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Thank you very much.

Your feedback about attack feedback and audio is really on point.

For the overworld part, color is indicate the difficulty of battle and idea is to spread the fire every turn so you need to use multiple card to move.

But we forget to tune down the basic attack and make fire spread faster so it become like this lol.

We will keep in mind about importance of audio and to spare the time to make audio when we jam.

Nice concept.

Maybe a little benefit for bating the old ball might be good, letting the ball go off screen and throw a new one is safer and easier to aim in most situation.

Such a unique way to use "Card" in the limitation.

Simple and fun.
I like how mechanic of this game can be play as physical card game without computer and still fun in this form. Each run feel different just by shuffle the deck.

Simple and balance rule. Nice work getting online play work within jam time.

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I got level 83 on the first scene and then one shot everything in the game... is that normal?

I like the flip animation when character turn.

Nice game.

how long is this game? getting 3 or more dagger guys is too hard for me to finish the game.

Nice art and fun game concept.

lava rising feel a bit too fast to make a good decision, my best run is when I throw every card without thinking and pray that I don't hit the lava pool.

Fun movement and cool fire ball visual effect.

"This game make you feel like spider man"

Interesting way to tell a story. Feel like reading randomly generate life story.  

//I need to start learning how to pray for safety in real life, it's super effective.

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Great concept and fun.

Having to change card mid air is too hard to pull .

//I can't pass the level in the cover art. how long is this game after that level? If it's have anything interesting after that I may try it again.

//you can use collision bug to wall jump out of the level and fall down infinitely

Thank you. I am player character artist.

Nice movement mechanic.

Nice visual and animation.
Gameplay is ok at first but 52 cards is too much for this level of excitement.

//Menu after win the game does not work for me, mouse is not shown (still use mouse to rotate camera) so I can't click the menu.

I like how you use the limitation. 

I think of auto runner with action card too when I see the limitation but I toss that idea away because I can't think of a way to make it fun. 

If you keep this feature (which I think you should) , you might need to limit the number of corpses player can use at the same time (limit number of death or destroy oldest corpse or something like that) or player will do something crazy and break your game.

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You talk about prevent player from jump out of bound in your dev log.

If you stack enough corpses on the left side of the level you can still jump out of bound. (I play the game without reading the description and I thought that was the goal of the game lol.)

Cute art and animation.

I like how penalty for getting hit is speed up and end up crash in to the wall, it really fit the theme.
maybe a some more effect when get hit by  a bullet would be good.
It is too lag to play so I cannot see what com after the level 3.

Nice Idea.

Puzzle is interesting but become easy once I really understand how to play (one solution can be use on all level and it make the whole game become too easy).

a little more chaos to the system would be challenging and fun.

Art and sound is cool, I like the aesthetic of the game.

Game play is interesting in the level that start with a few key and player need to swap key on the fly.

but take control away from me mid jump is not fun for me.

Really good game.

Die several time before understand how to play the game (at first I don't even know how to get rid of the death ziggy, I was looking for the trash bin because of the icon in the machine instruction)

In the end I just use almost all of the ziggy on the oxygen machine and still survive without fixing any hole  (I just read how use the  tool after I finish the game).

(a little bit unrelated but it would be fun to grab and throw those ziggy into the machine in VR)

The Character is cute .

Bouncing around with this little ice cube is fun.

I think level design can have more area to run and bounce around, with this level I feel like I have to stop and think to much because of branching path.

Sometime bouncing off the wall while hold opposite direction feel a bit weird.

Cool concept, Really fun to play (Until level 12 lol, stop midair at max madness 5 time in a row is a bit too much ). 

I like how you need to get hit to get to some higher place. and at high gauge it really fit the out of control theme

Cute art and Interesting puzzle.

The core mechanic of the game really have a lot of potential to create a lot of fun puzzle.

would be good to have a way to fast forward some part that player already solve (I have to watch the robot walk on the first part of the 1-Castle like 20+  times before I can solve it)

Really nice work. Both game play and art look really well-polished.

Level design really bring out the fun of the mechanic. 

Timer sound is good, I don't even have to look at the timer.

Cool game, Like that I have to juggle between type the answer, kill the virus and spam the backspace.

virus feel not so dangerous (I feel like I can ignore virus and continue typing the answer for some time and still kill it before infected) but fun anyway.

Virus that can infect other key(like Enter?) would be interesting. (or maybe Alt and F4 and trick player to press it at the same time lol).

Really like the feeling of the bullet.

enemy feel lack of impact (may be some knock back from enemy or some more effect when player get hit?)

Aim malfunction go a bit too far and pair it with random character movement make it almost unable to aim at some point.

fun and challenging puzzle.

wish there are more multi generation level. (1 generation puzzle feel like it not fit the theme).

I really like when I play 4 generation level and get the solution on the  2nd/3rd generation and have to figure out how to shift it to 4th.

The last level is too hard I give up. ( a little ramp up on difficulty on asymmetric puzzle might help?  most of the game is symmetric and suddenly 4 generation asymmetric puzzle appear.)

Actually the control you mention is all there in the game.... (except shift)
you can use both x and space to jump.
you can use both Q and Z to use jammer.
you can use both arrow and WASD to move.

Hard but fun.

The level design really bring out the fun of the core mechanic, both as a puzzle tool and as a platformer where you cannot lift finger from the run button.

//this is the first level based game that I have to rate before finish the game because I don't know if I will ever clear the game.( It so fun, I will comeback and try to finish it later)

for my future reference, which button would you prefer to be the jump button ?

Interesting idea, player is on the zombie's side and see army of zombies grow larger is really strange perspective on zombie game. 
It really fit the theme when some zombies start to ignore my mouse cursor and  go after survivor on it own.

fun and challenging.

hit box seem a little bit deceiving and difficulty  of last stage almost turn this into frustrating game ( but still fun and feel good when I can finish it).

Would be good to see further so player can plan ahead and don't need to die just to learn 1 step. 

A lot of trial and error, and game is too slow for a game that you need to die this much to know the map.

challenge is still feel good when finish the game.

Good thing is you keep all control mapping not too random. 

I think the level design doesn't bring out the fun of the mechanic enough.

The  last level really fit the theme.

//Some text is out of the screen

Fun game play. die a lot and still think "One more try before going to rate this game, I think I can survive longer than this."

Art style , Color shift, Screen tilt, everything feel good and not obstruct game play.

Something about the music and the black pixelated cat feel really good and relaxing.

wish there are more need to use the honk button.

Simple but fun way to use only mouse pointer to do both movement and shoot.

would be good to know how well i play each round ( Time survive or Kill count?)