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Thanks! You're right about the polish haha

Thanks! Mission accomplished lol

Nice job. I think I was able to figure out all the mechanics. I'm glad you put the controls on the same screen for easy reference

One problem I had is that some browsers (Firefox) use Ctrl+R for refresh so I accidentally exited the game :(

Not bad either tho. I hope you didn't get motion sickness in the process 😂

Thanks for the playing and giving your feedback!

Quick tip: Momentum really carries so I have more luck when I accelerate to a moderate speed then coast

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing !

7 tries is pretty good haha

Thank you for saying this! The goal of this jam was to reach one person with the experience you described

Mission accomplished but that's no reason to stop working

Thanks! Congrats on making it to the finish line!

Clever take on the concept to explore the relationship between control of yourself and the enemy

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Yeah, you're right. The goal was for it to be combined with "random jumping" but right now it serves as an example that some difficulty modes are prohibitively difficult to be used on their own. I think future versions might have ways around the grass or ramps to jump over the grass but for now its impossible.

That was fun! I enjoyed playing as a madness-driven musical super slug. Good music and sound choice

Very interesting concept to link damage to power/speed

Yay thanks! This is great feedback because I definitely will keep working on it post jam! Maybe a fish-eye lens would be more snowboard like haha #GoPro

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Fun game! I enjoyed the choice of audio tracks and the suspense it created.

And I liked the monochrome 2d art. Sometimes too many colors gets distracting. Nice job keeping it simple visually

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind as I balance the difficulty for the next version.

A lot of fun. The ragdoll made it visually pleasing to play and the wobble on the shopping cart stack added some solid suspense.

A lot of fun. Great work

I liked the balance of having to use your seeds wisely and decide which dangers are worth avoiding

I enjoyed the instructions and the nature theme. Cloud-wetness is a creative concept. And I love that you called it a raven instead of any other kind of bird.

Maybe it was just my PC but the game got a little choppy when playing in full screen. Also, it doesn't hurt anything but I realized I can spam the space bar for a ton of jumps.

haha! I left the previous comment before realizing your game was about wind. Didn't realize I was talking to an expert!

Thanks! I'll have to tweak the "wind" a little. Maybe a visual/auditory queue for the wind would be a nice add-on. I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for checking it out

I laughed out load at "you're fired" and enjoyed the sound effects. I hope you enjoyed recording them..."bananaaa"

But yeah, it was really fun. The A-D to start/quit the game was a great introduction to the controls and helped me grasp the mouth-momentum concept quickly.

And I enjoyed that the nose angle made it just a little bit harder. Good difficulty to have on a jam game where players want to be challenged but also learn quickly

Love the art and atmosphere! Especially the color scheme

I've been following you on YouTube for a while so it's pretty cool to be in the same competition as you! Great work

Thanks! Glad you had fun playing the game!

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll think about balancing the obstacles and camera distance to make that a more viable strategy if that turns out to be more enjoyable experience for a lot of people

Thanks!! Glad to hear about the positive effect of the uphill movement. Initially no-jumping was intended to be usable when combined with random jumping, but for now it serves to show that not all modes are usable. Maybe in the future there will be a time-interval-jumping and players can use that to succeed when combined with no-jumping.

Great job! This one is a lot of fun. I really like the choice of music and how it combines with the bounce sound. I enjoyed when I could start to get the feel for the level and zip though to the challenging part like I'm a speed runner.

Usually pixel art is distracting for me, but I liked yours. The monochrome made it pleasing without being too stimulating

One idea for improvement. If the first level was simpler, it might easier for the player to grasp the  mechanics. Maybe I'm a slow learner but I picked it up eventually haha

Thanks! Speed with shield is a great idea! Tweaks that help the player a little could be a good idea too

Fun little game. I liked the little touches like the screen shaking on death. I also thought the run speed was a good balance. Too slow would be punishing and too fast would be stressful.

I also liked the appropriately labelled blocks/controls. No excuses when I forget which is which. Maybe using the number keys would be easier for players to keep straight in their heads (or that could be an optional feature for users that prefer it)

Thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking about adapting for a mobile game post-jam. Glad you agree!

I'm sorry you experienced the bug with jumping, but thankful you brought it to my attention. I added a little bit of "wind" so the character would drift a little if you jump really high. I suspect the flawed logic could be there.

I used Unreal Engine on my game too! Great work

I love the look and feel. Planting walls has a satisfying sound and watching the wolf dart around is pretty enjoyable too