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Hey there, thanks for the feedback! It's good to hear where issues occurred, since we are planning to continue this game. See ya

The kittys are cutee <3 An idea as unique as the art style. I love it!

I was never excepted, but hey.. at least there were some sexual tensions.
Great game. The idea for out of control is simply clever

The art style and the play experience just fit. Great Job! Just played the game with a friend and our trash talk was hilarious!

Cute and creative! A little more feedback about your interaction would be nice.

I love the idea, but I feel like I'm hobbible slow XD

hey there, thank you for the feedback and thanks that you were patient with our lack of explanation :D

Yeah, that's missing currently. If it would have been a 49 hour jam, it would be a feature :D

Great Game ! 

The  Levels  are challenging and Fun. The Sound and the Style fits very well.

Good Job!

Good Idea and cool Style!
But Its kinda frustrating when the Enemy comes from the Corners and you have no attack to hit him where he is. Maybe add diagonal attacks . Also the game Crashed after a Minute of playing.

I think after a bit of polishing it could be a really good game! 

I never felt so dumb while completely agreeing with that....5/5 !

The Puzzles are hard but it is a great feeling when you can solve them. The Design is simple but suits the game really well and the sound effects fits perfect.

good job! 

Very cute game and cool idea. Maybe its too easy and in the last level i couldn't see the goal because the screen wasn't scrolling correctly

Yes, sounds great!

thanks for playing! If the jam would had been a 49 hour jam there would have been a tutorial :D

Presentation 5 out of 5. I love how cute and derpy they are. Gameplay is cool, I managed to beat 4 level.

We were 2 people and both unexperienced in sound and interface design. :D
But yes, we already decided to polish it, add all the stuff which is missing aaaaand much more levels

Cool game. The stearing is just perfect: It is a challenge, but not to hard. Well done!

Thanks for your feedback! We'll definitively add a tutorial in the future. We didn't had the time during the jam. But I'm glad you liked it <3

I experienced balancing hard as well! Even if there is enough time it's difficult, but the idea is cool and I had a good time. Cheers!

I found this game pretty though, but not frustrating to play. The pixel graphics are cool, props to the artist!

Maybe you'd want to rate our game as well? Have fun!

I can relate to this! Or my brain can.
Funny idea for a game and it waas certainly fun to play.

No problem, mate. Thank you!

"Final Rating: Destroyer of Cats"
I needed this by written form since years and now finally I got it.

I enjoyed the game and really like the core idea. Maybe the noise-slider could have been a bit slower to recover and it would be a greater challenge. Generally speaking: fantastic game <3

I really enjoyed this puzzle. Fairly funny way of mechanic. Also I can highly relate to Mary! <3 pudding

Daaamn I love the game, I love bob's derpiness (is that a valid word though?) and I love the music. It fit's together so great! Definitively one of the better games.

Would you rate our game as well? Much appreciated!

YEEET. Why is this game so hard? Maybe I'm just not skilled enough but at some point started to let Unity-chan get yeeted on purpose. At first, to hear that beautiful voice.. later I get yeeted towards the next door.
Definitively love that game <3

At first i thought I'd lose after one minute, but once I was used to controls and players speed I made it to the end: 8300! Very good game, I had much fun :)

The game is much fun to play! Also  props to the pixel artist

The game is much fun to play! Also  props to the pixel artist

Fairly funny idea to create a battle system! Although I didn't fully figured out how the mechanics work.

Big thank-you. I'll rate your game too, dont worry!

Thanks mate, I will play your game .. just after breakfast!

What a great concept! It was a true pressure to figure out this puzzle. Althrough I feel like the time window to choose controls is fairly small.

"Hello Sir, this is Arthur, and you must be my creator!"
"So have have build me to complete various tasks, but only added three control inputs?! How should I be able to perform well under those dreadful circumstances?"
"...Not a problem at all? Well if you say so. In the end you have to navigate me towards the next lift platform."
"So I will fully have to trust you, won't I? Why are we still talking, it's already past tea time! Let us go."

In this puzzle game you can choose 3 control-inputs for each level and navigate Arthur to the next level. On your way you will face various obstacles, like crates you can jump on or platforms, where your controls will be switched clockwise. Can you solve each riddle?

This game was created during the 48 h GMTK Jam.
We hope you folks enjoy this puzzle experience and give us some feedback!

Can you navigate to the green platform, using only 3 controls of your choice? The round plates will rotate your controls clockwise

Play free:

Nice lil game. The difficulty fluctuated quite much. At first pair of trucks then suddenly four, then back to 2. Still had a great time.
Hope you folks had much fun developing this game. Cheers!

I found it fairly challenging, maybe chould put out only 2 fires. The overall idea is fun and I'd love to see the game being extended

Cute lil platformer <3

Hell, yes this is fun! I love your idea to enter a coffin to switch the position.

Hope you folks had much fun developing this. Cheers