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Thank you!

Thats a good idea! Thanks :) 

I think the challenge is figuring out the timing yeah, the problem with setting up the red flash was some people react to it instantly and some people took longer, so I ended up putting it somewhere in the middle hoping people would learn to find their reaction to the animation and that was the learning curve :D 

Thank you! We really appreciate it :) 

I got scared at the first two words there but I'm glad you made it :D 

Thanks Sir Duck, the enemy spawns are actually random, so if you are unlucky enough for the first enemy on your first run to be a big boi then you might never finish the game. Ultimately I really struggled to accept that I needed to make it a bit more accessible if I wanted to see a good amount of people feel satisfied with the experience. It's fascinating that people either seem to immediately get it, or really, really struggle. 

Anyway thanks for playing! 

Thanks! That was the exact intention so very good to hear

Thank you!

I ran out of time for the hit animation but I know that element feels off. Thanks for playing :) 

Thanks for the huge praise! I also play it just to use the parry over and over, that was when I knew I had something good on my hands

Thank you :) 

Thanks Billy! I really wanted to add music but I've never actually done it before, and ran out of time.

Fun game but I think there was an opportunity for a lot more there, good core mechanic! 

Thank you! Remember if you come back to it that the big guys will punish you if you spam :D 

Thank you!

Thank you monkey man :) 

Funnily, there is a timing component to the attack combo its just UNBELIEVABLY lenient, if you just spam click it works. But if you are just a bit too slow you wont get the combo at all. I kinda wanted to make sure the combo just worked, no matter who is playing, so the main focus was the parry .

Thank you! Your game is on my list for today's stream I think :) 

Thank you! It's missing a creepy eye watching you the whole time I feel ;) 

I actually really enjoyed your game! Thank you for the amazing feedback. The game being short is a tricky one because I think quite a few people struggled to get through it as it is, and making it longer essentially makes it harder. This version is significantly toned down (originally double the enemies and at the end you had to fight two at once) so its hard to say if it would feel better with a slightly longer experience. Thanks for giving it a try, and for the feedback!

Man, this is one of the nicest comments I've ever received. Thank you. Good luck with your game I really wanna see it when you release that big update!

Thank you!

I did all of the characters, animation, effects and programming, my gf did all the environment art

Thanks! As soon as I implemented it I knew it HAD to be in the game forever

Thank you!

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Ah man both screen shake and slo-mo were on the list but I just ran out of time. Next Time! I wanted to make it longer/more difficult also but I think I had to balance out people getting stressed by the combat and giving them the ending so they actually felt the reward. I erred on more reward, less length. 

You're very welcome :) and for the time frame you did a great job!

Thanks! I don't think my parry feels as good as your dash still ;) Good job sticking it out through the learning curve as well

Thank you!

You're not alone! The first person I saw play the game didn't move either, technically you can still win without moving, but it would be a bit boring :D Thanks for playing!

Good job pushing through the learning curve! Your game was a great experience for me too :) 

That is a good idea. I would like to turn this concept into a 10-15 minute game for itch one day but we will see. Im so glad you figured out the cancel :D one of the best feelings in the game is that Fighting Game feeling of landing a strike, cancelling into a parry and continuing the combo

Hey Gib, I'm glad I managed a win in your game today! 

The health bar should probably just be red tbh. I was resistant to it at the start but I think it would make the game feel much better. Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! I was specifically aiming for a kurosawa era film in the aesthetic ( with an allowance for the blood effects because it looked cool ) so to see you say EXACTLY what I was aiming for is so rewarding

Glad you had a good time! Seems like the parry is quite polarising if its hard or not, but I am glad you didn't get pushed away from the game due to the learning curve

Thank you! Great getting positive feedback from creators who's games I thought were great. 

Thank you! Adding alternate/better controls was something I should have thought of, absolutely an easy fix I will add later.

And there is rain hitting the roof! You're definitely supposed to be hearing it I worked hard on those rain effects :D 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

Really cool game! Had a bit of bug (which you saw) but apart from that very solid. Needs a longer song though :D 

Great mechanics to get working in such a short time. Seems to take place over many rooms and some puzzles are a bit too easy. Could be great with more complex levels!