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phew! that's good to hear. The crab soccer is my favorite

Ah, sorry you didn't get to the soccer game. It was just a matter of killing all the crabs in time before they respawned. Glad you enjoyed the art and design, though!

I sent so many Dog Bowers to their deaths in that Dark Schippie Dues fight. Was it worth it? Who can say?

But seriously, nice work! Would have been cool how much else you could have added with more time. Still, the writing was fun and sprites were sharp. My favorite sprite probably being the Schippie "punched in the gut" one.

I did, indeed, have fun playing your game! I'll keep an eye out for the update when you publish it, because I need to finish the game!

Oh, unfortunately there was one other glitch in that I when I tried to redo the Schippie fight, Izil would just make the hurt noise and it would ask if I wanted to try the Schippie fight again. I could only get out of that pattern when I said I wouldn't try the fight again, and the next cutscene's dialogue boxes didn't appear. (I could still press B to continue the invisible dialogue, though.) Just thought you should know!

Oh geez, I couldn't finish the last level :( My fingers got too cramped to continue. Still it was pretty challenging and exciting up until that point! I also ran into a hilarious glitch during the talon dive cutscene in which I could pull out my gun and start blazin'. Great work with the characterization and dialogue, and I think you managed to make the only game where you could customize your wardrobe! I went with the guitar bandana.

lol thank you so much

Credit to Ionwhat for crystal Schippie!

Thanks! It started off as a game of pool, but then things got a little off the rails.

I know you said that you drew beans as enemies due to your lack of drawing abilities, but I found your art super charming :)  And I looove Grandma's design. I pushed her into the pool. It just felt like the right thing to do.

Anyway, just wanted to say great job! The atmosphere was pretty cool, with the quiet music and rolling thunder in the background. I'm glad I took the opportunity to play this one!

That Schippie boss battle was *tough* but I did it! I kept telling myself that if I could beat the Nameless King and Dark Eater Midir, I could defeat Dark Schippie Dues if I just remembered my Dark Souls training. The lava worm boss was also a fun highlight (especially like its sound effects).

You definitely incorporated your mechanics in dynamic ways, so great job! I had a lot of fun playing it!

Just popping in to say I beat this game without cheats! You must have done some quality adjustments in there. I actually found myself really enjoying this game. It was difficult but there was something that compelled me to keep giving it one more go. 

The sprites in this game are just perfect. I love the theming of aquatic creatures as enemies. Oh, and the sea monster? Definitely my favorite design. Can you upload that somewhere? I just want to keep looking at it haha

Thanks :) That means a lot coming from you! I've got your game next on my queue and I'm looking forward to it.

The game jam would have suffered without this game! I'm so glad Kyle not only played it but saved it for last. It was the perfect way to close out the jam.

Glad I got through the entire game! The secret reveal at the end had me laughing, and I was glad to help Alexandria get some sweet revenge. That poor skelly...

God, that end cut scene kills me. Damn good job!

Ton of fun figuring out the solutions for these. And the writing is so delightful! Your characterization and gags were top notch!

The writing in this game is a joy. It felt really good being a jerk in this game haha

Gonna pile on here and say, yes! Patch your file! It's only unfair to us for not being able to fully experience your game :)   

Bug fix: reinstated collisions on the beach. And now I'm done tinkering.

Thanks so much! That's gratifying to hear!

Hey! We added more dialogue and made a few changes! Not going to complain about our game being pushed to Friday.

Ping me if you're looking for some cheats in case you get stuck!

Also, ping me if you're looking for some cheats in case you get stuck!

Keep searching the trees!

I'll be sure to give it a whirl!

Hey Blepasaur! My team was wondering if you'd like to lend us a hand in our Bruised Ego Game Jam game. What's the best way to get to you privately?

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of the Gamemaker OS X executable glitch. When I unzipped the game, I wasn't able to play it getting the error "Unable to find game!!:". The fix is to just move the app into a different folder. Kind of a dumb glitch! At least it's easy to fix.

Lol I love how your game just starts. No explanation, just bam! I'm in the game. And it's funny how there was no explanation needed for the most part.

The look of this game is just perfect. It's minimalist and very easy to read. I also appreciate how the hit boxes are more forgiving than others I've played! Personally, I'd love to see this game taken to the max. I'm imagining different gun types that affect the direction in which you get pushed, like maybe (for example) a giant pulse blast that has a slower shooting rate but is larger and propels you in big chunks. Maybe in the next update? :)

Thanks for sharing your game with me - it was great!

