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Luis Felipe Patrocinio

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I liked the way you approached the theme. It created a very charismatic (and difficult!) game. I really liked the character taking the bus at the end hahha. I also liked that you were careful to use only one audio channel. I also paid this attention when I made my project on the gamemaker. By the way,check it out too, if possible! Thank you and congratulations!

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I always wanted to participate in Jams like this, with technical and visual limitations. It was my first time, and I really liked it! I am very happy with feedbacks like yours, really thanks! I will play your game too

It has the potential to become a solid game, outside of Nokia's limitations. Congratulations!

Really enjoyed! This is capable of becoming a very solid game (not limited to the Jam theme). One of my favorites without a doubt, I loved your idea.

You managed to make a Nokia simulator, very cool! And it totally obeys the jam theme. Congratulations on the idea!

Damn, it surprised me. Very good!

I liked! Very simple, but you managed to put interesting elements in the game. It has a light good progression, cool powerups, not to mention the fact of losing points when missing shots. Good ideas, congratulations!

I also did a shump game. If you can, please play too! Thanks!

Excellent job! I imagine it must have been quite difficult to make this racing game with Nokia restrictions. It was very good, congratulations!

Great quality artwork, and very fun and original too. Congratulations on the submission, it was very good!

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I also made a shmup game, which fully respected Nokia's restrictions. But yours got a lot more polished and interesting. It has the potential to become a super solid game, congratulations!

You have a very fertile imagination. Liked it!

It is amazing how a game as simple as this is able to impact our soul so much. It brought me many reflections. Thank you for that game, and congratulations on the good work.

Very cool! Original, fun and challenging! Congratulations!

You have created a very good identity in the game, with cutscenes and purpose for the player. Very good!

Excellent job! You managed to produce a super original game, and at the same time very fun and challenging. Congratulations!

Thank you! <3

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A major flaw in shump games, in my opinion, is just the fact that you just sit your finger on the shoot button. I tried to get around this by putting this blocking state on the boss haha.

As for the levels and bosses variations, we really didn't have time to prepare for the jam, but it would be a great idea haha
Thank you!

I am immensely happy with your feedback! I tried very hard so that the game was not just another generic shmup game. About the "blur effect", I believe it was due to the export to HTML5. In the desktop version it is much more faithful to Nokia's resolution.

But thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Very challenging and fun casual game. Congratulations on the idea, I really liked it!

I really liked the idea you had. Very original, congratulations!

I really liked it! Very original idea! I already want to play something like that without the limitations of Nokia.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I agree with you, the look is not as faithful to the Nokia 3310. But this is due to the HTML5 export module, I still don't know the details of how to get it right at this point. However, I strongly recommend that you play the desktop version, I worked hard to avoid anti-alias and other visual flaws, which do not happen as in HTML5. Thanks again!

Interesting idea, but it would have been much better if you had followed Nokia's resolution: 84x48.
But congratulations on the game, I liked the way you approached the Jam Theme!

This game surprised me quite positively. I didn't expect to find something so ... macabre. huh congratulations for the good work!

great prototype, I really liked it! It has the potential to become a very solid game

Very cool, I liked it too! Do you intend to continue development?

You really cared about the game, I really loved it! Do you intend to continue development? Well, it's a really cool product! Congratulations!

I really liked it when the message "What now?" Appeared on the screen. hahaah the credits also appeared during the gameplay was interesting. Pretty cool, I didn't play anything like that, in this jam.

Very cool!

In my game, the idea was also to make a top down shooter, in which the player had to deal with threats from the enemy (a hacker).
In our case, we didn't have time to implement everything we wanted. But your game did that, and it performed very well! Congratulations, I'll use as inspiration!

In a way, your game has a solid identity, despite apparently using different assets. I liked it.

For the first time, it is quite good! There is still a lot of polish left, but because it's jam, everything is fine!

I thought your game proposal was really cool. The look resembles a game called Minit, you know?

I believe that if you adapt to joysticks, add more motion animations, and room transitions, as well as investing in background music, your game will improve a lot!

I saw here that you, like me, intend to continue developing the game after the jam! I'm quite happy with that! Congratulations on the good project!

I reached level 13 with 153 points hahaha
Very cool your game. Of course, because it is a jam game, it still lacks a lot of polish, but I believe it has the potential to become a very solid product. For mobile, maybe?
Anyway, congratulations on the project, it was very pleasant to play, with a strong identity!

Very cool!

Of course, because it is a jam game, it still lacks a lot of polish, but I liked the approach of changing the controls, and learning it fast before the lava rises.

If I have some suggestions: Make a small tutorial room, so that the player can adapt; Avoid some key combinations like "Ctrl + Escape", which opens the start menu. lol

But overall, I liked it, and it has potential! Perhaps zooming out is a good idea too, or placing a kind of bar that shows the height of the player and the height of the lava. Any feedbacks to the players are important and very welcome!

I'm surprised!

I really liked how well your game was made! I played a lot of games in this "out of control" style, but your game created a very cool identity! I loved it!

This was the first and only RPG Maker game I found here on Jam (so far).
Very cool, I liked the approach you used!

Congratulations on having the 696969 URL

Really enjoyed! You managed to create an identity that matched the style of the game! Many well thought out details, this has the potential to turn into a great game! I hadn't seen anything like it.

You managed to perform very well in 48 hours, congratulations.

As a suggestion, I recommend implementing some type of level editor, it combines a lot! I will follow the development. Obrigado!

I'm so happy that I found this gem! Thanks!

Thank you so much for your comment! Your game was one of the first I played! Maybe because his name resembles the name of my studio (Black Hole Games) haha

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to maximize the game feel, and without a doubt we have learned a lot! We will continue the development for sure! Obrigado!