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I love this

Just played it for a bit, I love it visually and the music is great but it needs more polished gameplay. I couldn't really understand what I needed to do and I'm usually decent at rhythm games but I would consistently lose when I thought I was on beat. Maybe having that vinyl up at all times would make it feel better? Also add an exit button.
Keep up the good work :)

An arcade style find-me game where you have to create what you find. 

Each round starts with 60 seconds and you gain additional time for each creature found. Go for a high score and unlock more creatures with a higher score!

It was made in 72 hours for ScoreSpace Jam #12!
Also check out any of my other games/devlogs on my home page! >
Thanks :)

Today I released the final updated version of Nai Nai Nights: Nokia Edition, a game made in one week for the 2021 Nokia Game Jam. This restricted the game to two colours and a resolution of 84 x 48. My entry is an Adventure RPG/ light farm sim game inspired by adventure classics like Link's Awakening. It won 4th place overall, and 2nd place in the 'polish' category. With the updates it is now (hopefully) bug-free!

If you are interested, please check it out here and let me know what you think! :)


Along with this I have released my first devlog for the sequel which I am currently working on. I hope you'll play the Nokia edition first and then check out the devlogs here after!

I really appreciate any support and would love any feedback you have! Thanks for reading/playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The overall response was so positive that I am currently considering my options for a sequel, so keep an eye out! :) I really appreciate your support!

Just finished playing the demo- it's great! I grew up on point and click adventures and this holds up to the standard of the best! It's got interesting puzzles that stray from the obvious but aren't illogical, with superb humour, setting and art style and I especially loved the animations and sound design! Had such a fun time with it, I'll be looking forward to the full release! If you need any play-testers hit me up! :)

Love the concept! The execution is really great too (I love the graphics and general design) but I think a faster movement speed would've made it more fun, Instead of being a challenge of remembering and finding the person, it was more a challenge of whether I could move the camera to get to the guy in time. Nevertheless I had a fun time, well done! :)

Nicely done! The zelda references were incredibly on the nose (in the best kind of way haha) and then the time travel mechanic made it a unique experience on top of that! I got soft locked in the same room as Beats, trying to explore the top corner haha but having to restart helped me see how well the world is designed, feeling expansive and explorable but actually being compact allowing for easy travel. The enemies felt a little unfair at times, especially the boss with some seemingly undodgeable attacks, but overall I really enjoyed it. Great job!

Wow! That feeling of dread you get when you know you're about to crash in outer wilds- now for Nokia 3310 haha I had a great time!
And using flashing pixels to make a 'third colour' is ingenious! Well done!

Just the thought of cookie clicker being on a Nokia is hilarious, let alone it being a competitive multiplayer hahaha The main fun part about the original cookie clicker was competing with friends anyway so building that into the game is a good evolution. The implementation needs some work, the tutorial is informative but very long which can scare people off and it could definitely use some more on screen prompts for menus etc.
As a symmetrical game, I laugh thinking about an esports match with an endless curse mode game haha Great job! :)

Totally agree on Sirius! 
Just found another that needs more attention. Simple but I really enjoyed it-
Security Surge by Chilly_Chili

Wow! What an underrated gem! The first second I started and did that dash my jaw dropped haha Movement feels so great and once I got into the rhythm of the game it was really fun! The free-for-all which then becomes picking off the remainders pacman style is really unique! I would love to see it done in a more fleshed out stealth game. Great job!

In terms of level design, the ideas are great. Each level has a distinct mechanic and something to teach you mechanics wise, however the placement and layout could be worked on because it gets a little fidgety at times (but I completely understand that this is mostly due to the jam restrictions). The simple controls with simple single screen levels would work really well on a real nokia. And the platforming was solid! Good job! :)

Reminds me of that robot fill'er'up rhythm heaven game. A small improvement you could make is put the score on the left side of the screen so that there's more time to react for the first soda (which is almost exclusively how I would lose).
I would've loved a game like rhythm heaven on my mum's old nokia back in the day. Add a beat to this and put a little more polish in and it could be pretty fun!

Really well done! I unfortunately got softlocked by that crystal respawn bug but it was on my 5th crystal so I'm gonna count that as a win haha
The level design was really great, I love that I felt lost the entire time but was actually always being led to the next area. Love the aesthetic too! Great job!

