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Cell hunter is a twin stick shooter with procedurally generated levels. Inspired by, player will control a virus that mutate and infect other bodies. With satisfying shooting and bullet dodging, you are challenged to defeat increasingly dangerous cells and evolve into the ultimate cell hunter.

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Haha, thanks! I intended to make the character free, simple and to the point, especially for prototyping purposes. And even if I added more animations, it will still be free:)

Thanks! And yes it does :)

I don't know, the mechanics complement each others very well. I really like the hacking but without the mech riding there are not really much incentive to hack. And the bullet hell part really keeps you on your toes. Anyway, good luck on whatever you are busy with :)

Hey, I know I am a bit late but is this game still being developed? Cause I really want to play more of this.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Yea, For Unity characters, you have to attach a frictionless physics material to the collider almost everytime.

Your arts are really cute. The levels are great. If the collider friction is fixed the game will be amazing. Maybe you can add more characters and add more levels to expand your game. Great job!

Thank you for your feedback! I didn't have time to implement a restart button, and the game definitely need some balancing, may need more visual indication as well. The robots are supposed to be stone golems haha. Anyway, thanks for playing!

The art looks great. The picking up and throwing enemies feel nice.

Really fun mechanic. Would make an amazing game if it get more polish.

Nice game! Would love to see the boss battle.

Fun idea, got much potential. Really like the particle effect too.

The controls feel nice. Really enjoyed shooting the enemies with their bullet.

The grab does not always work. When it does it feel quite nice.

Hi, thank you! I am using unity. I was not able to export a web version before deadline. Can I reupload it as web format after?

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A game for "1-Button Jam 2020". I made the game. All the 3D models and art are made by Sam.

Today is the first day of your job at Galactic Junk Bay. Your customers are from neighbor galaxies. You grab the stuff for the customer and try to earn some money. 

Please enjoy the weird and fun little adventure here!

Well polished game. The mechanic works well with the controls. Nice job!

Simple but effective concept. Really polished as well. Had lots of fun playing it. Good job.

Solid work! The art suit the game mechanic very well. One suggestion to expand the game is to add variety to the enemies and create obstacles so the player have to maneuver more. Btw, seems like the "R to restart" not work.

Extremely fun and challenging. The pixel art looks great. I would want to play this forever.

A very good tower defense game. Nice use of randomness in the game. Cool art as well. Keep it up!

Very original. Had much fun playing it. The UI and the sound feel great. Nice Job!

The idea is nice. The power drains to fast for a first time player. Would suggest a progression system starting with a tutorial.

Really satisfying looking at the guys chomping on the human. Nice looking pixel art. Overall a good game.

A really smart take on the typing game genre. The sound effect is very satisfying. I would suggest to have an indicator showing when the monkey is going crazy.

The UI is really effective on explaining a challenging puzzle like this. Good Job!

This is really fun and challenging. It really goes out of control really quickly. It would be better if there is something that can tell you where the hazard is coming from.

The idea is really fun and challenging. The fact you have to tell your dog how to save your life is hilarious!

This game is amazing the mechanic is simple and fun. The pixel art is amazing as well. The music and sound works perfectly. Want to play again if it gets updated.

Your game is amazing. I like the theme of having uncontrolled super power. It is very original, the art and music and the levels work together nicely. I wish the game was longer. Keep up your great work!

That was a bad review on my part. I am sorry. I actually rated you a pretty high score. Keep up your good work!

Sorry if I sounded too harsh. In fact i really like the game where the challenge is to work with what the game gives you, and there are possibly tons of choices to make. And I know balancing a strategy game is hard especially with heavy emphasis on rolling dice. One way I can think of is to limit the number of same type of outcome that can appear. That way you wont be getting four movement when you need to attack somehow. But then again the theme is Out of Control so it is up to you to balance control and randomness. Looking forward to your updates! 

Really great looking game. It is challenging and fun to play. By the way, your game is similar to mine in some way maybe you can try mine :)

The game is deeper than I first expected the questions are not as straight forward. If there are more visual supporting the text it would be amazing. Anyway, good job.

Interesting game. If there is deep ocean relaxing music it will be perfect.

I love your art style. The game is simple and fun. One way to expand your mechanic is to change the tiles randomly to make things more challenging.

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The idea is interesting. The music and the art are nice.

The game is pretty fun the creepy atmosphere is on point. If there is more time to work on the art it will be the perfect horror game.

First off the art is amazing. I think Toffee is a little bit too generous haha. But I had fun playing the game. Great job!