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Puzzle hidden in a questionnaire. Free yourself. (For Rainbow Jam 2021)
Submitted by mangomakes (@motleymango), Max Level Kobold — 1 hour, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Use of Diversifiers#163.0003.000
Use of Theme#193.4293.429

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Honestly if I didn't have other people telling me what I was supposed to do I wouldn't have gotten it from gameplay alone. That being said, it's a really interesting concept and really well executed!


i hear you on that, if we had more time we definitely would have designed a more natural discovery for the mechanics, but that's why we put out the guide with the game! we realized it's one of the drawbacks of building a game with more experimental mechanics, but i'm glad you liked it in the end!! thanks for playing!


I love this!! Let it be known for the sake of my ego that I did it without checking a guide. There's probably at least one screen I didn't find but still! Anyway I really enjoy the way the music shifts when you make the breakthrough.


it's amazing you did it without the guide!!! thank you for putting in the effort to figure it out, it makes me really happy :) and glad to hear the music shift hit for you!


This is very, very cool! I had to use the guide at the beginning to figure out what to do, but I ended up getting all 26 letters! The puzzles were very creative, and it was a lot of fun once I started to get the hang of it!

The only thing I'd suggest is adding a back button from the ending because I accidentally triggered the ending multiple times. Including AFTER I collected all 26 letters, and I do not have the patience to try for that ending again lol. I'd personally suggest a back button option both when you go through the questionnaire and when you reach the first ending.


great to hear the puzzles worked out! and thank you so much for the feedback, it's definitely not a good feel to get stuck after all that work. thank you for playing!!


So cool! And mysterious.. I admit I had to check the hints even though I also played your test version during development :D

I only found about 8 letters through my multiple playthroughs but it was really cool to explore and try and get them without using the walkthrough!

I really like the "letter missing" effect and sound!

Great work


hey thanks a lot! i'm glad you enjoyed it!!
and thanks a ton for playing the test version! your feedback really helped us decide what to do at that time