Awesome game! Fun, easy to understand gameplay that had me smiling the whole way through!

Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I'm on uni holidays at the moment so I spent pretty much the entire week making it.

There's actually other ways to get seeds (%chance on cutting grass, %on digging holes) but I'm now realizing I don't think I explicitly said that anywhere so if you don't get seeds on the first few cuts you might give up and never know!
As for the other issue, thankyou for catching that! Seeing there's no way to save, I was really nervous that the game might be filled with softlocks so I'm glad it seems nobody else has encountered this yet. Sorry you had to reset but it's great to know! I'll upload a fix for both of these after the jam's over

I considered doing devlogs but my process is extremely messy haha But with a bit of cleaning up, a recap isn't out of the question. I'll try and see what I can pull together and let you know!
Really appreciate your support! :)

Thankyou! Yeah, the fast growing was a conscious choice for the jam, even with the time-skip mechanic my brothers both ended up waiting at points and when the game is already on the long side for a jam game, I didn't want people's experience with it to be waiting so I made it a lot quicker. But yes, for a real nokia version I think you're absolutely right. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you so much! I definitely agree on the walk cycle animation, but I'm a messy coder so the two frames is built into the movement system so it gets a little complex hahaha 

Oh ok i see, yeah I didn't manage to get all the coins in one run . I thought they were really well placed to add fair difficulty, but I'm not that good at platformers hahaha

Thanks so much for playing! I noticed that recently myself, thanks for letting me know :)

Nice game! The platforming is very smooth and forgiving which allowed it to be challenging because of the swapping light/dark which I appreciate. I would usually advise not hard-resetting in jam games but I think in this case it worked really well and made me feel like I was speed-running it by the end. Well done! :) (I would get rid of that big 'you failed' that triggers when you fall in the win screen though haha)

This is a really underrated little gem of a game! Super polished and really cool variety of enemies. Also really good use of visuals with such little space to work with! Great job!

 P.S. I see a fellow GameMaker user! If you want another good jam to join then check out the GMC jam on the GameMaker forums. It's a really great one! :)

Nice fun take on a pong like game, perfect for a nokia back in the day. If I had one design choice that I think could be changed, I would say maybe make the cherry placement still random but stay in that spot until you get it, so it's more about aiming. And then the coins can do the same but disappear after a time, like the original nokia snake game. 

Love the retro art style and animations! Cool little game :)

I have seen this puzzle before but it is done really well here with really great level design and it's amazingly visible and easy to understand with only two colours on a small screen. Well done!

Brutal but forgiving! Nicely done!

Really great game! The first entry I've seen to actually benefit from the small screen, I got jump scared so many times haha The gameplay loop was really great and difficulty was spot on for a jam game. I love the art style, especially the animations! I couldn't find a single thing to fault it! Excellent job!

Sounds great! I'll do my best to check in! Thanks :)

I grew up on Nintendo so that means a lot to me! Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you! Coming from you that means a lot! My mum asked me what my favourite game I played so far from the jam was and I ended up rant-explaining your game from start to end hahaha

That's a quote for the back of the box for sure! haha Thank you! :)

Thanks so much for playing! :)

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I think you're definitely being too hard on yourself. While there are some flaws in the concept, I'd rather see something with an original concept with flaws, than something that's been done before a million times that's 'perfect'. This does some really interesting things, and the controls worked fine for me playing on keyboard. The overall polish and graphics were good too!

I love these types of short mystery games. It's so well polished and feels like a real phone.  The graphics and puzzles are super charming and clever! I finished it, so it definitely is possible! Great job!

Super well polished, and addictive. If this was on phones back in the day it would have been a hit for sure. Well done!

It's a puzzle I've seen done before, but this is a very polished version perfect for a Nokia and the randomizer is a good addition. Well done!

The physics felt a little too heavy, but save points and level design were well done. Also I really like the art style. Nice job!

Very charming polished game! Well done!

I really wanted to finish this but I ended up rage quitting haha, the save spots are really brutal and I powered through but then after progressing a lot between saves, I swapped worlds to fall into an inescapable pit. Brutal! I guess if that's what you were going for you succeeded haha but losing that much progress ruins the fun and an open world metroidvania doesn't need any more backtracking from losing progress.

As a game overall, I really like it though. The graphics work well, the level design is good and the inverted health mechanic is genius.  I may be back to finish it when I've calmed down haha