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Very nice! It was very fun to play and would be a great mobile game. I like the hint system also. Are all of the recipes actually possible to get with the despawning though? I couldn't really figure out any recipe after the gold ore and the fire ones since my fire/ore/everything else kept dying. Maybe a timer to show when everything is about to die would be a nice addition? Not necessary though. Great job!

Very well done! It's an interesting combination of like a puzzle and a rage game, which is usually tricky to pull off IMO since you might solve the puzzle but then not have the game skill to actually finish the level, but in this case it was pretty well connected. A little polish with fixing the controls a bit and fixing a few visual glitches and this would be pretty much perfect! Great job!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind comments

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed! The other reply is correct, it was a prime number cipher.

I agree with pretty much everything the person below me (100th_Coin) said, but I, unfortunately, wasn't able to beat the game. I think it's a pretty nice sorta geometry-dash-like rage game though. The one thing I would add to 100th_Coin's comments is that I think you should be able to hold space to continually jump, as that would be really helpful in some sections.

Overall, Nice job!

Nice job! Could use a bit more polish obviously but pretty well done. If I were to add one thing though it would probably be a minimap, but that's not too important.

Very nice idea! I think the motivation to die part is fine actually since you are also going for a high score with a lower number of deaths. With some more polish this could be amazing. Nice job!

Liked the idea! Concur though that the gameplay was a bit unintuitive, and I think that a persistent help screen would help. Good job though!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! I think to try to minimize that puzzle delay feature and the outside knowledge we may add something like a dCode.exe on the desktop if we decide to continue working on the game in addition to shorter but more difficult puzzles. 

Very nice! Obviously a bit short but impressive for the time given. Really thought there was gonna be some jumpscare somewhere.

Thanks for the feedback! Optional hints is definitely a good idea, and if we continue with the game we will definitely add harder puzzles!

Thank you for the feedback! You can actually click the green button on the browser to expand it to full screen, although the graphics do become a bit stretched. 

The large number of jumpscares were kind of a result of a combination of not enough playtesting outside of me and my teammate and us knowing the puzzles beforehand. The jumpscares occur at the same time as website mutations which also act as hints for the ciphers (unless there are bugs we don't know about), so I think that we kind of made the frequency a bit too often since we didn't have much outside input about the actual cipher difficulty. That is definitely something that we will change if we decide to continue with future updates, or maybe even remove/alter entirely (noise jumpscares/minor glitches only?)

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

Interesting concept and nice graphics! As you mentioned, the game isn't fully finished, but nice job anyways! Could be a fairly cool game with updates!

Nice puzzle concept! Only thing I would suggest adding besides polish is a countdown or some other method to know which tiles will change in the next level. Well done!

Overall a very nice game! I think the one main thing I would add to make it a lot more fun though would be a speed-up button as others have mentioned.

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! The toggle persisting would definitely have been a good add.  The glitches were probably a bit too short, probably a result of us knowing the ciphers already and not enough outside playtesting due to time constraints. Glad you enjoyed it!

I might have installed/played this wrong, but I was kind of confused about what was going on. This seems like it could be a decent galaga-style game, but there is no scoring system or level progression of any kind. I think that that definitely should be a feature in future updates. Also, you should be able to restart when you die and exit without using ctrl-alt delete.

I think if those issues were fixed, this would be pretty fun though!

P.S. It may be because I installed/ran this wrong. Please include installation instructions, and reply to this comment when you do.

Thanks! I might give a bit more time to solve them if I work on the game further

Excellent game! I think the only thing that was kinda annoying were the super slidy controls and the fact that you didn't immediately restart on death, but other than that the game was really great! The sprites were cute, the gameplay was solid, and the game is extremely polished. Nice job!

Interesting exploratory flat game (or at least i'm assuming it's a flatgame)! I do think that the game would be more fun with a bit more purpose though, but maybe that's just because I'm not necessarily the target audience for this.

Ok. I will replay and re-rate accordingly

This could be a decent base defense type game and I applaud you for making all the assets yourself, but it seems like the drag to view the outside doesn't work due to a bug. Plz fix.

Thanks! The scares are actually on a sort of timed system (not going to reveal too much about it since that kind of ruins it), but it's actually kind of interesting that the scare happened immediately as you typed in sh43k. Glad you liked it!

Interesting idea! I think it would be cooler though if the mutations had a bigger impact on the game though (I can't even see most of them, maybe it's a bug?). Also, it might just be me, but the camera controls are fairly wonky even on low settings. Other than that, I think it looks nice and could be a cool game with more polish. Nice job!

Very nice! I think there is a bug with the timer not restarting in between plays, but it is fairly small. The one thing I would change is that I think rockets should be cheaper (15/30 instead of 50/100) since otherwise it's too easy to just replace DNA/ block your entire helix with 3 shields, and I think it would make the game a lot more dynamic if rockets were flying everywhere. Other than that very nice and fun!

Nice simple game! As the other comments stated, many of us are fairly new to game jams too (this was my 2nd one too)! Obviously, some polish to remove the various little bugs, improve the UI, and add sound would be a good thing, but it's understandable given that you didn't have that much time. The one thing I do think would help gameplay though is to add more attacks, as it's a bit annoying that the enemies can move freely, spawn anywhere, and shoot at you, but your only method of killing them is to run right at them and get in range of their weapons.

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Interesting idea, but I was fairly confused about what to do. I understand the basic idea that you have to mutate stuff to survive and that the things in the top left die, but it seemed like even dwarves that didn't match the criteria shown were executed. If that was a bit more clear, I think this would be a really great game! Nice job!

Edit: I think I was just being dumb.  I think I understand the criteria a bit more now. Nice game!

Thanks for the input! Yeah, I'm thinking of alternating outlines on tiles/have a very distinct shadow or some other outline in future updates (likely in a mobile game version). Hopefully that fixes it. Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice job! Was a bit frustrating to constantly fall off and its kinda weird that the bullets don't immediately push back the enemy, but besides that it was fun.

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it

Hey! Great job on the game, and excellent use of the limitation. I was a bit confused about what to do in certain parts but other than that it was nice! The one major thing I would suggest though is that you should be able to interact with items upon contact instead of upon pressing the E key, as I think it would make the gameplay a lot more smooth. Other than that though, the graphics were fine, the music fit the game well, and it was entertaining. Nice job!

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah, I noticed that bug on level 7 slightly too late. I spent about 2 hours before I submitted debugging the WebGL version, and then decided to take a break until the morning. It worked on the Windows build but then failed for some reason after I changed the build. IDK. WebGL is weird.

Also yea, a skip/speed up animations option would definitely  be a good idea. It does get fairly tedious to watch the angels move back and forth or disappear/reappear a bunch of times, especially if you have to redo the levels. 

Hopefully I can also fix the background issue in future updates.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice job overall! There were a few bugs though, the phone sometimes just randomly stopped moving for no reason, but other than that pretty nice!

Cool idea, obviously as you stated there was no gameplay due to time constraints, but I think this would be an interesting game!

Very nice scenic game! Well made for 3 days only. This could definitely be expanded into a full release. 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the tiles were awful. I couldn't really figure out how to fix that at the time, but if I update the game, I will definitely change that.

Overall nice game. I kind of agree that the difficulty was a bit too high due to the gravity and aiming, but I saw that you are going to fix that. Nice job

I concur with most of the other comments below. Cooldown and keys plz. Other than that pretty cool!