and minimalist game.

I think the main issue for me is that there was no punishment for moving a piece without actually matching anything. So you could just move the golden pieces into place if you wanted to finish the level.

I think it would have felt better if the shapes automatically deleted when they formed a line of 3+ rather than sitting there until acted up on by the player (This would probably require adjusting the spawning/generation so it doesn't just give you a bunch of points immediately)

The rotating mechanic was pretty cool :)

Nice work! I like the concept :)

The last level required a bit too much precision in my opinion, took me way too many tries to get through it. I feel like the collision on the spikes could be shrunk a tiny amount.

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Doesn't really look like it, but in the below screenshot I was stuck in the wall. I think when I played before I got stuck jumping up some bridge and got caught on an item that was on the bridge?

Hopefully not too out of control as to not be fun :)

There's a bit of squash and dust, but perhaps it wasn't noticeable enough.

I think I know what you mean. I feel like the main issue is the time it takes between realizing "oh I'm dead," and actually respawning. I added in a restart button so you can press it when you know you're gonna fall. Probably should have included that in the level text somewhere!

Interesting! I think you may have taken the theme a bit too literally since there's not too much impact you can have on the game. I managed to get rid of all the orbs one one type. Caused the date to fail, but I wanted to see what would happen.

Visually, I think it would have been better to have the actual woman and table model, and then have the orbs spawn around her. Lock the player in place, but let them look around to remove the orbs.

Really like the concept. I didn't beat the game, it's pretty hard, though I got through a few "downsizes." My main strategy was to just spam spacebar straight up or down while moving to the left or right, since there's not really a cooldown on firing. Resulted in some very pretty rocket patterns :)

Pretty funny game :)

Agree with woeishun that the final upgrade ending the game was a bit too sudden.

Thanks for pointing that out, I think I know which level that would be. Forgot to add spikes on it, whoops!

Very well executed!

There were a couple moments where I wished I could move the camera around to see the rest of the level, but that's the only issue I had with it :)

This is super cool. I did have to read the description to figure out where to put the commands but after that I was very impressed with how much you managed to do in 48 hours! The CRT effect, buzzing noises and other ambient stuff really helped sell it.

The guidelines on the robots definitely made me lazy in terms of actually thinking things through. I beat level 4 by assuming that I had to ram the other robot and then just placed the hacks until there was a path that ran that way. Might just be a personal problem though :)

Loved how you made it so that on some levels you have to save some control point pickups for later. Good way to make things more interesting :)

Really like the puzzle mechanics. The click of the keys is pretty satisfying.

I got stuck on level 2-4 so I can't say much about the rest of the levels.

Some of the behavior seemed like it was inconsistent with holding keys. For example, on 2-4 at the start, if you hold down and and then right at the start, you'll go all the way to the right without dropping down. If you hold up and then right, you go up the very first upward passage.

Cool game! I like the configuration idea, it'd be better if you had to tailor your robot configuration to the level.

The jumping was a bit rough. Most platformer type games have a slight period after the player leaves a platform where they can still jump -- makes things feel a lot better. This is the video I usually link people to about it :)

Yeah, it might be interesting to have a level where you can fall off and have an alternate route to still get to the end. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Love the art. The mechanics were hard to understand -- at first I thought the game was broken since I couldn't move. Movement is a bit off, sometimes the player will still retain some move speed from when they were previously moving (I was able to walk to the exit with the jump power on)

I like the hand drawn look to it :) Cool game.

For the final level I think it could have happened a bit more quickly, it was kind of hard to tell if I was actually moving to the exit.

Cool stuff! I like the visuals especially. Like the feel of the grappling hook movement.

I think the game would work a lot better if you could roughly aim the grapple with your mouse (And click to fire). It'd still go back and forth, but not as randomly. I spent a lot of time waiting for it to give me the location I wanted.

Cool game!

It'd be good to have an indicator that shows the offscreen zombies/rocks. As it is, you can't really react in time if the car runs directly into either of them, since you can't shoot in front of your car.

The zombies are a bit hard to see since they're almost the same color as the grass -- a dark outline of some sort would do wonders there.