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A bullet hell/hacking roguelike · By jere

Is this still being developed?

A topic by SpaceBeanFrancis created Mar 05, 2021 Views: 195 Replies: 2
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Hey, I know I am a bit late but is this game still being developed? Cause I really want to play more of this.


Not really. It was made for 7DRL where you're supposed to make a complete (if small) game and stop.

I have thought many times about pursuing this is a future stand alone project. I think it has a lot of potential. But I'm busy with other things at the moment.

Curious how much you enjoyed the hacking vs dodging vs mech riding...?

I don't know, the mechanics complement each others very well. I really like the hacking but without the mech riding there are not really much incentive to hack. And the bullet hell part really keeps you on your toes. Anyway, good luck on whatever you are busy with :)