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Okay so this is cool as heck, my brain hurts a little trying to figure out how not to mess up every time but it's a really cool concept, can't wait to see where you go with it!

Very lovely story and sweet experience, really enjoyed playing through!

I love the different mech designs! Awesome job :o

This is really sweet! Mad kudos for doing it in the time limit :o

10/10 pun. I also loved smashing everything in my way and the first person camera!

A satifying match 3 game with a nice art style and loved the chain-matches sounds.

Fun launch game with cute art and very sweet story. Once I got the hang of taking off it was a lot of fun trying to see how high I could get!

Loved the intro, I expected nothing less from the great Strong Numbaz sequel. A fun defense game that I will one day beat!

Very sweet birds, I wish them all the best in life. Also loved the music, it was simple but really effective. A very pleasant game!

Honestly if I didn't have other people telling me what I was supposed to do I wouldn't have gotten it from gameplay alone. That being said, it's a really interesting concept and really well executed!

Very bright & colourful, loved that there was voice acting too. My driving skills are terrible but a very fun game all the same!

A really sweet and impactful story. I wish Polly all the best in life!!!

Sure! Feel free to DM me on Discord and we can discuss!

Love the dialogue, it's so sweet!

This may come as a surprise, but I would love a Robin ;)

I'm so intrigued by this story! I can't wait for the next chapters, I need to know what happens!!

I loved the art style, and the writing made me smile. Good job!

Thank you ^_^

I love the art style you have! The kitty is very cute.

The menu does interfere with the games as it can be in the way of what you need to click on etc.

Well done on producing something in 3 days!

The cats are very cute and it definitely highlights the issue of not neutering cats being a problem.

It would be nice if there was a point at which the game failed you if there are too many cats, as the cats just seem to grow exponentially and i was a little worried for my CPU. I also noticed that the game timer will keep going into negative numbers when it reaches 0.

This is looking pretty good for a game made in 3 days though, good job!

This seems like a fun game but unfortunately I can't play it, because Ctrl+W closes the page :( What I've seen of the game so far seems like a cute concept tho!

This was a lot of fun! The music is very chill, and I really enjoyed zoomin around the town looking for the cats! The assets are very cute as well,  a fun time overall :D

A really interesting blend of tower defense and bullet hell, the sprites were great and loads of replayability. Thanks for popping into the stream yesterday, good luck in the jam!

I had fun being the coolest hot dog ever. Congrats on getting this much done in the jam! I'm now going to draw sunglasses on all my vegetables. Thanks for recommending during the stream and good luck!

I was NOT smooth like butter but it was really funny to play! The controls are hilariously hard and the art style is very pleasant, I look forward to seeing where this goes! Thanks for suggesting on the stream, good luck in the jam!

Well I learnt during the playing of this game that I am not to be trusted with the fate of humanity...

Really cool concept, I look forward to seeing this with the improvements you mentioned after the jam! Thanks for sharing on stream :D

Very relatable, the art and the music are beautiful, and it was fun to play! Well done for getting this done for the jam, please get some sleep now. Thanks for suggesting on stream and good luck in the jam!

I had so much fun with this. Lifo is adorable and it felt very hectic but I'm super happy I managed to protect him through the full game. Looking forward to this being expanded into a full game (hopefully?!) and good luck in the jam! Thanks for suggesting on stream :D

Very wacky and slightly disturbing but it felt very out of control and I won employee of the month! Thanks for suggesting on stream and good luck!

Hurt my brain but 10/10 would recommend for cleverer people than me. Good job and thanks for suggesting on stream!!

Super interesting concept and was genuinely fun to play. I'd love to see what you do next! Thanks for suggesting on stream!

I just want to protect Minky ;_;

Amazing animation, especially given the time constraints. The difficulty was a tad high for me but I can see this going far. Thanks for suggesting in the stream yesterday!

This was very addicting! I still haven't gotten 30/30 but I am determined I will! Awesome entry into the jam, thanks for suggesting it for the stream yesterday ^_^

This was NUTS to play but mega fun, the art is also fantastic. Please make this a full game!!! Thanks for suggesting it on stream and good luck in the jam! :D

Adorable robot and interesting mechanics! Had fun running through it, thanks for suggesting on stream yesterday :)

Loved the cute graphics, and when I (finally) realised the children would hide it was even more fun! Short at the moment but it'd be interesting to see a game with more levels in the future. Thank you for sharing this yesterday :D

Thank you for sharing this on stream yesterday, the Catbot is so cute!!! I'll definitely be replaying so I can actually SEE the end card. The art is adorable and the bot does get VERY out of control so good job :D

Interesting concept, I'm glad I got to see the end (with your help ha)! The hallucinations were very cute and it definitely got my brain working so good job!

Interesting concept, and definitely a lot of potential for a full game! Thanks for sharing this on the stream yesterday, well done for getting this done for the jam ^^

This was cute to play, and loved the music (when we got it working ;)) Thanks for sharing on the stream, got me nostalgic about my old flash games!