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I think there was a lot of creative choices for the different effects on the character. Static bullets were very cool I don't think I'd seen that one before, and the shadows around the player created a unique effect where you felt like you were hunting around an arena cautiously. Once the enemies started to ramp up it was a lot of fun! I think the homing bullets had some issues where they would miss enemies that were close.  As a heads up, there was a tutorial tip that said "make sure to eliminate every monster in every room." And I initially misinterpreted that to mean you needed to clear rooms to progress to the next level, when it was more a general tip to keep the enemy count low so you don't get overwhelmed. I played very differently because of that, and I got confused about how many monsters I needed to kill to progress until finally realizing I was just trying to survive. Great job on this, I had a lot of fun!

I think you created a very effective, introspective experience. I think the visuals and the control scheme worked well for me, and felt kind of foreboding as the vines grew closer and closer each day. I think if going further with this, I think having more varied visuals and effects for each of the options  might have helped me try them more than once. I think once I tried everything, I just kept trying Exercise and Meditation over and over, and avoided medication because it only made me marginally more happy. Only once Meditation stopped working did I try branching out, and then I noticed while everything else stopped working, Exercise and Medication seemed to keep saying that they were making me happier, although the visuals didn't support this so I wanted to mention it in case it was a bug. Great job on this, it felt like a really unique and clever take on the theme!

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I think this was a really cool interpretation of the theme. I dig the use of the lighting effects, they looked cool and added a secondary challenge of not knowing where pitfalls are. And the mouse controls were very satisfying! But the enemies are definitely the coolest aspect of the experience. I think once they appeared, your take on the theme was very clear.  I like that there was a lot of levels that became easier if you waited for the right moment instead of trying to brute force your way through, and other levels could be bypassed if you just got enough speed. I think a slight afterimage on the sprite as you go faster would probably make the speed more satisfying, although what you have already feels very good! One thing I noticed is that your cursor is affected even when the game is minimized so it's actually hard to close the game that way.

I think the challenge with the current way it's designed is there's a chance players don't get to that point, or think the control scheme is the only twist you're adding in this game. I don't think this is the only solution, but if you were going further with this, I think it would be worth looking at whether there's a good way to condense the current tutorialization to get to that key moment sooner, or what you can do to let players know there's more coming. Great job!

A very cool idea and interpretation of the theme! I think the visuals, the concept and general execution are very strong. I also loved the length of this for a gamejam submission, just enough content to sell you on the idea and why it's cool, and it was satisfying to get through.  I think the only real pain point might be in tutorialization since it's so minimalist. I think something that would helped me get to the concept faster would be if you saw the maps come together when you beat a level or die, so it's clear that you hit an enemy . I think that could show any confused players what the relationship is between the three maps if they hadn't clued into it already

When I first realized the pie chart on the side was controlling the frequency of my actions I got very excited! I think the UI choice for this is really cool and felt fresh for an indirect control game! The three choices between feeding the bunnies, retrieving stragglers and preventing foxes were also really clear and I think in general the concept was very intuitive and I think that was executed very well. I think if going further with this, the next steps would be to work on changing the game dynamics more frequently in a moment to moment sense e.g. moments where there's a lot of foxes on screen at once, moments where the bunnies all disperse, just reasons to not settle into an optimal state and have to change how often you're doing the different tasks from moment to moment

When I opened up the tutorial I was super intimidated by all the controls, in a good way! It really felt like I was managing something out of control as I was playing. I did end up finding that if you turn on Repair, Coolant and Generator, you seem to be able to survive most anything. The second time I played through I read the tutorial more thoroughly and the sensor, dodge shooting mechanics were actually really cool! I think the next step if you wanted to go further with this would be to create enemies and scenarios that force you to use all the interesting systems and toggles you've come up with, and polishing the feedback on those systems. I really enjoyed the art style though it made me feel like I was controlling some UI and there was a huge tank out there I was controlling but couldn't see directly. Great job!

