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Luis Felipe Patrocinio

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Love the creativity! Idea very well executed, congratulations!

I really enjoyed the game! Very fun idea, and I felt challenged to look for all solutions! Good job! imagem_2022-10-06_234416930.png

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Joguinho muito bom! 

Eu gosto bastante de como esse cenário desfocado deixa a ambientação mais rica. Acredito que somaria bastante substituir os elementos do jogo por outros que colaborassem com a temática de gatos domésticos. Exemplo: Empurrar móveis pela casa, ou novelos de lã, não sei. auhauhauh

Movimentar e rotacionar a cämera poderia ser outra boa adição. Moedinhas e skins também! De toda forma, o jogo está bastante agradável e muito sólido! Adicionando compatibilidade total com joysticks já deixará mega completo para ser publicado! Valeu!

EDIT: Vi depois que já tem 3 skins, nice dms hauhua

Curti pra caramba! Eu também estou desenvolvendo um jogo bullet hell que consiste em coletar pequenos orbes. Mas a sua ideia de converter os orbes coletados numa munição ficou um suco! Muito bom!

Algumas impressões:
• Acredito que seria bom diminuir o tamanho das hitboxes para evitar frustrações. Diversas vezes morri achando que foi injustamente rsrs
• É importante deixar os controles unificados. Já que o jogo é jogado no teclado, a interface também poderia ser assim, para evitar a alternância entre teclado e mouse.
• Por ser um jogo que o jogador morre com frequência (ou foi só eu? hahaha), acho que seria bom ter um botão para Skipar a cutscene de derrota. Ela tá bacana, mas torna-se rapidamente tediosa devido a repetição.

No mais, parabéns pelo jogo, gostei demais e já quero jogar as próximas versões! +1 follower!

So much fun! I really liked it!

I really liked the presentation and the music of the game. You created a good atmosphere!

But it is not very clear what the goals are. I guess the game is not complete, right? Anyway, it was an excellent use of the assets, congratulations!

Just using the keyboard, without touching the mouse hahahahaha

I really liked the physics of the game, and how the sprites matched and everything looked really nice!

With some sound effects it would be very nice! I also missed some goals in the game, to make it more engaging. Anyway, it was a nice use of the assets, congratulations!

I guess the game is not complete, huh?  I couldn't eliminate any enemies. But a good idea on how to use the assets.

Very addictive! I liked it very much even though it was simple! Congratulations!

Hi friend! I downloaded your game, and at first I had not been able to play! Because there is a bug that if you move the mouse on the title screen, the cursor disappears!

But after several attempts I managed to start the game, and I liked it a lot! Unfortunately I died on the boss hahaha but I liked the atmosphere you created, super involving and fun! 

I'm surprised to see that your game didn't have any ratings yet, because you are very careful with the page and presentation. Congratulations for the submission, and if you have a chance, check out my game too! Thanks!

I really liked the idea and the execution! You managed to create a very engaging setting and a very fun game. Congratulations! 

I was stuck in this game for a long time hahahahahaha Unfortunately I couldn't defeat the boss.

Hi guys, I've been searching but haven't found anything about it. 
Do we have a Discord server? If so, could you please share the link? Thanks!

I really liked the idea of making the character heavier as the game went on! I also used the same asset pack, but used a different approach (I would love for you to play).
Congratulations on the submission!

I really liked the idea of making the character heavier as the game went on! Congratulations on the submission!

The game is very nice, follows the theme well, with everything working very well! Great submission! I liked it a lot!

I never tire of admiring your talent,Young Dagon hahaha congratulations on a very quality submission. I went to the jam page to see what the theme was, and I really liked that you fitted not only the gameplay, but apparently the music and storyline as well. Note 10! Very creative!

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I am very glad, thank you!

I'll still review all the sounds used, I also feel they didn't match the lo-fi theme. Same thing with the sprites, I put in something to serve temporarily only hahaha Thanks for the feedbacks!

I'm very glad you liked it, thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot, glad you liked it!

The game currently works in the mobile browser, but the experience is not as satisfying as in the Windows version or in the browser on the PC.

I like the idea of putting locked puzzles to create progression! I plan to keep updating the game, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion, Leo! I just joined the Discord server and introduced myself to the community! It's always a pleasure to meet other developers!

The idea of adding social elements to the game sounds really good to me! I will keep polishing the game according to the feedbacks. Thanks a lot!

Thanks, my friend! Yeah, I also noticed some imperfections and details that can greatly improve the player experience. I will fix that in the next few days, thanks for the feedback!

Congratulations on the good work!

Wow, I only saw your game now, with a few hours to go before the end of the voting stage. But good! I liked it a lot! Your game is very polished and complete! Congratulations!

The idea is very good! I think this Outrunners effect is very cool! I think it deserves more polishing to become a very interesting game! Congratulations on the submission!

The artwork really stands out. I really liked the quality of the graphics and effects. I think the game could be explored more, with music and other sound effects to create ambiance.

With more care in the details, it could become a solid game with a very creative theme. I liked it! Keep developing!

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A Puzzle bullet hell hahah I liked it a lot, and spent a good amount of time playing it. I believe it has the potential to become a pretty solid game as well. Congratulations on the submission.

It took me a while to figure it out, but I ended up liking it a lot! I missed collectibles that heal the player, to be able to get further. The game is very difficult, but very fun nonetheless!

The powerup system reminded me a lot of Vampire Survivor. Congratulations for having managed to combine everything into a nice, enjoyable game!

Very difficult when you have a lot of enemies, but at the same time very fun and challenging. I really liked the care you took with the interface, but I missed the impact feedback when hitting the enemies.

I can imagine the game being greatly improved, with several upgrades and powers for the player. Congratulations on the submission!

Thank you very much for your feedback!
We really worked hard on this game, and we ended up falling in love with it! We are already working on a more complete version, too! Participating in game jams is all good! Tamo junto, meu brodi! haha

Wow, I was really happy with your feedback, thanks a lot!
The main reason for the orb to move, is exactly to force the player to move too, avoiding danger. At the same time the level has no time limit, so patience and control of the situation are your best weapons! hahaha

That's it! That was really our biggest reference, congratulations for noticing! hahaha And thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, I realized that many people complained about the movement being on the arrows haha I'm already making the change! Valeu!

You've put a lot of effort into the game feel elements that make the game a lot of fun to play!

The resource gathering feel, combo system, fast gameplay variety with the various weapon swaps, all very cool! 

Congratulations on the submission, I really liked your idea, very original! And I'll go further: I think with a little more care, it can become a solid game for release. Think about it! hahaha

The beat of the song is pretty cool! If this is your first time, welcome to the world of game jams!