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rayan mazouz

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nice game ! but some variation between months would have been welcomed (I mean a completely different mechanic)

really good game ! it would be nice if we could see how many ending we unlocked and how many there are left

I'm running the game through wine, it's easier XD


cool game, relaxing

interesting mechanic. I would love to see you continue the game

nice game ! I love the idea,  the fun and stressful execution

nice game, a little hard but fun. really like the neon effect

couldn't get the character to walk proprely, fun game though, but my controller doesn't like it (i just press every button randomly lol)

nice game, loved the title !

great game ! would be nice if we could control the direction of our jumps

nice game !

fun game. I liked the "open world" galaxy, took me a while to figure out that i had to get out my old xbox 360 controller lol

cool game with great graphics. it's a shame we can't resize the window

fun game !

very polished, beautiful and addictive, the time between shifts is probably too short. great game ! PS:I have an azerty keyboard 😉

great game ! I love the graphics !

I love the art and the camera movement

sorry, couldn't play :/ would be nice if you upload a browser version

nice game ! pretty funny !

the game was pretty laggy for me, but I mean I'm on  my laptop and it's an unreal engine game... a darker environnement and more post processing would probably have helped to make a more intriguing atmosphere

interesting game, I'm not a fan of the graphics but polished for a jam game, definitely a fun way to make an "out of control" game

thanks !

nice game ! I like the graphics and animations but the game is a little bit too easy for my taste :/

nice game with beautiful graphics and nice audio

great game ! beautiful graphics and really fun (a little bit hard to control but I guess it's the theme)

nice game ! it's definitely out of control and the graphics are beautiful

nice game ! but I didn't really find it out of control

great game ! I love the "uncontrollable" controls 

nice game ! great idea ! I would love to see you release a post jam version

fun game, definitely out of control ! I love the sound and the graphics.

fun puzzle game, a little bit too easy

fun and beautiful game

great submission, the concept is very innovative, really nice and fun game

it really made me think about a lot of things. a great break from all the other games

great mechanic ! it punish us if we use a lot of bullets without adding a delay, simply genius (also I love the art)

fun game with a great concept and a great execution

fun game with cute graphics. I love the color palette