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nice game! took me awhile to figure that i just control the walking direction.
i love the music, and the esthetic 

very original!

i would make the player hitbox a little smaller because going through doors felt a little too hard. other than that very cool

cool game. took me a while to figure i need to press end turn lol
i like the music and estetics

lol just one :)

thanks! don't forget to rate if you liked it :)

ty! i'm glad you liked it

nice concept. i love the art execution.
i would get rid of the walking sound (pom pom pom). it get swallowed in the bg music anyways.
loved the portals so even if you don't have all keys you can come back.
would love to see more levels

thanks for playing :)
i didn't want to make it too easy, but maybe the hitbox can be clearer

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thank you for your kind review, i'm glad you had fun with it

nice game. def needed to use the tutorial and not jump right in lol

Thanks for the feedback!
I started with the controls not-inverted, but felt like it gave opportunity to more funny moments like "aww man i forgot!" which i actually saw on streams :)

nice one. loved the graphics and music. out of contros sequance is a bit too long, but you can refine it later. would be nice to be able to zoom out more as well. i also felt like the wormhole was at the same position relative to the player? maybe it was a coincidence. 

nice puzzler! i like the robot mechenic

loved the art!

loved the graphics and music! the concept is well executed but a but frustrating 

i wish the first level wasn't that hard :)

very cool game. loved the slo-mo!

super hard to control stuff :( 

please make controls tighter

Man the graphics are dope! 
this has potential but i think i need it to be a little less out of control (i know i know, the theme), i couldn't find the children outside the tutorial.. so i just explored a bit.. it was fun finding trees :)

if you keep developing, conciser adding a market to get back to your home

this made me so anxious! which means the writing is great. and a good fit for the theme

loved the art. mechanics are great

nice game! love the aesthetics. The GUI is hard to notice tho. the "score" was the same color as the room behind it so it took me time to notice it. is there more than one level? or a timer per room?

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Great music, good sprites, loved the ending. however, once the bit kicks in i felt pretty helpless

nice game, a bit confusing, and the resolution did not fit my screen well :/
i like the randomness aspect

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Hey guys,
I would love it if you checked out and rated my game, Made for 2020 GMTK game jam :)

In each level you have a few seconds to move your ship towards the goal with your 4 thrusters. after that you need to let gravity and inertia take you to the end.

altho this is my first game, i tried:
- ramping up the levels with new mechanics
- add a fun sound design
- make the game fun

also -  i'm not artistic so i know its not the most beautiful game. i did use real photos of space objects like asteroids and the famous black hole pic from last year.

please rate if you enjoyed it

cute game, took me forever to realize you shoot with the mouse lol.
also level 2 always makes the game stuck for me :( 

This game is beautiful! 
+ for graphics
+ for fun
- i felt like the first level should be easier. just to make the player feel better for start.

nice game. simple yet well executed

Thanks!  SFX is all me - making silly noises :)