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thanks! I'm glad you had a good time :)

Thanks for playing, it was awesome to watch you play our game on your stream :) Anyways, thanks for the feedback, we're glad you had fun :D

Thanks for playing! You're not the first to tell us about how beneficial is to ignore the minigames, and I totally agree with you, we'll will definitely think about this through again. If completing minigames was what rewarded the player instead of killing the monsters, maybe it would make more sense. Anyways, thanks for the feedback, it really helps , and we're glad you had a good time :)

Thanks for playing :) Beeing kind of difficult to shoot and do tasks at the same time is exactly what we were aiming for, we wanted to do a multi-tasking tower defense basically. Anyways, thanks for the feedback, we are really glad you had a good time :)

Thanks for playing, it was awesome to watch you play it on your live stream :) As for the slider, I do agree that the game progression is not totally clear to the player, so we'll definitely think about some new way to indicate how close the player is to the end. Anyways, thanks for the feedback, we're glad you had fun :)

Thanks for playing :) As for the game beeing too long, you're not the first one to tell us that, but I think that the lenght of the game is totally related to how fast the player understand the gameplay, I have seen people that finished the game super fast, and others that took some time. That's definitely not what we want, we want our game to have a good and constant pace to all players, so that's an issue we'll definitely take a look into in the post jam version. Anyways, thanks for the feedback, i'm glad you had fun ;)

Hey thanks for playing ! I agree that some words are kind of long so it gets really hard to type it , the word "fear" for example is really easy to type, because it only uses words that are on the left so its possible to type it with your left hand only. But in words like "nightmare" you need both hands to type the word, so it's really hard to type and defend as the same time. But like the comment above , we have heard from some players that the typing wasn't the problem at all, but some other minigame, so I think that the fact that each player has an opinion about which is the hardest just tells us that the mini games are kind of balanced. Anyways, we'll definitely re-evaluate the words that show up in this minigame, because maybe some words are indeed too long for some players. Thanks for the feedback, we are glad you had a good time :)

The lighting almost didn't make the final cut, but i'm glad it did, because it really was a nice  addition. Anyways, thanks for playing it, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! We are glad you enjoyed it!

I'm glad you had a good time! Thanks for playing, your game was awesome too!

Thanks for playing! We'll think about your suggestion, but i think that if we stop spawning monsters while the player is in a minigame, we would ruin the whole multi-tasking gameplay aspect, what we want is the player to go crazy because he is doing two things at the same time.  Anyways, i'm glad you had a good time, thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Im really glad you had a great time :D As for the difficulty we were a bit concerned at first, but i guess it worked out. Anyways thanks a lot for the feedback :)

it sure gets crazy haha, thanks for playing , glad you had a good time :)

thanks! It was awesome to see you play it on The livestream, glad you had a good time :D

thanks! Glad you liked it!

If you dont buy the turret your certainly in trouble hahah. Anyways, thanks for playing,  glad you had a good time :)

thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Im really glad that you enjoyed it, wario ware was certainly a huge inspiration :) As for your friend question, i had no idea what trogdor was,  and yeah i guess they are pretty similar, but infortunately that was just a coincidence:( But i already knew who strong bad was from The telltale poker game :D

thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it ;)

Thats exactly what we were aiming for with the art:) Anyways , thanks for playing i'm glad you had a good time!

The best game title of the jam by far :D I really like escape room games, and this was a very fun one :) However there were a couple of bugs when dragging items, especially big ones, like the cabinet, but you know, that's how gamejams work. Anyways great job ;)

This was funny, i laughed really hard when the bed hit my head :D Anyways, great job :)

The best cover in the jam by far :D The gameplay seemed very responsive, and i had a great time, great job :)

I saw this at a stream, and i had to play it! It's super fun and adicting, just wish it was a bit longer :D Anyways, good job guys ;)

I was not expecting this to be as hard as it was :0 The gameplay is really adicting too! But the best thing by far is the artwork and color pallete, super gorgeous :) Anyways great job on this one :)

This was a great relaxing game :D Had a great time with it , the gameplay is very adicting! But the best thing for sure are the visuals, the artwork is amazing! Anyways, great job guys :)

This was very adicting :D The gameplay was super fun and exciting! My only suggestion is to maybe improve the UI a bit. Anyways, great job :)

This was super cute, the cat seemed so happy beeing found :D. Anyways, great job on this one , i had a great time :)

This was a fun experience :) The artwork is amazing, and the music got stuck in my head after playing it. My only issue is that i had a hard time with picking up things, it seemed a bit buggy. Anyways, great job on this one ;)

This was super fun! Reminded me the great time i had driving the forklift in Shenmue :) Anwyays, great job :)

I had a good time with this one, the gameplay mechanic is super fun and creative! My only  suggestion is to maybe improve the visuals and sfx, other than that, you have a super neat game, great job! :)

The gameplay is a lot of fun, and the artwork is gorgeous too, also the AI impressed me a lot! My only suggestion is to maybe make a proper turorial, it took me a while to understand what was i supose to do. Anyways great job, i had a good time :)

Hey this was a lot of fun ! The artwork and story it's really great, and the atmosphere was neat too! My only issue was with the controls, the character movement seemed a bit clunky some times, but that's my opinion. Anways this was a good experience, great job! :)

This was a super fun and creative idea :) I had a really great time playing it, i guess this was what the quarantine was to most of us hahah. Anyways great job :)

I really liked the graphics and the atmosphere ! However the controls seemed a bit slow, using the arrows to turn around like the classic doom is bit clunky . Also i had a really hard time finishing it, so it's a very challenging escape room game, which is great, and i love escape room games :) Anways, great job ;)

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This was super cool! The artwork is gorgeous, and the sounds are great too! My only issue is with the controls, i had a really hard time shotting up and down. Anyways, great job  :)

Loved the retro vibe and color pallete, great job !

This was super nice! The storytelling is incredible, and the pixel art is on spot too! I have faced a couple of bugs, but you know, that´s how game jams work. Anyways, really impressed with the size of the game, knowing the short time to make it, great job this was a neat experience :)

Everytime i see the pico8 intro i get super excited, I really love the retro vibe of it , i never tried to learn it or anything, but since the original celeste, pico 8 games have become my thing, the color pallete and the pixel art style is so gorgeous! Your game presentation is incredible, the artwork and the sounds are perfect, and the gameplay is very adicting. Anyways, great job :)

I loved the artwork! I really love the gameboy color pallete :) My only suggestion is to maybe improve the UI and menu presentation. Anyways, this was super fun , great job !