I think this was a really sweet game and the tone you set with the music and the simplified assets and sound effects really created a chill, wholesome experience throughout. I think that feeling is already coming through very strongly! If you wanted to go further with it, I would recommend looking at Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) as an inspiration source, and look for more types of feedback you can give the player to soothe them during each interaction. Great job!

I think the camera idea was really interesting, it really created a "I have my finger hovering over the big red button" feeling where you don't want to use it incorrectly but you have to react quick to get the zombies. I also really liked the mood you created with the intro, it really worked for me. The floppy bullets were probably my favorite part though!

I think that interface is so cool it's crazy how robust it was! I also really liked the delay between inputting a command so you were encouraged to use longer more intricate commands over spamming short ones. I definitely had some trouble figuring out distances and jumping without running into a wall first so I think something to help players get the hang of that would have definitely helped, maybe some ui that shows where your commands will have the robot end up while you're still tutorializing everything. But I loved the feel of it, even having played a few command a robot-type games today! great job!

I loved the feeling of spotting a traffic light in the distance and clicking on a tiiiny icon to solve a problem before it got out of hand. I think this was a cool interpretation of the theme! If going further I think it would be great to have icons that can show up in more places e.g. high vs. low and near vs. far, as well as some far off icons that give you an immediate benefit, and some close icons that give you a benefit later on. Great job!!

My favorite part about this is how as you repeat the cycle more and more you start to click on things faster or are tempted to click on the clock right away, I think this really evokes that "auto-pilot" feeling you get being stuck inside for days on end and I think it's very effective. Great job!

I think the falling effect and the gameplay is really pleasant, especially with the music and art you went with!  I think the gif and character selection features are really cool and I don't think the lack of control is necessarily a problem, but the thing that stands out about it is being able to see a character falling in a fun way, and make gifs and share them! I could see someone playing this on a train when they have some downtime! I think if going further with this, a shorter average length for each run and some more elements to elements to make the way you fall more dynamic would add a lot (e.g. bombs that make you spiral or have unique explosion effects or do other wacky things), as well as having some things you can control at the start (e.g. how fast you run, when you jump, initial spin, some characters having different physics properties), but I think the surprise of what's going to happen is a cool idea that worked for me!

I think limiting the possible control options to a few variations was a really smart choice! The control switching had a fun brain-breaking feel to it. I think the tutorial level would be more accessible if the hazards weren't insta-kills right away, so you have more time to get used to things before you introduce the harder stuff. I had some trouble at first realizing which button would control the jump because I didn't assume jump was the middle button, making that more obvious definitely would have helped me!

I like the idea of having the game take control away from you for some time and having to make sure you don't get killed by enemies in that time! I like that the emphasis was on moving a lot more than just shooting everything since there's not a ton of time to do both. I think if you sped up time during those segments it might stop some players from getting frustrated. Good job!

I think this fits the theme in a few interesting ways, with the out of control zombie horde and also the lack of direct control with the zombies following the cursor pretty loosely. I really loved the special zombie types you get for killing humans with harder weapons. I think if taking this further, it would be really cool to only have to kill some of the humans to complete the stage, so you're making more interesting choices about who to kill and whether you want to risk taking out harder humans or not! Good job!

Moving keys around and spamming them before they run out while your tank moves frustratingly slow is a really fun, tense gameplay experience! I'm really glad the enemies also move slow, it weirdly evokes being in a tank and having to wait for it to turn slowly but it still gives you a lot of actions you can do! Great job!

I was excited to find a shoot-to-move game that really felt like it nails that out of control theme. It's cool how different the gameplay feels with such a simple tweak, where I start trying to get myself stuck on walls to regain control. Awesome job with it, it's a very solid execution of a cool concept!

Love the way the wind is done procedurally (as far as I could tell), and the feedback when you touch the checkpoints was so cool! I would have loved more flowers to touch and get feedback off of it was a really satisfying effect! Great job!

I loved having to type incorrect letters to get the viruses off the keyboard in time! And that you couldn't hold down the backspace key it created a fun sense of tension while trying to type! Great job!

