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Ahh yes, maybe we could crank down the volume on that one alittle.  Yeah during testing my strategy was to get a ship close enough to the wormhole then focuse on the next closest ship.  Still had plenty of lost ships though!

Thanks! Found the music on free music archive, Chris Zabriskie, he has a bunch of really good stuff!

Awesome mechanic with making the fire loops. Also, the art is super smooth. Really liked it!

The lighting and sound gives it a really cool scary vibe! My main feedback would be to make it a little more forgiving by making the character collider smaller. Sometimes I got game over when I didn't think my character had been hit. Nice work!

Really cool that you had an upgrade mechanic! Nice work!

Thanks fellow hat enthusiast!

Appreciate it! The concept changed and matured during the development process, an awesome experience overall!

Thanks! Our first (completed) game!

Really cool concept! It's a tough game, but I started to get the hang of it. Nice art style too!