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Great concept! The level design is amazing! Well done!

Great game! (I couldn't get to the little secret in time :( )

Very creative puzzles, 5/5! Well done!

Really good! Very creative. Well done!

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"The perfect game doesn't exi........ "

Please make a full release of this masterpiece

Nice puzzle with great progression! Well done!

Simple and extremely fun! Good job!

The music is a little repetitive, but i loved the game!

That was the craziest game I've played on the jam so far!

Oddly satisfying and polished! Well done!

Very clever! I had a very strong "wow moment" the first time I controlled something other than characters!

Great job!

Wow! What a creative and clever game!

I love the idea of using the pause controls for more than one function!

It reminded me of the game "That Level Again"!

Some levels are a little too difficult, but the progression and level design are amazing!

Congratulations on the entry!

Nice and simple! I like the idea of thinking ahead and making combos!

Wow, this is my favorite game of this jam so far! The concept of characters evolving over time (if alive) is really cool and the different characters add depth to the gameplay! I love strategy games, especially when they have a cute art style! Good job!

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This game is very well polished! I love the chaotic feelings! It reminds me of Overcooked!!I love chaotic multiplayer games so I would love to see a multiplayer mode!! Good job!

So simple and so addictive! Would love to see a mobile version of this game! Great job

The physics are a little frustrating, but I had fun! Great concept! Good job

Clever concept! I think the tutorial could be more interactive and with less text, but once I had the idea I had a lot of fun! I think it has potential, good job!!

Opa, sou br sim!

Muito obrigado! Que bom que gostouu :)

Obrigado!! Muito feliz que gostou! Tentamos deixar simples, mas focamos em fugir um pouco do óbvio!

Fico muito feliz que gostou! 

Essa ideia do 3d é bem legal ein... Quem sabe no futuro...


Fiquei muito feliz que curtiu! Obrigado por jogar!

Muito obrigado! Fico feliz que curtiu!!

Opa! Muito legal! Vou tentar acompanhar. Ficaria feliz em ver vc jogando Devs At Work!

Muito obrigado pelo feedback! Fico muito feliz que gostou!

Realmente essa parte ficou um pouco irritante... Vamos melhorar isso assim que acabar a Jam!

Fico muito feliz que gostou!

Obrigado pelo feedback! Acabou ficando mais dificil do que gostaríamos mesmo...

Fico feliz que tenha gostado!

Muito obrigado pelo feedback! A parte de correr sem parar acabou ficando mais difícil do que imaginamos mesmo...

Obrigado! Fico muito feliz que gostou!! ❤

Thanks!! 😁

I follow your work for a while and admire it a lot!


Really glad you liked it! 😀

In this puzzle-platform game, you must make mistakes in order to progress. Place blocks when you fail, and shape the level in your favor.

Discover how to use blocks with different effects to escape from within yourself while learning to live with your mistakes.


Hey! Thanks for playing!
Really glad you liked it!

Nice puzzle game!
The whole idea of creating an infinite level that repeats itself is quite creative! I loved the main character and the music! Congrats, keep up the great work.

Really glad you liked it!! We will change the UI in future updates to clarify a few things.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi guys! I recently developed a local co-op platform game, with some puzzle elements.

As it is a multiplayer game, it is more difficult to playtest, and receive feedback.

Any comments or feedback would be very important for development. If someone is interested in testing the game with a partner, or controlling the two characters, here is the link:

Hey I love your art style! This is one of the most unique tileset I have ever seen.

I recently released a small co-op platform game for a college project, and your art couldn't fit better.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the game. Anyway, you can play it here: Tinkies

Keep up with the great work!

I guess we did not made it clear enough, but the mini games keep you advancing through the night. We'll think more about that in future updates!

Thank you for the feedback! Really glad you liked it!! 😁

I agree that the shop itens art needs improvement, we'll keep that in mind for future updates!

Glad you had fun! Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for the feedback! We've tried to keep the minigames simple but not trivial, so the player can protect the room while playing.

Words like "quick" and "fear" are good for the typing minigame indeed. We will keep this in mind for future updates!

I agree that some prices are not well balanced as we didn't have much time to balance some things...

I'm really glad you liked it! ( :