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Hey,  you should be able to unzip the file like any rar file, and then open the folder and open the exe. Are you getting stuck on any step specifically? I can give more info if thats the case :)

Hey, thanks for the feedback! If I work on a game that involves color like this again I'll definitely try to use symbols in some way to make it easier to distinguish even for people with colorblindness :) I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your experience though.

I like the animations on the character. I like the escalation when you get hit, its fun and you really go out of control after a while. Awesome job on this :D

I love how this game handles presentation. . The controls are difficult to get into but thats part of  the theme. Had fun playing this :D

Nice and pretty game. I liked the music and the level design. The concept is something I've seen quite a lot, but the execution is really good.

Amazing art style, the quality of the polish is also amazing. The gameplay was pretty hard to master but a lot of fun. Amazing job!

I like this lemmings esque control method. I had a lot of fun playing this and the levels were really well made. Great job on this!

What a fun game! I hit 800 then 1500 points. I really like the way my jaw just lagged behind me. I think it's probably not very safe to eat all those CDs though...Only points of feedback would be; Sometimes its impossible to go to the new location which breaks my combo, and sometimes things are dropped just as the door closing; then when it re-opens It'll kill my combo as the thing falls so fast.

Overall, this game was super fun, and I think the take on the theme is awesome :D

There is definitely a few of them, but I plan to fix those post-jam! Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

What a neat concept! I liked the gameplay a lot and I liked how different colors of fish had different behavior. Only feedback I would have is that if your velocity yeets you away from the fish, you cant get back to the fish easily. Overall an awesome game though :D

Fun little platformer, the lack of friction was pretty fun to deal with albeit diffiicult, and the bouncing off walls was cool. Only feedback would be that I didnt understand I had to get in the fountain and press E a lot to activate the gate. Fun stuff though, and good job on this ^^

Fun platformer that has a unique take on the theme. It gets pretty difficult but thats part of the fun and why it fits the theme so well. I'm surprised this game isn't called fungheon with the amount of mushrooms though :')

Wow, this is a really well-polished and fun concept. I think the puzzles are fun to play and the amount of polish to it for a 48 hour project is really impressive. Really awesome work

Neat little game with a good amount of polish! I liked the screenshake etc when you shoot or get hit. Only feedback would be that I wish there was more synergy between the different modifiers. But I think you already had a bit of that which was a lot of fun! Awesome job :D

What an underrated game, love this use of the theme and I think the mechanics + puzzles are super well executed. If this had some more juice/polish it'd be perfect. Really impressive stuff!

A super beautiful game, I like the simple gameplay and the nice use of the theme, awesome job on this it was nice to play! :)

What a nice pixel art style, The gameplay was also a lot of fun, I loved the simple fighting mechanics and how simple the game loop was. Took me some time to get another player but once I got to try it I had a lot of fun, thanks for sending this to me!

This was fun! I liked the idea of playing this "find the disguised bad guy" concept, and the tools you give to find this bad guy are simple but fun to use. I think having the wall building be less free form might be nice (grid system or something else that involves less clicking) but overall this was an awesome game! Great job ^^

That was a neat little platformer, the final level was definitely my favorite. Awesome work on this!

Neat little twist on the typing genre. I had fun playing this! Awesome job!

Love the presentation of this, its uncanny but in a really good way. The gameplay was fun although I didn't really feel like there was a proper way to eat. This was awesome to play though! Awesome work.

Awesome little roguelite. The abilities were neat and I'd love to see a bigger version of this in the future. Awesome work on this!

Wow thats a neat little take on the theme. The gameplay was simple and easy to understand, and the art-style was simple but pleasing. Awesome job!

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I love me some fun little simulation games! It's a fun game to play around with for a bit but you could try to improve the replayability a bit more! Awesome job overall though!! 

shoot to move is done a lot, but the sling-shotting around really made it feel unique, really simple game loop but a lot of fun. I really like what you have done with this!

Nice take on the theme by using amnesia as a loss of control, The presentation could be better but to be fair, its not to play some more text-heavy games. Overall I had a nice experience playing this. awesome job :D

What a neat twist on the RPG genre, and a fun use of the theme. Removing control was done in an interesting way here, and theres a lot of mechanics to try out. I'd like to see this as a bigger game tbf. Awesome job!

the visuals are adorable, really loved those. checkpoints coulve been nice. I think the core gameplay and execution of it were amazing though. Had a lot of fun playing your game! Amazing job!

The controls are a bit hard but overall I really like the concept, had fun solving the little puzzles and the guy that kept pushing me back made me laugh. I'd love to see this being expanded on!

The music is great, the art is great, and the gameplay was superb. I really felt out of control and just seeing my altitude meter go up and down really got me tensed up. Lot of fun. Only feedback would be is that the artstyle made it hard to distinguish water and sky. But that maybe made me feel more out of control in a way :)

What a fun little dynamic between shooting and repairing my ship, you really managed to get that feeling right. The gameplay itself is fun as well and I wish every space shooter had gameplay like this now, I had a lot of fun!

That was a lot of fun! losing control over my mower when the engine stalls really made me laugh. The ignition thing where you have to hold spacebar is a nice touch. Overall a fun game and good take on the theme!

I love the rule-switcheroo in this game. I didnt expect you to even change victory conditions :D I wasnt sure what everything did at first but once I figured it out I had a lot of fun. Awesome work on this!

Thank you! corpses snatching keys/opening doors is a bug we hope to fix post-jam. Thanks for letting us know and thanks for playing!

This is an interesting concept, I think working on this even more after the jam could make for something even more awesome! Only feedback would be that exploring the concept of switching cars more wouldve been nice. Overall good job though! :D

The polish on this is off the roof, and I think this is an interesting spin on the rogue-like theme (Although one that I've seen before on some flash games). Overall though, I think it's a really well-made game and it's really impressive how quickly you made this game. My only extra feedback would be:  Moving is way too much effort; It takes me so much effort to get from A to B that I tend to get frustrated. 

Overall, awesome job though!

Finally a game where button mashing really is the dominant strategy! All kidding aside, awesome job on this. It's a nice simple game loop and I had fun playing it. My only feedback would be; maybe let me hit the spies even more when they are coming in / leaving and they already move over a specific key, so I can get them early/after. 

Awesome job though!!

Finally a game where button mashing really is the dominant strategy! All kidding aside, awesome job on this. It's a nice simple game loop and I had fun playing it. My only feedback would be; maybe let me hit the spies even more when they are coming in / leaving and they already move over a specific key, so I can get them early/after. 

Awesome job though!!

Game is a fun experience, shoot to move is done a lot but I like this twist on the concept which made it a lot better. I think you guys did an awesome job on this! I had a lot of fun playing and the retro-artstyle is really nice.

Awesome job if this is your first game. I had a lot of fun playing and its an interesting use of the theme! Really impressive. My only feedback would be; having to press escape to click retry is annoying; maybe add a hotkey? (r) And if I die maybe auto-retry after 3 seconds. Overall, really cool stuff though!