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Thanks! I think the game jam environment really helps with focus. When everyone else is trying to get something  out the door in 48 hours, it helps to know you're not alone. I also try to remove all distractions for the whole weekend. Makes for a great opportunity for rapid learning

Thanks! That's a great idea for a new mechanic if i get the chance to expand the game

Maybe fluid emitters that the user can turn on and off or tweak the flowrate and spread

Thank you general. It's great to have the support of the waffle family

So far this is probably the most fun variation of "control them both with WASD" that I've played.

Its a cool exploration into the theme. Lots of joining and breaking.

Playing with them separated, you get into this weird state where you're just kind of staring, with your eyes focused on nothing and playing with your peripherals and intuition. Its a really unique experience. 

But I preferred playing with the ships joined because of the fun sounds and sights as you upgrade.

The game was really hard for me, perhaps it would be more inviting if the first level was easier. That way the player can feel a sense of accomplishment and is more likely to stay for longer.

I think I would have liked it if my ship kept the upgrades when re-joining them. That way I can play as a super-ship, slip out of trouble, then return without feeling like I lost something. The way it is now, I didn't want to lose my progress (upgrades) so I would just decide to tank a few shots.

I have a fun idea for an interesting tweak: if you're split at the end and your health runs out, it would be cool is only one ship died at a time. That way it would be like you get one last chance. 

But yeah, fun arcade game! Nice job!

Pretty fun. Its definitely challenging to make a 3D FPS for the browser but this works! Nice job

The only constructive thoughts i have were mentioned by others :)

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Great job on the drawings and animations!

I like the idea of combining 2D drawings with a doom-style 3D world. I'd be curious how it looks with the vector drawings like the ones in the thumbnail.

And thanks for prioritizing having an end-of-game screen :)

So glad to hear! Included it because  I was feeling the same way haha

Thanks for playing!

That's so awesome to hear! Thanks so much!

Keep your eyes out for the post-jam update coming this weekend :)

Star counter is a great idea, I enjoy that in games, trying to go back and get a perfect score

Great job and glad you're having fun with development and patches. Feel free to ping me when it's out, in curious about this "alternative" control

I think this is my favorite "look and feel" of the jam. Maybe game favorite that I've played in the jam

The weight of the ball, the chill music, the sound fx that go well with it and the gameplay, the screenshake, color scheme, lighting, fog...

So many nice touches done well. And you developed them all during 48 hours?! Well done!

Also I'm proud to say i solved "They are looking" in one shot :)

The only constructive feedback I can give is on the overcharge UI and it sounds like thats already on your radar. 

Great work!

Yay i got to try lumen! Thanks for taking the risk and developing gin UE5 for us. I used UE4.18 for my "emissive lighting" game so I'm old school compared to you haha

I really like the gameplay. The disconnect mechanic is a unique take on a concept a lot of jammers used this year.

But great job on the art! I like the models and their animations a lot. And they work really well in the world you created. 

Excellent polish! The sound effects work well with the game too


Me: *touches the boy*

Nice job on the gameplay, its a good difficulty level. I'm glad we could get to the end cutscene without having to grind

The "one concept at a time" levels did a good job of walking me through the mechanics and what to avoid.

Nice work and thanks for sharing your art!

Tensions rise as concerned citizens gather outside GMTK headquarters. Could this gathering turn violent? Wait... what's that? Chopper 2. Yes, that is it. They're partying!

They're celebrating a successful jam submission. Over 5820 games submitted!

The description on the jam page is gold

You can add the controls to the jam page if you think it will help players. It took me a little too long to realize I could click haha

But i love the art! Great job!

Best game name of the jam. Comedy gold

That gull killed me at a height of 3850cm.

I love the suction cup sounds, its  a nice touch

And the timers on the hands make for gameplay that stays interesting because you cant really take a break. Suspense increases the higher you go!

TIL I'm not good at platformers haha

One thought is that it could have been a little more forgiving if bumping into the flat side of spikes was less lethal. But the difficulty might be fine where it is because it looks like you've got a couple speed-run competitors playing.

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As I'm writing this, I'm vibing to the main menu song. Great work on the music!

I really enjoyed the characters, animations, and smooth movements. And the enjoyable music kept me playing through the times when I was stumped by a difficult puzzle.

A really fun thing about the character is that sometimes it felt like the devil was leading the angel somewhere. Or the devil was blocking me from where i wanted to go

"r" for reset was an awesome touch, thank you for including this. I accidentally backed myself into a corner a couple times and this saved me. 

I made it through level 18 (sorry i didnt have time to finish it).

The level design was really good. It felt like i was finding my own way to solve some of them  and in others I had to find the right trick. Whoever came up with the level that has opposing staircases and the goal in the center is a genius. I felt very clever once i solved that one. 

The only constructive feedback is that the "tons of portals" type levels felt less strategic. For me i was mostly pushing the opposing character thru a portal till the level happened to end. And i wasn't really sure how i did it. My recommendation is that a fewer number of portals or a visual indication of where they lead (pairs of colors?) could help the player understand the puzzle before they solve it. But its also possible that a smarter puzzle solver than me would have understood it more.

