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"It's been a humbling experience watching my YouTube audience and the One Lone Coder Discord server membership grow into a fantastic community of talented and creative programmers. I think it is time for a JAM!" - javidx9

And so here it is, the inaugural One Lone Coder CODEJAM 2018! The theme will be announced on the 16th of November @ 2000 GMT, submissions can be made for the next 7 days until the deadline on the 23rd November 2018 @ 2000 GMT.


This is not exclusively a GAME jam! You can interpret the theme in any way you want, it could be a utility, a demo, an interactive artwork, a creative masterpiece, or of course a game. There is no prize other than internet points, but it doesn't matter how simple your submissions - you'll be surprised how inspiring they can be to others.

If you post on social media about your progress, please use the tag #olcCodeJam2018

The CODEJAM does not require you to use olcConsoleGameEngine or olcPixelGameEngine, though you can if you want too - nor does it require you to program in C++. As long as your source code is available, and your projects can be run for judging relatively easily then great! Also, just be really careful with respect to licences of any game assets you use, make sure you are allowed to use them first, or you may get disqualified.

I will announce the theme live on Twitch, until then, Take Care!

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Discover your inner creativity!
A short minecraft like thing I made for the OLC Code Jam.
Become Discovery, the horse, and run as far as possible!
Combat the Darkness
Travel through space with over 80 songs.
Enter the unkown
Play in browser
Procedural generation, exploration and collecting with fluid platforming action.
Altay Tank
A RPG game where you play in a CIA terminal
Role Playing
OLC CODEJAM 2018 Entry
Game v 0.5 for the game jam, levels and areas up and running
Instance rendering exploration project.
A demonstration of Majercik efficient voxel rendering for the OLC Code Jam
A start of a metroidvania done in unity.