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Hi!Thanks for your support!You can join this discord to tell me more about issue, I'm very happy to fix that:

Looks amazing! Must buy it later when I transfer to godot 4.x

Sorry for that issue, I dont have a mac PC, but maybe you can try this to fix the issue: macOS Catalina: "App is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash." - Ask Different (

Very fun game! The pace of trying attack and evade is very nice and balanced!

Good game but the difficulty curve is so steep

Super cool mechanic!

Nice graphic! Your game is fit the unstable so well. The difficulty is very balanced. Fun to play. If there's some sound when play and give a feedback then it's better.

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These textures are really helpful! What tools do you use to make these textures,  is this generate by shader code or just paint manually? 

Both free version and the unlimited version has a 32 bits version, try it now

I 'll keep update this app. Demo version cause some module still in developing, data struction may change so it's still a bit unstable

We just decide to leave a plugin API to user, so that you can write your own plugin to import any data you want.

Love this game mechanic and art! Add more enemy and card it will be a fantastic card game!

Cool boss fight!! Thought it;s so tough to beat.

Really clever unique mechanism! Love the cute pixel art

Thank you ! :D

Love that animation and the paper feeling material, nice work!

I just want to update the game but delete the file first, then I cannot upload again cause the jam ban the uploading, sorry about that

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All credit is in the final screen and the  description, no one missed.  Sorry about  that and I'm already remove all the soundtrack in the game. I'll change it to licensed music.

Thank you for your feedback, your suggestion is very helpful! Now the only way to gain coin is get more combo, I will add more ways to make the game more balance

Thank you! I add a cutscene at the beginning and fix the enemy problem.  I will keep expand the game, glad to see you guys like it :D 

Now you can play it :D

Love the art and the animation you create! The mechanics is very interesting, I think you can expand the mechanic then it will be a nice platform game. Jumping and moving is a bit fast for me, controllable can make this game better :D

Incredible game! The visual art style and music fits to the story vert well, and the core inner story is so deep. Everybody need take a breath~

The concept and visual style is so neat and simple, love this mini puzzle game :D

Great cute game! Love the piggy wing control and the lovely music, everything is in peace :D

Press F then you can get a fullscreen now, enjoy!

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Thank you! I'll add a upgrade system in the game to make it more fun to play!

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Thanks for the feedbacks! The game goal is to collect enough coin and bu the core stuff then go next level.  I think of this idea is base on the game story and I'll add it later on the game start :D

Thanks! I'll keep update it till it finished! 

Not to waste money---so funny HAHA XD

Thank you for you appreciate and suggestion! I'm still update the game by far, my idea making a kind of climbing-tower game, you can buy update use your coin(life). I was already design 7 type of enemys and one level, the game goal is to beat the level and meet the final boss. I don't know how to fix the pixel-perfect scale problem on the web edition, on my desktop edition it is  *1/*2/*3 or full screen scale. I don't know  how to achieve this in the itch internal game browser(seems it's fix size) so maybe I'll optimize for the web edition manually.

Some severe bug appear when I export it, Now I fix it, enjoy!

Sorry for my absent these days, I'm surprising you guys like this game so much! So I decide to add a score system:D

I really dont know how to make a 2 color metaball in godot, I will update the game if I find a way to achieve that

Thanks your appreciate, and I'm  a character designer before

Thanks your advice! I will add a jump animation:D, I already design the most of the world in large scale, and the player abillity~  I'm making the level design now, hope the game demo finish soon

I means sometimes I press new game when I die, so I lost all my savings~

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Nice level design and sounds! Love the battle system, but I didin't find the bolt skill that cover shows.  looking forward the levels later

Thank you :), I'll keep working on it and release a playable version ASAP

Wow, the game is cool! Is that game has 2 endings? A load/save system can make the game better, sometimes I will press the wrong button so my saving lose.