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controls didn't feel very responsive and the game was quite short, other than that great job.

Great game, really love the idea. Kicked my desk because I turned right before I got into the cage. But this is a really good game, I hope you keep making games. 5/5

I really really like your game, loved the art, the soundtrack and the chill environment . I like how you can play in 2 styles, careful but not so fun or just stand in a corner and shoot balls praying a ball wont hit you. Congrats on making a game this good in 2 days 5/5

I found this game extremely fun, this is literally the definition of a masterpiece, and I'm shocked how you made this game in 2 days. 10/10, had me on the edge of my seat while I listened to the great soundtrack. I loved the idea so much I think this would be a great game to continue working on. To be honest, if this game had a full release on steam I would buy it for around 5 dollars

Cool game, I liked the art style and the soundtrack.

Thank you so much for your feedback.

I enjoyed the game but the theme doesn't really match.

Thank you for your feedback.

Fun game, kept dying on 38 score. But I managed to go beyond that, but not till the end of the game. Does this game end?

Nice game, for some reason it was lagging a lot, don't know if that is because of my computer or because of the game but other than that good job.

I really liked the game and how polished it was for being made in 2 days. It's more of a calming game than a stressful shooter, but I liked that. I don't see how the theme fits the game other than the abelites which you can't even use at the start of the game. But other than that, it's a good game. Keep up the good work!

The bbz thing is just a joke,  we have a whole text file about that in our game folder. Anyways, thanks for playing my game.

I changed it to a rhythm game. Thanks for the feedback!

I really like the game! Well done for 2 days, I almost won by leaving 1 passenger behind.

Cool game

Cool game

Great art, I like the idea of the game.

Really like the idea, I would like if the awkwardness bar filled up as time goes by rather than patience.

Really like the art and the soundtrack. But I lost 3 times in a row when I was really close to the end of the level just because the gun was aiming in the wrong direction. But I guess that's the point of the game.

Loved the art and the soundtrack! Fun game.

Nice game, only thing i'm not really into puzzles

Couldn't find an exe file, I'll rate the game when I'll play it.

I really liked the game, very well polished

Finally a decent fun game in this jam. Well done, but I believe I started with a highscore 1150

Fun game.

Fun game.

The game doesn't really fit the theme, but it is a fun game.

Game was too hard for the first level, and I didn't quite know what to do. I instantly died even thoe I had 3 hearts left.

Complicated download process. Please let me download a rar file with an exe file

Great game, and well done for the art made in 2 days.

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Great fun game. Surprised how polished the game is made in 2 days

Fkin beast. Great soundtrack. It just relies on luck a bit which is my only concern.

Very fun gameplay! Please try out my game if you can

Awesome game! The only problem is that the theme doesn't match your game well. Otherwise, great sound effects and visuals for a game that has been made in 100 minutes.

Great sound effects. Interesting idea, well done for a game made in 100 minutes. My only concern is the art style.

Great game, it just needs some sound effects and it would be better. Congrats on making this in 100 minutes

I rated your game. Make sure to rate mine. And I also saw that you were 13, congrats at making a game at 13 years old. I'm also 13.

Thanks for the feedback. And I have already played your game

Thanks for the feesback! I already played your game and I left a review.