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Interact with hallucination create by the crazy guy running around !
Submitted by jookeer37 — 36 seconds before the deadline
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Interesting concept, I'm glad I got to see the end (with your help ha)! The hallucinations were very cute and it definitely got my brain working so good job!


Thank you very much for playing and of course  congrats to have finish the game :)


Some of the solutions felt a little arbitrary while running through, with not rhyme or reason as to why certain things worked and others didn't. The game teaches you that clicking = environment changes, but later in the game, it is not always clear what (if any) effect some of the clicks were having. There is some much needed clarity in the design of this game because its easy as a player to feel confused.

Stylistcally, I really enjoyed the way the game looks and sounds. The style you were going for came through quite strongly and it lent itself well to the game you made.

Thajk you very much for playing and for giving this huge fedback 


Liked the aesthetic and idea behind this, but found some of the puzzle solutions not all that logical and that the game was more about fast reactions than figuring out each room. Which I get leans into the theme, just not particularly appealing to me. Not sure what happened at the end either, as the screen just went to white after I left a room and... that was it.

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Yeah, the white screen means you was out of the 5 minutes and then you proceed to a "bad end" but we have this bug at the end of the jam so did'n't found time to fix it, btw if you finish the game in 5 minutes there is a good end (But that's pretty hard) But thank you for feedback and playing


This was pretty cool! I liked the idea only some things could be explained better. Well done!

Thanks for feedback, we try to focus on the out of control way and so instinct of the player


I really like it. The idea is cool and the design is pretty cute. I think that I had some problems/bugs but I still had a great time.

If it's about the white screen we knew it but did'nt found the time to fix it :/ thank you for playing


I particularly liked the inspiration of "Out of Control" representing the patient. Cute drawings and interesting use of UI to make it change color and thus the function. Well done!

Thank you very much for playing the game and for your comment !


Great idea! That's a challenging experience and the draws are so cute!
Really enjoy it

Thank youy very much for playing 


This was a fun, confusing ride to play - more confusing than 'out of control', but still out of control.

Wish there was no timer though, that part didn't add much to the game and stopped me from continuing to play. Congrats on the game, cheers!

Thank you very much for your feedaback


Unique idea! Cool art style. I was a little confused on how to play but eventually I figured it out haha

Hello, and thank you very much to have played the game and give feedback. i hope the overall experience pleased you


Really nice job with the atmosphere on this one, felt great to play. 


Thank you very much for your feedback


I wasn't able to finish it (something looped wrongly I think). But I really love the idea and the atmosphere is spot on (music, visuals, hallucinations mechanic)!

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maybe is it because the game start to being out of your control ;) (btw thanks for playing and for your feedback)


I love the atmosphere! The art looks awesome, cute and unsettling. And it plays very smooth! Great game!