Great work! The art is awesome. I wish I could draw like that. And its a really fun concept and a great take on the theme. 

A couple other commenters said they didn't like that the rope gets stuck. But i liked it, it felt like realism. A couple times I wrapped myself around a pole like an actual dog would. 

My opinion is that I would have enjoyed being able to knock more people over, but the way it is it's a good balance of destruction with difficulty.

I could imagine a future game-mode where you need to score as many points as possible until grandma catches up with you or catches her balance. You'd have to learn to really bounce her around to keep up the combo haha

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It took me a while to realize there was a second wall. Maybe if it was a little closer or the time was a little longer it would have been more obvious to me

My first note for you: great job on the thumbnails and screenshots. Its the reason I chose to play your game. I love this low-ish poly style and the mono-chrome is design is aesthetic. And it looks even better in game. The opening camera sequence does a great job of establishing immersion in the world from the beginning

I might have enjoyed the "dash" more if the sound was a little softer and if it let you travel a little further or faster. I was stuck at this for a while and was mashing it a lot.

I really like what you did with the integrated tutorial and allowing the player to learn and figure out out naturally. The first playable screen with the character frozen was a very easy to understand intro (which is very important for a jam game)

I also thought it was really original how you took an new approach to death (or self explosion) not always being a respawn. It definitely made me feel like i might be a demon or in hell or something (along with the aestheic)

Great job! I read the description after playing. Solo dev in 48 hours, second finished game, first jam. I'm impressed!

I love the idea of a cat based laser pointer game. Its another set of things that are joined. And like Mark said in the theme video the connection gets broken at times.

And oh my gosh I enjoyed the accent. "tarnation" haha

Random thought (you've probably already considered): I accidentally clicked quit in the browser game and had to refresh to start it

The only constructive feedback I have is that I didn't realize I was starting at the oasis. Second play-thru I realized it was implied by the dialog. First play-thru I thought i had to find it haha. My brain is definitely a little fried. If you wanted to add another clue you could add a box on the minimap while he says "oasis" or some signs in the level pointing to it

Great job!

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed the physics and gameplay. I'm planning to keep working on it so thanks for the note on spherical sensitivity

I can't think of a single reason not to!

Yay! Thanks! I'm hoping to!

Thanks! And that's a really good point on the dying mechanic and adding some platforms and height variety is a great idea too

Nice work, I enjoyed watching my particle shoot out other particles

I also liked how easy it was to learn the controls. Very important for a jam game :)

Great job!

I usually don't like pixel art. But this works, i love it! The monochrome is aesthetic and soothing

I really liked the simplicity of the game. My brain is fried from this weekend so it was nice to rely on age-old maze solving techniques with a new "joined together" mechanic. A great balance of difficulty with a sense of accomplishment at the end

Keep up the good work

Yay! So happy you enjoyed the game and glad it felt balanced in that way. You're totally right about the audio queue.

Thanks for playing!

Nice job, like others have said its pretty hard. One idea is the make the hit-boxes a little smaller than the obstacles so that it feels less punishing.

But woah, you made the music during the jam! Also I love the boxy and noxy names, I like the playful rhyming

Nice job! Great work on the mechanics and puzzle design. I liked the look of the wide FOV too

You're my hero! Thanks so much for leaving this comment. I'm really excited you had that experience :) I'm hoping to make more soon!

Thanks I appreciate it and the thoughts on areas for improvement! I'll check it out!

Thanks! I agree those would be great additions

Thanks for the play and comment! I'm glad you liked the aesthetic

You were really close to solving that level. The trick is to use the motion of the balls to your advantage. As with the previous level, the drain just needs a few more drops for a moment

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Really original concept and I got a hang of the controls faster than I thought. I loved the puzzle design especially when the wrong path would leave me just a little too short. Nice job

Also the ending was perfect, a roller-coaster of emotions

Thanks! And thanks for leaving a comment. That's a really good point. Maybe it would have been more intuitive if the gun looked more like a "grabber" and I agree  on the quick movements. Hopefully the cube will mellow-out if I have it snap into the players hand more slowly

That makes sense, I think it was a good decision

With practice I think players will get comfortable with controlling speed using the slow fall mechanic. With a couple tweaks it would work well. A button to respawn at the beginning of the level, normal deaths respawn you to where you died from (so you can do many tried quickly without getting frustrated), and a visual indicator of your speed (number on GUI?) to help you learn to controliit

You all did a great job especially considering the corruption issues a 48 hour jam can throw at you

Yay! Satisfying was the goal! Nice job on the whirlpool, I'll have to give that a try

The fluid dynamics and shaders come from NVIDIA Flex. I already had the custom build of UE4.18 installed so the work during the jam was learning to use and customize it in Unreal's particle system.

Thanks! I wanted to try out a specific fluid simulation package and it's integration with unreal and I'm really happy the theme allowed for it