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After the Jam, now what?

A topic by ZleapingBear created Nov 25, 2018 Views: 151 Replies: 6
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So, having been part of the Jam, not as much as I wanted, but still enough to produce.... Something. 

I wonder. What will others do now? 

Will anyone continue to work on their submissions? 

Anyone going to make a post-mortem? 

To answer for me. 

Im actively working on this project untill its done. 

I am currently making a post-mortem video (script for now) and will make another post-mortem on the while game when its done, comparing the two. 

Lastly i expect to join in on the next and Any future OLC jams to Come. 

Who is with me? 


I’m in. I plan on adding quite a few things to my submission for release of a more fully fleshed out game by end of Dec. I need to add Flagons, given the name of the game! Will keep you updated!


Awesome, will look forward to seeing All you Come up with. 


I'm gonna make videos about some of the interesting challenges I overcame to make the game. Then release the source code. Oddly I can't readily release the assets in debug form, so I'll have to think of a way around that! :D


Kind of the same im going to do, a "first jam look back" in My case. 

I personally started working on a video that I intended to put on Youtube showing the construction and what not of what was to be my submission but due to reasons  I had on multiple levels from Hardware, Personal, and most importantly of all just making a couple bad decisions which under the fast pace nature of a game jam set me back beyond recovery.

I have instead decided what i am going to do is finish up the Game engine that I am working on and making it more GJ ready for next time. Since I already have the Video clips and am still writing the engine perhaps it would not be a bad idea for me to do the video despite the mistakes I made that lead to not completing the Jam because in all honesty the mistakes I made would be more important for someone to learn from then a simple video showing the games instructions in the first place. I could continue the video showing the construction of the GameEngine for future projects if anyone is interested.


I think making that video makes even more sense now :) 

Thats one of the things i think more could benefit from, honest videos of what can go wrong but also how to keep at it.