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Adam's AppleView game page

Created for Minijam 70 by three high school students
Submitted by WolfMind — 8 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Adam's Apple's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#263.5563.556

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
WolfM1nd, Cawzy, Pullum19

Software used

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Really nice visuals and concept but I literally could not figure out how to play it. Jumping seemed completely random as to when it would actually work. I died over 40 times and only ever made it to the 2nd platform. Is there a bug with the keys or am I just doing something wrong? If I am I feel like the controls need to be explained better.

Developer (1 edit)

Hi! thank you for your comment. The only time you can jump is when the stalk touches a surface. The snake explains it actually, but we will consider your comment to clarify this jumping mechanic.


Oh that's strange, the snake never said anything for me :(

Developer (1 edit)

Did you click the continue button? I can help you if you send me a screenshot of your gameplay.


I like the concept, but the character controls don't feel as smooth and predictable as I'd like. It's pretty clear that you used Unity's default physics engine for the player-- controls in a platformer are often the most important part, and can take special care to get right. Great job for a first jam, though.


Great job guys! I loved the apple and how it explained the weird jumping mechanics. It was pretty hard to get a hang of the jumping, but once I did, it felt very nice to control. My only suggestion would be maybe adding checkpoints but that might make the game too easy.. Either way good job.

Thanks for the reply! We didn't want to add checkpoints cuz we felt like that might have made the game too easy like you said, we wanted to give some kind of challenge.  I also liked your game's gameplay.


I like your Game


Considering this your first game jam well-freaking-done! The level of the game was bit hard for me, but the bouncy islands were fun! I thought the concept was pretty awesome.  


I really enjoy the concept of only being able to launch up when the stalk is on the ground, great use of the limitation. Some additional polish and this could make an interesting rage game.


The game is bit too hard for me, i already played "Getting over it" I dont wanna play again haha

But is a good game, i just wanna that have check points, but i understand that will be too easy i had it


This is a very weird game. Interesting twist of concept of a platformer (^.^;

The arts are kind of jumbled up; seems like stuffs taken from different assets were mixed in a hot pot or something -- but I suppose it's kind of ok.

A few questions:

  1. Is there a reason for separating the buttons for pausing and unpausing, for muting and unmuting, etc.? Why didn't you combine the buttons for pausing and unpausing, and for muting and unmuting?
  2. Have you considered other ways of introducing the controls? Like for example, putting some of the controls in the game description?
  3. When the apple jumps, what exactly happens here? It seemed to me that the apple simply teleports when it jumps. Is there a reason for making the jump mechanics like this? I find this kind of weird and a little hard to control (^_^;;
  4. I think I have got some difficulty jumping from the tree at first. I myself didn't know how I managed to get off the tree a few times while in other times I just couldn't. How exactly is the player supposed to get off the tree?

I think concept-wise the gameplay is very interesting -- but the game definitely needs a lot more polishing on the gameplay.



thank you for your detailed answer. I appreciate that. 

1. No, there is no reason : ) It was a little bit rushed, and I wasn't sure about the coding part, so I decided to do it like this. But I will update is ASAP.

2. Yeah, I'll do that now.

3. I think jumping is normal. However, there might be a bug with the gameplay. If you could share a photo or a video so that I can see what's going on.

4. Press F. The snake explains it I think.

Again I thank you for your detailed comment.


I updated the buttons. You can play it with less of them now :)


The game was awesome. I really enjoyed the mechanics and visual art. It was hard to jump but I managed to do it after a short time. Also the level design was great. Good work!




The art was great! took me a while to understand how to climb up the ladder, but in the end it was easy, the music is a bit repetitive bit it seems like you composed it so i have nothing to say about that.
Great game that reminds me to getting over it with a curious main mechanic and awesome pixelart

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you so much!!!

Btw your game is really cool.


Thank you for the reply! I also loved your game the music was great and the controls felt really good. I don't really know much about music so it didn't come out that great :D but yeah getting over it was what we thought of when we were creating it too


I think i broke it...

Developer (1 edit)

Interesting. Can you tell me what were you doing when this happened? I will try to fix it. One point though, if you clicked F without listening to the snake, the writings won't be deleted. We wanted to leave it like that, so everyone would have to listen to the snake. 

Other than that, I would be glad if you wrote what were you doing when this happened.

Hope you had fun though


Ok, Il try explaining, I think the first think that happent is that i used the Level resset button, some comntrols didnt work for me and i didnt manage to fall from the tree, so clicking the button teleported me down under the tree, when i tried moving forward it didnt jump for me, i could move left and right but not jump. so i tried moving the left, and at the end it didnt fall down for me, It just let me keep walking out of bounds, the picture was taken left to the starting tree, maybe you forgot placing a collider there, Or it happent becuase i used the restart before falling from the tree.



Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it. To start you needed to press F. Otherwise, the small colliders in the three will block your movement. The problem I guess is that you clicked the restart button without pressing F before. It's not a bug. When I was coding it I added constraints, so the player couldn't move until the player clicks F. However, it kept moving left and right, so I added colliders on the tree to prevent that. When you click the restart button, it spawns you under the tree which is what I wanted. However, you can neither rotate nor jump because you didn't click F. I think it's not a bug, but it is definitely something I can improve.

Thanks a lot! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

That was fun :)

Took me a while to get started and get the hang on the controls, though.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

i like the idea of the apple only being able to jump when rotated correctly - and good interpretation of the theme (and limitation!) :)

however, i had some troubles figuring out how to pass the "ladder"...



Thank you for your comment. I know we could have explained it better. Just keep hitting space. Since it rotates there is always at least one point where the apple jumps. Hope you had fun. Btw: your game was cool, too.


It was really fun and cute and creative. Would recommend.




This was fun once I figured out how to jump - The art looks great! :) Good Job TY 


Thank you for playing.

Thanks for the compliment! I didn't do all of the art, but some of it was mine and I'm glad they don't hurt your eyes.