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Very good style, nice little story and it is fun, well done!

No, unfortunetely there isn't another ending. Thanks for playing man!

Nice little game

This sounds interesting, especially since dice mechanics are really well made. I recommedn you try work on it even though jam ended.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for playing, of course I will check out your game!

Thanks for playing!

Very chill game ^^

It's very very very good. Rules are intuitive and you understand it from the moment go. Gameplay is fun. Graphics and audio are superb. Game feel is perfect. Well done.

It looks very nice. I would add though some mechanics that involve player more

Complicated but fun


Mechanics are complicated but game is beautiful and fascinating

Oh gosh thank you

Very slick visuals, good controls and nice idea. One thing I would add is sound when you miss or score a point.

Very good, polished and dynamic. I like it.

Not really. Sorry man

I like that dice is pooping. I would work a little bit on movement to make it less fiddly

Very cute artstyle

I love the cutscene at the beginning!

I like it. It's interesting mechanic and putting the concept in tiny strategic game is fun. One thing missing though i think is more information. As other people in comments have said information about future enemy movement would allow more strategic thinking and maybe a dice diagram somewhere. But still ,it is creative and fun.

Make full version or endless mode pls

I think this game is beautifull, polished and really fun to play.

It is fun,  could work as a roguelike

It looks really good. It is hard but controls are nice.

It looks really nice

Thank you!

Among simmilar games in this jam i find the idea of using sword interesting, but it needs a little bit of work and game feel adjusting to make it truly great. I recommend you work on it more

Thanks for playing!

Thanks a lot!

For a game wrriten only in C the graphics are impressive.

Interesting idea. If you would continue to work on this, I recommend to add some sort of hectic element or story quests.

It nicely introduces a simple concept that has a lot of potential. Well done

Gameplay loop is fun and game feel is very good. Good job!


I really like the visuals

Hard, but fun

Could use more weapons, but I really like the graphics.

I like it, it's very charming

Movement mechanic is fantastic. This has a lot of potential