I think it was really cool to make a physics based game in 48 hours, and it was super intuitive right off the bat! The art and music were all very cohesive and well done. One thing that would have been nice is if there was a way to force the time change once you're set up, I think that would help with replayability for sure (although being able to skip levels does address this too)! Great job!

This was awesome! once I figured out how to bounce bullets multiple times it got so intense. Love grabbing bullets too! I think that would make more sense as a power-up though since bouncing is really fun but I think it's not as effective in the end (and I hate the idea of people not trying out the bouncing mechanic because its so fun!) I also love the story about helping your friend out. Great job!

I don't think it's super helpful if it exists after you die, but having one while you're alive would help! It's the same reason a lot of platformer/action characters have scarves or capes, because your eye processes where you are vs. where you were and it becomes more intuitive to predict your own movement

Once you get the hang of it and start zipping around the level it makes you feel really cool! The idea of queuing up moves is really fun and there's a ton of potential there

I got so freaked out when I realized my real name was appearing on screen!! *shudders*

Great job!

This was really cool! Could easily spend hours playing this. I love the enemies that climb down the rope so you're forced to switch sides, and the different weapons are really fun (love the duck bombs!) I didn't realize switching sides stuns enemies so that was really useful once I figured it out

The tutorialization in this worked really and I especially liked the tone! I think it's a really cool simple mechanic that's communicated really well with the theming of a robot that's broken in half, and I like the restrictions where you can't always break apart if there's not enough room. Could see this getting really crazy difficult and interesting if taken further!

This was a lot of fun, getting used to the gravity shifts and finding a new groove was really satisfying, it made me feel like a ninja! I loved when the gravity shifted so your were falling I though that was really cool! I could really see this working well with an awesome driving background music to amp you up! I think the only thing is I wish the gravity shifts happened more regularly there was some sections where it didn't change for a while and I wanted it to change more to throw off my rhythm! Great job!

Great execution, I really felt the chaos escalating each round and the reset where the first few seconds of a round feels normal made for a really fun pacing. The upgrades were also all really fun and meaningful, my favorite was the shadow dog!! Would definitely love to play it a few times and see what all the upgrades are. Great job!

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This is a solid execution of this concept! I initially thought the gravity button felt more complex than the previous objects you could manipulate, so I would have thought it felt unbalanced, but then the turret was a pleasant surprise after that and made the game feel a lot more like you were playing with different objects equally! I had trouble seeing you could toggle walls off AND on at first since the effect is pretty subtle, so some clarification there would have helped me early on! Great job!

I think it's a really good concept for taking control away from the player, which turns the game into something very approachable and easy to understand. It's also a very solid execution visually and everything works effectively to communicate to the player what they need to do! If you wanted to go farther with this I would just focus on more sound design, music and polishing the player feedback up (maybe add some post processing effects to sell that underwater feel!) Great job on this!

The voice acting and music made it feel super creepy to play! Awesome job with the art style too it was fun causing havoc!

I think this was a really cool idea, although it can definitely get a bit crazy. I think this would have been helped by making the enemy bullets not always hit you, maybe making them physical bullets you can see coming would have made me want to use the cube movement more instead of just shooting them as fast as I could! The game over music also made me laugh!

I think this is a great, short and sweet game. I like the unpredictability of the boomerang gun and I especially liked the effect where the number of enemies you killed appears on screen each time you hit someone, felt very satisfying!

Having to manage the area while also avoiding your daughter adds a really fun tension to the gameplay. It's also a really funny concept! Great job!

The art style feels really polished and sells the gameplay, and the puzzles and mechanic are a lot of fun! I read the tutorial text out of order initially so I was clicking on the screen to place before I'd selected any of the items, so it would have helped if those tips showed up one after the other! It would also have been great to be able to drag/move items i'd placed if I wanted to nudge them around but that might have messed with the removing items from the level. Great job!!

yeah unfortunately there's a bug where it spins more than it should and I still haven't figured it out! Until I do the movement will forever be too out of control

thanks so much for the feedback! I think being able to zoom in and out would be a great idea!

Thank you, that's high praise!

Thanks for the kind words!