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Nice job! The game looks great, and I like the car variety. I think that with more content/stuff to do this could be turned into a nice mobile game. Good submission!

Thank you for the feedback! We also noticed the enemy clumping issue and the strafing tactic, and are planning to fix that with more shot randomness (similar to the decreased accuracy while sprinting) and better AI in future updates. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we couldn't really fine tune the controls due to time constraints, but we will definitely work on them in future iterations, and will post the full WebGL version of this game on our club website (to be created) when it is finished (hopefully in a few weeks to a month). 

Thanks for the feedback! We are planning to add more powerups and stuff in the future, we just didn't really have time in the jam. Same goes for the camera, we created a static camera and basic rotation at the very start of the jam assuming we would change it later, but when there were only 3 hours left in the jam and we had like 1 level, we kind of gave up on that endeavor.

Thanks for the feedback! There is some reload logic for both the players and enemies, although we didn't have enough time to make a reload animation so we just kind of went eh. We will also probably add more bullet randomness to the sheriffs (kind of like the cowboy has while sprinting) to make strafing less OP.

Nicely done! This is a well-made game, especially for 3 days. I like the concept of your health being your time and how killing enemies gets you more time. Nice job!

Thank you! Yazlo made most of our UI stuff, and I think he did very well. A crosshair is definitely a good idea, and we are planning to improve the controls in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yea, we are planning to add more guns and better controls in the future

Thanks! Crosshairs would definitely be a good addition. Try clicking "C" in game, it does a quick 180 degree turn and is really helpful if you strafe forward and then shoot the people behind you

Thank you! Glad you liked it

Very nice! I liked the atmosphere and the trading system, it was a really cool concept. Great job!

Very nicely done! I especially love the art style, as I think it gives a good mood to the game. More levels!

Nice game! The art and music were really nice, and the gameplay was pretty clean too. The only real thing is that I don't know which lane the eggs are falling on, so maybe a bit more distinction there (i.e. different colors)? Other than that the game was very nice!

I like the reverse-superhot mechanic where time only moves when you don't move, I think it's fairly unique. The background was a bit too much for me, but other than that, great job! I think you have a pretty fun game

Very nicely done! I really like the concept and the cute art style. I agree with heckadactyl about the leeway, but other than that, I think the game was really nice. Well done!

Very nicely done! I like the sprites in this game, the song is nice and zen, and the gameplay is fun. Plus you used the limitation quite well. Excellent!

I like the whimsicalness of the game. The music is nice too, and I like how it syncs with the end. The pedestrians exploding is cool too. Nice job!

I agree with the two people below me. The game is nice, but I would like a life counter. Some music would also be nice too. Other than that though, great job!

Very nicely done! I agree with the mobile comment, I think that this game is well-suited for the phone with all of the swiping.

Nicely done! It was nice and simple and was decently fun to play. The only thing I would add is more environment interaction, i.e. moving around the objects in the scene. Other than that though it was great!

Nice concept, but as the others mentioned it does still need some work.

Nice job for a first game! You also had quite a few levels for just 3 days. I also liked the helicopter hover. Well done!

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Hello, I recently posted a WebGL build for my game Western Run after fixing some WASM-related bugs. Is this allowed? Nothing in the game itself changed, just WebGL compatibility

Western Run

Nice game! I liked the little car bounce, it's kinda fun. I think a scoring system would be a nice addition too. Nice job overall!

Morse code is a nice way of getting around the limitation, although unfortunately, I don't know morse code. I think the game was pretty good besides that, but maybe work  a little more on the collision detection though? It was a bit wonky. Nice job though!

Oddly enough I also spent 11 tries on the challenge mode like the guy below me. Nice game! You had a good UI, and it was pretty fun to play. More levels!

I think this game could turn into a dungeon crawler or something eventually. Obviously, it needs some more polish and stuff in terms of music and animations, but I think you can turn this into a full game eventually.

Very cute! I think that the music went along really well with the game as well. It created a nice calm feel. Nicely done!

Nice game! I like the idea, and I think you could turn this into an interesting record-type game with a timer and stuff. I would want the camera to be a bit more zoomed out when holding space, but I still enjoyed the game!

Very nice, simple, and clean game. I like the simplistic UI and the intuitive instructions. Perhaps this could be a nice mobile game eventually?

Nicely done! You have a well-crafted game here. If you want to flesh it out a bit more, I would suggest more diverse enemy types and maybe a score system, but for a game jam its quite good!

Nice game! If you want to continue it further I would suggest that you make the difficulty a bit more progressive and add a high score system.

Operation: Southern Domination

Was going to go with it by my scope immediately increased tenfold and I decided against it

Very nice! It was very fun to play and would be a great mobile game. I like the hint system also. Are all of the recipes actually possible to get with the despawning though? I couldn't really figure out any recipe after the gold ore and the fire ones since my fire/ore/everything else kept dying. Maybe a timer to show when everything is about to die would be a nice addition? Not necessary though. Great job!

Very well done! It's an interesting combination of like a puzzle and a rage game, which is usually tricky to pull off IMO since you might solve the puzzle but then not have the game skill to actually finish the level, but in this case it was pretty well connected. A little polish with fixing the controls a bit and fixing a few visual glitches and this would be pretty much perfect! Great job!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind comments

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed! The other reply is correct, it was a prime number cipher.

I agree with pretty much everything the person below me (100th_Coin) said, but I, unfortunately, wasn't able to beat the game. I think it's a pretty nice sorta geometry-dash-like rage game though. The one thing I would add to 100th_Coin's comments is that I think you should be able to hold space to continually jump, as that would be really helpful in some sections.

Overall, Nice job!

Nice job! Could use a bit more polish obviously but pretty well done. If I were to add one thing though it would probably be a minimap, but that's not too important.

Very nice idea! I think the motivation to die part is fine actually since you are also going for a high score with a lower number of deaths. With some more polish this could be amazing. Nice job!