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Heaven's RingView game page

Help an Angel's halo make it's way back to where it belongs!
Submitted by dreamcastgh0st (@dreamcastgh0st) — 16 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#54.0454.045

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
@dreamcastgh0st and @boople__snoot on twitter

Software used
Game Maker Studio 1.4

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Gg! Congratz on second place!


Great work! Nice to see another Celeste homie. The animations are great and I think the physics feel good. Tying dash to a different button (player choice whether to use space or a different button) and adding a visual indicator I think would be nice changes. Great job! Really enjoyed this one.


In love with the color palette! It seemed to me that the dashes were introduced but not used until later, and some of the background elements did take some effort to parse. 

But overall a very solid platformer with impressive polish.


Love the art and the animation you create! The mechanics is very interesting, I think you can expand the mechanic then it will be a nice platform game. Jumping and moving is a bit fast for me, controllable can make this game better :D


That was a lot of fun and looked awesome- I enjoy a good platformer, and the dash mechanic was well done.


I really liked the art, animation and color palette you used.

Please check my game because I am excited about all the feedback. This is one of my first games and I want to improve myself.


i really enjoyed playing your game - especially i liked playing a halo/ring (and its animations are sooo cute!)

good job! :)


I found the game quite hard, but still managed to finish it. Took me a bit over 8 minutes. As many already mentioned, the color pallet here is amazing! Good amount of content too. Excellent game! 

very nice looking, although i found it a bit hard, it was great nonetheless! good job <3

The presentation here is amazing, the coloring especially! the physics of the game itself were a tad too finicky for my liking, but once I got used to the bouncing it was a lot of fun.


Not bad, but a bit too difficult for me.


Insane attention to detail on the art, animation, and I really like the music. I found the player controls way too difficult, far too responsive in jump height and sideways movement meaning that I struggled to get very far before rage quitting.


The presentation is astounding, there is much detail in the graphic section, the character's movement is sometimes a bit fast and difficult to predict when dashing, but all in all you two have made an incredible job, and all this in just two days, incredible.


I really like the graphics and the animations it's so cute. The movement is also alright and the game communicates how to play clearly. I had major trouble getting past the level that introduces the dashes though and the level design is a little confusing because the golden pillars are hard to see as solid.

I'll try again to get past the Dash level later and see more of the game but for now I am stuck (perhaps in the future there can be a button introduced to skip levels)

But for real it's a nice aesthetic and fun to play. Sound effects would've helped a lot to add bounciness to the ring but the animations convey it visually well too


This game was beautiful to play. The music, the sprites, the art, the animation, all of it. But echoing everyone else, the ring felt a bit floaty and the dashing was awkward to get used to. But even with that, I couldn't stop playing because it was so quick to get back into it.
Fantastic job!


Cool! The ring feels weird to control though!


Love the art and music! The character is also very fun to control. The one main critique I have though is that the difficulty seems very high. The ring is super slippery, and it makes some jumps (i.e. those on level 2) extremely difficult. I think maybe there should be some mechanically easier levels before that difficulty jump. Maybe I'm just bad though.

Great job! 


It's very cool, I like pixel art, but it's difficult to control, the ring feels like a cow on ice