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After all all i found that you have an feeling that you are controlling the cat but in real you are not,  so the theme is repsected and then  well respected, i liked how the game was mind returning but also easy the player is sometimes is lost in how he must think, the music is really cool and it is just really minutes of fun to rethink what must be done. The way that there is a real end is a good point for me i prefer it to just a scoring game, and i loved the final, very good games pretty surprised about it.

Thank you very much for playing and of course  congrats to have finish the game :)

Thajk you very much for playing and for giving this huge fedback 

Thanks for feedback, we try to focus on the out of control way and so instinct of the player

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Yeah, the white screen means you was out of the 5 minutes and then you proceed to a "bad end" but we have this bug at the end of the jam so did'n't found time to fix it, btw if you finish the game in 5 minutes there is a good end (But that's pretty hard) But thank you for feedback and playing

If it's about the white screen we knew it but did'nt found the time to fix it :/ thank you for playing

Thank you so much for the feedback !

Thank you very much for playing the game and for your comment !

Thank youy very much for playing 

Thank you very much for your feedaback

Hello, and thank you very much to have played the game and give feedback. i hope the overall experience pleased you

Really interesting concept, satisfying  as hell and oh i reach the best score 3130 haha :p very good game btw 

The death animation is sooo fun and wow you really are in the theme with this game, very good points everywhere

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Wow wow wow, first loved the artistic direction, so cute, and the gameplay fit right to the theme, graphics are relaxing. i really liked the way you must find solutions to do the firefighters and the double way to use the out of control both in the gameplay than the state of the fire. bref, all is really good on this game you really worth the five stars

Lol, so fun, fast and furious tokyo drift the game, congrats for the potential of fun of this game

This out of control way make the game really difficult but original!

I had some fun playing the game, pretty oriented arcade but yeah the theme is respected

Thank you very much for your feedback

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maybe is it because the game start to being out of your control ;) (btw thanks for playing and for your feedback)

ok in that case that is indeed different, i change my rate 👍

Very dificult i can't reach more than 2000 points and did'nt found the out of control theme, we use to control the bear, right?

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Loved how the theme was covered, i found the ctrl but did'n't found how to bring it back to the laptop haha

So, plenty of things to say on this game, Let's start byu bad points : i did'n't really find the "out of control" way of the game instead of maybe the cat is always sliding  so it's hard to control, and  it is so easy to finsih stucked between 2 items.  For the good points :  the arts are pretyy cute and how it is FUN to brake all this SHIT by sliding like bad ass cats of the night YEAH!

Funny way to explore the out of control theme, originality at his max :)

Very nice concept, just repel us that sometimes the best games are the most simple but original

Did'n't really found the out of control way (Maybe because of the fish being upside down) but wow how much i loved the artistic direction, that's what made me a descisive choice to my rating in the "fun" part and of course pretty nice subject: all the trash in the sea, don't fuck with the ocean ;)

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I had some fun to play this game really, it's an easy way to spend time and even that i thought you include a better way to integrate the "Out of control" theme, it is not out of subject so quite pleasant

The controls are pretty hard and that s really frustrating . was  it "out of control" because of the  character hard to control?

Thank you very much for your feedback hope you had a good time

The game seems out of subject of the jam's theme

Does the game even work? i tried to click on all of the buttons of my keyboard and nothing happened

i did'n't understand how to advance through the beginning level and even the utility of M1 or M2. The graphics are pretty but i see that it's not your own creation, a little deceived :/ but kee pthe good work dear. 

btw congrat to you, the game stay pretty  fun 

Very fun game, just a little deceived because i thought that there will have a different dimension of out of control instead of just "You don't control  the character"