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You got me grinding lovebots!.. but I suppose that always was their purpose, right? 

Real fun game! A few of the lines got an audible guffaw out of me. The sprite work was spot on, too.


That DSD lore is THICC. Great vibes in this game and I'll never say no to a zipline!

That sword traversal felt great! I liked how you used the mechanic for traversal, combat, and puzzles. Cool use of a game jam to play around with a single gameplay idea!

lol thanks! We didn't intend on being a source of pain for Kyle, but if it brought chat amusement then it's all worth it.

It's kinda crazy how intuitive the controls felt after only a few minutes of playing. I'm not going to lie - I played the DSD level soooo many times just to beat him. There was a real sense of tension as I felt my racer falling to pieces as I blasted my way to the finish line.. and then the massive sense of relief when I finally made it. Well, anyway, what I'm saying is that I really enjoyed your game! 

I'm absolute trash at rhythm games so thanks for taking out the penalty for mashing the buttons! It let me experience your amazing game fully. Seriously, this was such a unique experience and the fact you made all this in a month is stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Two last points: I know you said you weren't hot on the Zaggadash fight but I appreciated it! On the other hand, I think you did my boy Aldius dirty. He's just an innocent, lovely old man!

Thanks! That means a lot to me coming from your team! Dungeon of Alexandria was a major inspiration for how we wanted to approach the game jam this year.

My first time getting to live in an AFB world. Such a treat. Thanks for the weird experience :)

Getting to the end of the game was so worth it. I got my very own robot party :)

Oh, nice! FriendlyCosmonaut does great stuff.

I know you didn't finish making the game, but thanks a ton for uploading regardless. All the art was so friggin charming I loved it! The movement felt pretty good too, especially with the inclusion of a stopping animation for Jebb. As someone who also used Gamemaker, how did you handle the dialogue boxes?

Thanks! Glad you got through to the end!

It took me a while to find the green key, but that's only because I wasn't being observant enough! When I saw a vital detail in the level design it all made sense. Nice work! I love your character sprites, too.

Good to know! I had fun playing it!

I tried the "destroy enemy" thing but I guess he wasn't the last enemy I hit. I'll jump back in and give the game another run!

Reading the comments here, I'd agree: this is a weeeeird experimental game! I'm not exactly sure I knew what was going on but I was still compelled to keep searching and figuring things out. It was cool to stumble into the secret area, too. I've got a question, though: after winning the dice games against the skelly and ghost I get teleported to the final room. Is that supposed to happen?

Live reaction: "Oh my god... a 'stuffed bear'" lol 

I know you mentioned you had to cut your game down and button it up, but I'm so glad you got it into the game jam. I loved the look and humor definitely got a laugh out of me. Also, that intro is a piece of art onto itself.

Heyyy nice game! I liked how you incorporated the last game jam's lore into the Schippie fight. The "white lie" payoff and that boss music were 10/10. Pictured: me thwarting the Schippies. 

I was really digging the 2D pixel aesthetic. The sprite animation is top notch and full of life! Unfortunately, I got soft-locked trying to save Aldius's assistant because the bad bot got stuck at a higher elevation: 

And then all the NPCs stopped talking with me. Which is a shame because the writing was a lot of fun and full of character! I definitely want to come back to this game later to do some more exploring. (I saw Schippie in the distance giving me mocking looks.)  The combat is actually very satisfying, and I'm so so so chuffed you included a soccer ball and net!

That was one helluva an ending! As always: fantastic artwork and writing. I loved the portrayal of Jebb, especially. 

Great vibes and I loved the animation when Averagimus recovers from his jump!

Without spoiling anything, that final image art was *mwa*! I appreciated how forgiving this game was! The concept is pretty neat (shades of RAD ;) ) and is definitely something that could be built upon. Great work!

Thanks :) The game over screen paired with the music always got me laughing, too. That's the great work of my brother (music) and Ionwhat (art). 

well, my pumpkin was turtle head shaped so...

phew! that's good to hear. The crab soccer is my favorite

Ah, sorry you didn't get to the soccer game. It was just a matter of killing all the crabs in time before they respawned. Glad you enjoyed the art and design, though!

I sent so many Dog Bowers to their deaths in that Dark Schippie Dues fight. Was it worth it? Who can say?

But seriously, nice work! Would have been cool how much else you could have added with more time. Still, the writing was fun and sprites were sharp. My favorite sprite probably being the Schippie "punched in the gut" one.

I did, indeed, have fun playing your game! I'll keep an eye out for the update when you publish it, because I need to finish the game!

Oh, unfortunately there was one other glitch in that I when I tried to redo the Schippie fight, Izil would just make the hurt noise and it would ask if I wanted to try the Schippie fight again. I could only get out of that pattern when I said I wouldn't try the fight again, and the next cutscene's dialogue boxes didn't appear. (I could still press B to continue the invisible dialogue, though.) Just thought you should know!

Oh geez, I couldn't finish the last level :( My fingers got too cramped to continue. Still it was pretty challenging and exciting up until that point! I also ran into a hilarious glitch during the talon dive cutscene in which I could pull out my gun and start blazin'. Great work with the characterization and dialogue, and I think you managed to make the only game where you could customize your wardrobe! I went with the guitar bandana.

lol thank you so much

Credit to Ionwhat for crystal Schippie!

Thanks! It started off as a game of pool, but then things got a little off the rails.

I know you said that you drew beans as enemies due to your lack of drawing abilities, but I found your art super charming :)  And I looove Grandma's design. I pushed her into the pool. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Anyway, just wanted to say great job! The atmosphere was pretty cool, with the quiet music and rolling thunder in the background. I'm glad I took the opportunity to play this one!

That Schippie boss battle was *tough* but I did it! I kept telling myself that if I could beat the Nameless King and Dark Eater Midir, I could defeat Dark Schippie Dues if I just remembered my Dark Souls training. The lava worm boss was also a fun highlight (especially like its sound effects).

You definitely incorporated your mechanics in dynamic ways, so great job! I had a lot of fun playing it!

Just popping in to say I beat this game without cheats! You must have done some quality adjustments in there. I actually found myself really enjoying this game. It was difficult but there was something that compelled me to keep giving it one more go. 

The sprites in this game are just perfect. I love the theming of aquatic creatures as enemies. Oh, and the sea monster? Definitely my favorite design. Can you upload that somewhere? I just want to keep looking at it haha

Thanks :) That means a lot coming from you! I've got your game next on my queue and I'm looking forward to it.

The game jam would have suffered without this game! I'm so glad Kyle not only played it but saved it for last. It was the perfect way to close out the jam.

Glad I got through the entire game! The secret reveal at the end had me laughing, and I was glad to help Alexandria get some sweet revenge. That poor skelly...