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Luis Felipe Patrocinio

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Wow, I only saw your game now, with a few hours to go before the end of the voting stage. But good! I liked it a lot! Your game is very polished and complete! Congratulations!

The idea is very good! I think this Outrunners effect is very cool! I think it deserves more polishing to become a very interesting game! Congratulations on the submission!

The artwork really stands out. I really liked the quality of the graphics and effects. I think the game could be explored more, with music and other sound effects to create ambiance.

With more care in the details, it could become a solid game with a very creative theme. I liked it! Keep developing!

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A Puzzle bullet hell hahah I liked it a lot, and spent a good amount of time playing it. I believe it has the potential to become a pretty solid game as well. Congratulations on the submission.

It took me a while to figure it out, but I ended up liking it a lot! I missed collectibles that heal the player, to be able to get further. The game is very difficult, but very fun nonetheless!

The powerup system reminded me a lot of Vampire Survivor. Congratulations for having managed to combine everything into a nice, enjoyable game!

Very difficult when you have a lot of enemies, but at the same time very fun and challenging. I really liked the care you took with the interface, but I missed the impact feedback when hitting the enemies.

I can imagine the game being greatly improved, with several upgrades and powers for the player. Congratulations on the submission!

Thank you very much for your feedback!
We really worked hard on this game, and we ended up falling in love with it! We are already working on a more complete version, too! Participating in game jams is all good! Tamo junto, meu brodi! haha

Wow, I was really happy with your feedback, thanks a lot!
The main reason for the orb to move, is exactly to force the player to move too, avoiding danger. At the same time the level has no time limit, so patience and control of the situation are your best weapons! hahaha

That's it! That was really our biggest reference, congratulations for noticing! hahaha And thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, I realized that many people complained about the movement being on the arrows haha I'm already making the change! Valeu!

You've put a lot of effort into the game feel elements that make the game a lot of fun to play!

The resource gathering feel, combo system, fast gameplay variety with the various weapon swaps, all very cool! 

Congratulations on the submission, I really liked your idea, very original! And I'll go further: I think with a little more care, it can become a solid game for release. Think about it! hahaha

The beat of the song is pretty cool! If this is your first time, welcome to the world of game jams!

I liked that you used 3D sound. The pause reminds me a lot of super nintendo games too haha Congratulations on the submission (a little late, but it's worth it! haha)

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Well, I couldn't run the game. Unfortunately, because the description caught my attention a lot! hahah

I think a dating simulator was the last thing I expected to see at this jam hahahahha

Very enjoyable to play! I liked it a lot! The level looks a bit like my game. Congratulations on the submission and care with details.

A nice demonstration of bullet hell patterns! 

Super original! Gostei demais! hahaha

Pretty much inspired by the classics, I liked it! The way the shield works, repelling bullets, is pretty interesting too. I encourage you to continue the development, I think it can become a very solid game! Congratulations!

You have managed to create a very cool identity! I really liked the theme, the screen transitions, and the care in juicy even in the interface. Congratulations on the submission. As a fan of game feel elements, I LOVE it!

An excellent boss fight, and it fits perfectly in the theme: CONFINED in the aquarium hahahaha
Congratulations on the submission, it has a very nice identity! Um abraço brasileiro! o/

I liked it too much! The Tamagotchi model looks great! If it were possible, applying a scanlines filter on the tamagotchi's display would make it even more perfect!

I don't know if it was intentional, but it's possible to get out of the tamagotchi by moving around the edges hahaha

I also liked the progression through powerups when beating each level. Very creative, I liked it!

Um abraço brasileiro! hahaha

I thought about giving up in the second to last level, but I insisted in shooting the enemies from outside the screen. The final stage caught me! I was very excited with the scene you created, a very good ambiance using free resources! Congratulations for real! Continue the project and make something more solid, please! It will be my pleasure!

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Very different way of playing. It took me a while to get used to the black hole, but I soon realized that it's quite addictive to know how to use it correctly hahaha It's high risk and high reward. I hope you continue the development, because the game has potential. (If you follow the feedbacks, I think it will be quite good!

The music and the ambiance generated was pretty cool too!

A hug from Brazil! haha

Hahaha I laughed too much at your comment! Thank you very much! I'm very happy! 
This ranger spawn form served to create a unique identity for the game. Even though you control one character, there are multiple heroes hahaha Thanks!

We are a generation marked by playstation covers! hahaha Thanks!

Thanks! Yeah, I also had this fear related to repetitive sounds, so I put a slightly random pitch on each shot. I tested it, and it would be much worse if it didn't have the sound hahaha

But thanks a lot for your feedback!

Yes, we did it this way to give the identity that are several Rangers in mission, although we control only one! hahaha Game Feel is all the best, right? I'm very happy that you liked it! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, friend! <3

Poxa mano, muito obrigado! Realmente o cuidado com a música e efeitos sonoros fizeram totalmente a diferença! Vamos pra cima! Tamo junto!

Thanks for the feedback! The bullet hell genre is commonly related to shoot'em up, and I wanted to escape a little from this common sense hahaha Glad you liked it!

Very cool! You followed the theme of the Jam very well!

These platforms reminded me of Super Mario 64 hahahaha

Elevate for 8 Red Coins - Super Mario 64 Wiki Guide - IGN

You managed to create a super fun and challenging game! I got addicted, even though I couldn't get past THE SWORD level. Congratulations!

Congratulations on the excellent entry on the LD50!

The game idea is very interesting. Congratulations on your work!

The game takes a long time to get difficult and challenging. It spends a lot of time being tedious, but manages to be quite fun in the end. I liked it!

This little game is addictive. hahaha

I liked it a lot! Very entertaining! Congratulations for the creativity.

PS: I'm on the team of those who think chess is stupid hahhah

Opa! Foi mal, é que acabamos esquecendo de avisar, mas o jogo ainda não está completo! Para a Jam, só tivemos tempo de desenvolver algumas poucas catástrofes, mas vamos continuar atualizando! Fica ligado! 

I liked the way you approached the theme. It created a very charismatic (and difficult!) game. I really liked the character taking the bus at the end hahha. I also liked that you were careful to use only one audio channel. I also paid this attention when I made my project on the gamemaker. By the way,check it out too, if possible! Thank you and congratulations!