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I have a game that behaves weirdly when the viewport dimensions are adjusted. Beforehand this wasn’t an issue when the game was embedded on the page, but now users can easily resize the window and go fullscreen. Is there a way I can disable this feature?

Excellent game! Extremely well polished, and an undeniable interpretation of the theme. Gameplay reminds me of Enter the Gungeon, which is by no means a bad thing. Art, music and sounds are super professional. I found that the game got a lot more enjoyable as the difficulty got harder.

First and foremost, great game!

I like how the core mechanics are introduced to the player without the need for instructions. The one place I wish there was more instruction would be the mechanic of having a robot continually repeat a task (i.e. jumping) while the other robot is in control. I really like the variety of puzzles, and how some can be solved with just a strategy, while others require more skill and timing. I really think it speaks to the versatility of the game design. I also like the way that respawning is used as a puzzle solving mechanic. I personally didn't notice an opportunity to use the automatic movement mechanic (not including jumping) in order to solve any puzzles.

The graphics and audio felt very polished, down to the particle effects and animations. If I would have one piece of feedback it would be that the jump sound repeats in an unpleasant way when a robot is trying to jump but can't. You would have to add a check that the robot can jump before playing the sound to rectify this. Not that big of a bug for a game made in 48 hours, but I thought it might be worth noting.

All things considered this was one of the most fun games from this jam I've played so far. Great job!

Thanks. The idea is for the robot player to feel chaotic and "out of control" by having its controls flipped. Obviously it still behaves in a predictable way, but it doesn't feel like it.

Thanks for the feedback! I've definitely seen an overwhelming request for continuous movement. I'm currently working on adding it as a feature for the post-jam version. I'll definitely check out your game and let you know what I think.

Thanks! I'm working on implementing this feature for a post-jam version.

First off, music and art are very professional. Really cool concept, however I did feel as though the game design was a little unfinished. I think to improve it there needs to me more constraints, such as a limit on the number of cards used per level, or only being able to pick one card at a time. Gameplay would have been difficult to figure out without the useful instructions underneath the game.

I thought it was really cool and clever that enemy movement is inspired by chess pieces. I played the game to completion. A win screen would be cool, but I understand with time constraints why it probably isn't there.

I really like how this game can be played in different ways. You can choose to play it slow and place blocks over spikes, or you can risk jumping and grabbing a node. Really cool game design. 

Really nicely polished game! Fits the theme perfectly. Everything about it is very cute. It's also surprisingly challenging. 

Really cool concept and execution!

Loved the presentation! Very cool interpretation of the theme. The game is simple, but done well.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm shocked at how similar our games are actually. Great minds think alike.

Love the feedback, thank you!

I got the job! 

Cool game, I like how it portrays Tourette's getting worse with stress. Very original idea, I would have never though of it!

I think the game could be improved further with more dialogue options, and a little bit of proof reading to ensure the grammar is correct. 

Fun game, I really liked the music and the whole aesthetic. The core game loop is very satisfying and original. Neat interpretation of the theme as well.

I think the game could be improved by adding a score that increases the longer your acorn survives. Maybe some in game instructions as well, as the first time I played I was a bit confused and thought I was watching a cutscene. I also felt as though it was hard to tell how damaged the acorn was. Nevertheless you've made a great little game.

Nice game! Simple, but plays nice and has a nice feel to it. If I would add one thing it would be some keyboard controls for shooting, since right clicking while aiming is difficult on a trackpad.

Really cool idea, and great level design. Also a nice and original interpretation of the theme.

Ah, I should have noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Such a fun game! I love the art style. Although maybe a bit out of scope for Ludum Dare, I would love to see procedural generation.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure if there's a whole lot I can do to fix that bug however, as I think it's a problem with the game engine I'm using. 

This is such an amazing tool! I hope you keep developing it.