Bahaha I did think of police cars at one point, and that would have been hilarious. Thanks a ton for playing my game and giving feedback! All your points are very helpful. I really wanted to add a feature that would count up all the damage you did to the city, and a ranking system could keep track of all that. I'm glad you got some fun out of it!

I'm just about to play your game!

Thanks a ton for checking out my game! I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it. After reading all the comments the need for a better difficulty curve is pretty apparent, and I completely agree. It's easy to lose sight of these things during a 48 hour crunch! Thanks for playing and the feedback.

I played for a while and stopped after the level in which I had to collect 5 kitties. I can't think of anything else I'd want after that?

The premise of a drunk thief is pretty hilarious. If you ever do take this to the "next level" this would be amazing as a type of physics based stealth, thieving game. I imagine the player trying to quietly sneak around a house of expensive vases while the character is stumbling all over the place.

Thanks for sharing your game! I enjoyed my time with it.

The aesthetics - visuals and sound - are perfect together. The premise is great, I just wish the puzzles started sooner! I think it wasn't until stage 8 that I had to use my brain. 

Oh, you should know there's a glitch that you can pretty much unlock all the levels if after you solve the first stage you hit Enter when the level select shows up. It brought back to the first level, and when I completed it, I unlocked the third level, then the 4th, 5th, etc.  You gotta watch out for those cheaters, like me!

I don't mind dying as often as I did as long as it's too a funky tune.

The core premise of the game made sense without much explanation, although I didn't quite get the bomb mechanic. I liked the overall crayon/pastel look of the game, I'd just suggest being more deliberate with your color choices. For instance, having the enemies being a different color than you, and having their bullets look like yours, since their bullets and your bullets will hurt you just the same. 

That said, I do like the risk/reward of trying to shoot down enemies with the draw back that every miss is more peril for the player. After firing off several shots, I changed my strategy to a defensive one, letting the stray bullets take down the baddies in due time. Neat concept!

I like the visuals and the concept of trying to escape rising lava (which, thankfully, isn't rising too fast), but I think you really needed to restrict which keys are selected for the movement. Not all keyboards are designed the same, so when I had to move with the right CTRL, I couldn't because my laptop doesn't have one! My F keys are also used for adjusting audio, brightness, and other functions, so when I had to use F keys to move the game wouldn't register my movements but my settings were going haywire. Sometimes I  had difficulty telling what keys were being displayed. For instance, when I had to press on the down key to jump, the prompt definitely did not say "down key". When that happened I'd just run my fingers across all the keys until something registered, and sometimes nothing registered.

Aaaand now that I'm reading the comments it seems like everyone has made these comments already. Sorry to be redundant! Looking at the game images it looks like this map is enormous! So it's too bad I wasn't able to experience the full thing.

lol I'm honored to hold that distinction amongst Gamemaker games. Thanks a lot for playing and especially for the feedback. The comments here have really showed me great ways to improve my game and how I approach making them.

I agree with the tutorial! I spent so much time squashing bugs and getting the physics right that I blew right past thinking of my players. I could only think of destruction. Thanks for playing and the feedback! I put your game on my queue to play before the deadline.

Ah, I didn't mean to be harsh because I did really like your game! I had fun swinging around the map. Haha and I didn't talk with Bobby the tutorial robot - sorry! I zipped right by him 'cause I just wanted to grapple around. I dropped you a follow to see what you follow this up with! And no worries about the typos :)

Is that a Link to the Past house I see? :)   I'm just cruisin' around Hyrule, don't mind me.

Oh, and was that the testing level at the very end? Nice easter egg if it was!

As cruel as it would have been, I wish you did more with the dragging key mechanic. That's when I was like "ooookay, now we're cooking", while also panicking quite a bit haha  It's too bad it was featured in only one level, because that's what really caught my attention. 

Nice work overall! I don't like a lot of the key switching mechanic games, but this felt pretty good. Maybe because the maps were readable and forgiving? It felt tricky and challenging without being obtusely difficult. Good job!

Thanks! I'm so glad you got your groceries! The one thing I wish I had time to add was a calculation of how much damage you did to the city on the end screen. I think it's safe to assume it's always going to be a lot haha