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Very good game

I really liked it, and execution was very good.

it was fun :))

It is really good. Gameplay is fun and quirky, enemy variety is good and its quite unusuall idea. Great Job!

I need to say its really fun. Like a golf, but with violence:D

Its cool idea!

Thanks for playing!

I think its pretty cool little game :))

I think its great idea with great gameplay. Good job! One of the best games I played this jam

Respect mate for doing atari game. Tho it is very simple, gameplay is surprisingly nice.

Thank you very much for playing!

Thanks for playing! Will check out!

Thanks for playing!

I did not expect GBA game! Good job, nice little idea. 

Very Good Game. Balances action and puzzle mechanics very well. I really liked how concepts are introduced quickly and clearly. Good Job!

Thanks for playing!

Oh well. I use ClickTeam Fusion which creates exe file only. But in the future I will try to read If I can make my files look safer for use. :))

Thanks for playing! Will zip the exe file next time

Good gameplay, original, great music and pixel art!

Game looks beautifull! But game is really hard tho haha

Haha, funny little game. Nice voiceacting ;))

Thank you very much! :D Yeah I thought about this but unfortunetelly life got in the way of game dev :((. However If I would expand it, I would add more interesting enemies

I think core concept has some potential :)) Good Job

Well its not as inventive, but the bowling was pleasant :)) 

I think idea is interesting but the game needs polish :)) Tho for the first game jam game its really neat! I really liked the sprites. Good job!

I think its fun idea. I didnt expect full on voice acting in intro:D

I think its fun idea. I didnt expect full on voice acting in intro:D

Great Idea, Good Execution. Well done. 

Best game I played so far. One of the best. I hope you will be among the best 100!

It's good puzzle game with pretty graphics and good design. Well done!

I really liked the idea:D It's cute little game.

I really liked the idea:D It's cute little game.

Very good style, nice little story and it is fun, well done!

No, unfortunetely there isn't another ending. Thanks for playing man!

Nice little game

This sounds interesting, especially since dice mechanics are really well made. I recommedn you try work on it even though jam ended.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for playing, of course I will check out your game!

Thanks for playing!

Very chill game ^^