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Amazing! Great game mechanic. Nice music and art style. Good job.

Fun game. But super annoying to switch my brain when the controls change. Oh well that the point of the jam! :)

Messing with the gravity is a great idea.

Nice idea with the gun going off on it's own. It could make for some funny situations. Some music or sound effects would have helped give the game more of an atmosphere. With a little more work I'm sure this could been a really fun game. 

Like the idea and good presentation. But the collision detection seems to be a bit off, which made it almost imposable to time the jumps.

It's a nice puzzle mechanic. Although a bit tricky and I was pleased there we're only a few levels. :)

Thanks Civetdelapin! 🐵

I played this way too long! Fun game :)

Nice story - Jekyll and Hide vibes. The animations and art are nicely polished.

Fun puzzel game. Nice work :)

I'm please you liked it. Thank you for reviewing!😀

Fun concept. 

18 seconds! Nice :)

High Score 38. Very nice. Fun to play.

It was fun! But I suck at games and couldn't get past the 3rd level. Great work Julia 😀

Nice work Chief. It was fun to watch the rag doll fly around!

Yes, there were suposed to be 200 sentences. But I only had time to write 15 😂

Thank you for your review. 😀

Nice concept. It reminded me of Hitman Go.  It would be cool to have other ways to distract the guards. Also if the guards turend 90 degrees somtimes. Over all good job.

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Intresting concept. The dash mechanic is fun. Could do with adjusting the dificulty curve on waves. 

It'a like an activity center you would give to a toddler... I love it! I will rate this highly :smile:

It's a cool concept. Also big fan of the Nokia N95.

Nice work.

I'm pleased you liked it. I like games that offer switching between game modes. Originally this was going to have more management gameplay than clicker - but limited to Jam time. Thank you for your feedback.

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Very addictive game. Nice graphics. Cool sound track.

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Who are those snow people? Nice concept and graphics.

Saved The World!

This is nice. Very relaxing. I think plant watering simulatros could be a thing. I attempted to do a similar thing with my Ludum Dare submission called Terraforming Mars. :)

Fun game.

Nice game. Haven't seen this switching mechanic before. Great job!

I feel sad they ate all my pizza! 

Great game. Reminds me of a famous quote: "That's what" - She.

Thanks! That looks realy interesting, hadn't come across that before.

I think this is my favorite game of the jam.

Top work. Nice graphic style. I was going for a simalar style with my sbumission, but ran out of time. lol.