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Looks like a patch will be needed! Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know!

Pity to hear. We'll need to get someone on to creating a port! ;p

Of course - just not at home right now but will try later. Don’t mind the messy code! ;p

You’re right. It’s difficult to get rotation like that in a game and eliminate motion sickness. Not really sure how to fix that. Thanks very much for playing!! The movement is done just using vector math, my game code is all up on GitHub if you’d like to check it out.

ya it’s hard if you have other stuff to do during the week!

Very nice game - get's tense at the end! A variety of music would be a nice touch.

Nice variation on a tower defence type game! I like the art style and control feel. Great work for one week!

I thought I tried that, must have done it incorrectly! Cool mechanic.

I really like the art! The enemies seem to teleport a bit whenever you hit them which doesn't feel too nice. The rotational movement is quite difficult for the ol' brain to work out. I'd try play around with different movement controls and get those enemies moving a bit more smoothly, and then you're on to a nicely flowing game, good looking game!

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I like the victory screen ;p great first attempt!

I couldn't pass level 3. Couldn't work it out ;/

Nice game - I got 400 point cuz I'm a huge noob. ;p

Thanks, I've been making updates this week to add to the atmosphere too!

I’m in. I plan on adding quite a few things to my submission for release of a more fully fleshed out game by end of Dec. I need to add Flagons, given the name of the game! Will keep you updated!

Makes sense!

Fighting the good fight! Thanks for reviewing and I appreciate the feedback - hopefully my skills in C++ will progress for the next jam!

I like the concept and physics elements, but I really think the bombs should kill the enemies! The aiming was possibly too difficult given the limited lives / overall game play-ability. I really liked the smooth audio. Solid attempt.

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Great game, really well thought out and clearly well planned. I found the shortcut to the end area!

Great attempt! I like the choice of music. I'd suggest transitions for the music to make it feel that touch more polished. The use of text was quite ingenious and hit the concept of thoughts in the mind really well! I thought the swing mechanic was clever but didn't feel right as it was difficult to guess when it landed a blow or not. I thought the art was really good. Overall, great job - concept and implementation!

I like the attention to various mechanics like the UI elements scrolling. Personally I think the music was a bit jarring (but considering the medium you were targeting possibly understandable!) and I felt it difficult to understand the various obstacles without dying too often and getting frustrated. I really liked the use of screen space and the attempt at hitting as many themes and objectives as possible - tough!

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Great game for 2 days work! There could have been more explanation around all the mechanics. Personally felt a bit stumped at times. Otherwise I was quite "wow'd",  the level of polish is amazing!


Thanks! I built the mechanics in C++ so that was fun. It’s a very unoptimised engine though - it slows down very quickly. Hence the limited game space / window size!

Haha cheers!

Hah. I wonder if an iOS / android port would get me the Ergonomically Horrifying achievement.