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Sorry for my absent these days, I'm surprising you guys like this game so much! So I decide to add a score system:D

I really dont know how to make a 2 color metaball in godot, I will update the game if I find a way to achieve that

Thanks your appreciate, and I'm  a character designer before

Thanks your advice! I will add a jump animation:D, I already design the most of the world in large scale, and the player abillity~  I'm making the level design now, hope the game demo finish soon

I means sometimes I press new game when I die, so I lost all my savings~

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Nice level design and sounds! Love the battle system, but I didin't find the bolt skill that cover shows.  looking forward the levels later

Thank you :), I'll keep working on it and release a playable version ASAP

Wow, the game is cool! Is that game has 2 endings? A load/save system can make the game better, sometimes I will press the wrong button so my saving lose.

Seem It happen on me. too, http 502 error

I find that just stay and not shoot can survival more time that shoot