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  1. Midi Controller Support <I need this for streams
  2. Smooth Bouncing
  3. Turn off UI animations
  4. Virtually unlimited hotkeys I currently have 16+ expressions
  5. Hot key exclusively for layers so I can swap my clothes or add bloodstains to my outfit 

Dude wow man full video playthrough!

I got some people to share this too!


The game is finished.
You have no say on the production, you were fired after the game jam for reasons I will not disclose to the wider public.
My credit to you was a matter of courtesy to your transient involvement.  Which was effectively overwritten by 4 other people over a half-dozen times. 

The weight of any opinions you may have is fabrication of your own ego.

There is no value in a critique from man who perceives everything he writes in their first draft to be perfect. And thus your critique is worthless.

And yes I did cut your music. I didn't want your music in my game. 


Can I try streaming this?

hmmm interesting

Do you think you  can give me more detail?
Does the ball not bounce at the beginning of the game? When you hit the ball does it just roll? When you hit an object does it ricochet?  When you hit the ball what part of the staff do you hit? 

This the first time I've gotten feedback for a glitch of any sort for all of my games. That is to say regarding something that I was not aware of. So I'm interested to see what I can do.

The chances of me fixing it are proportional to the amount of information you can provide

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I really appreciate your response.
If or when we get back to the project would you like to give input on the gameplay?
As of right now it's currently just a sandbox, but we plan to put a proper scoring system.
Hell if you are interested I'd be interested in getting someone on the team.

I understand you might not have VR but looking at we got, most of the VR foundation work is done.

hey thanks man!
I'm glad you like the idea and the design of the game!
Really appreciate the feedback.

Post jam update will be up soon, main goal is to make it more accessible, with fully functional executable file. 

After that getting all the art in, and of course your wonderful feedback! 

Stay tuned!

Already out of the gate beautiful art.

Delightfully humorous, and a fun idea. VN, Danmaku, DDR, Driving.

An impressive job. Not overall complicated, simple to enjoy. Plays like a relaxing slice of life touhou doujin. 

It's not asking alot from itself or from the player... except for maybe the DDR lol.

But the low stakes story makes for a low stakes experience, with no stress on failure. 

Some the actual gameplay was infact boring the music carried the spirit of a completive experience from the VN segments into the gameplay. Whether or not this was intentional I'm not sure, but the effect was there, as the music allowed the momentum from the story to keep the lacking gameplay fun.

4 for gameplay, 5 for concept, 5 on visuals, 5 on audio, 5 on story, 4 on challenge, theme 3

overall I'd give it a 5 for a delightful experience that reminds me why gamejams can be fun to judge. 

We understand. However your comment is very much appreciated :)

Good in many ways, but unfortunately not in gameplay.

Music is very good.

Japanese VO is a very good touch with the addition of the subtitles.

The conceptually I see where you are going at for a combo brawler.

The story interestingly was that I expect from touhou so I give a 4 star, but not 5 for something actually substantial. 

The fact that it's a complete game from beginning to end is always good thing in my book so bonus for that.

Oh lets not forget that the art is beautiful, and the presentation actually makes up for the lack of gameplay and story. The Neon streets, and pixal art UI had a strong vibe. And those blocks although useless gave a nice ascetic touch. Probably not mentioned often was the use of game cam while not in control of the player it could be argued that there was a narrative purpose as well as giving a unique view of the setting and combat , it's actually refreshing.

You should be proud.

It's okay, we knew accessablity was going to be a challenge. 

This is the fate of all VR games in TouhouJam
Everyone on the team however was excited to try something new and challenging.

Stick with us though and see what updates are in store. The possibility of a non-vr mode hasn't been denied, in fact we looked into it just a tiny bit to see if it's possible. That said, will definitely say that it wouldn't be the same experience when it does happen.

There is more where that came frome ;)

Got it will certainly look into a way of making the losing condition much clearer

Tasty Planet eh? I'm gonna have to check it out, we have a story but I'm not sure how to conclude that story so hopefully Tasty Planet can answer that question for us. 

"Feedback" definitely got that on my list of things to do. Maybe we go for something nice and juicy.

Thanks for the advice really appreciate it. I'm willing to bet your your low-poly style had a big part in your graphics experience!

We are going for a more villainous story here, Inot sure if we will get in a full story but we will see!

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We actually have a whole album ready, my hope is to get it all in by the next update. I hope you can check that out, I kinda it to my musician for all the work that didn't get implemented in time.

One of the most original ideas, platforming was hard I could not finish but I'm probrably will try to go at it again.

The story is what is really pulling me through. The tone grabs me and I really want to see how the story ends.

This game has really good game feel, it runs butter smooth. 

Gameplay is lacking, but your artistic vision isn't, clearly an inspired work, I like this.

As a person who doesn't like this genre, it was nice, it's got a spunky personality, and for me it was an enjoyable puzzle game.

Unless the kids as a development tool was a your take on the theme, I'd say it's not taking it too far. 

However the sound effects were still effective in conveying mechanical purpose, well done. Looks like you y'all had alot of fun making the game.

"I wanna be a drifter but I have no idea what I'm doing and I actually just want an excuse to be a reckless driver" simulator!

I had alot of fun with it.

It's interesting, the fun part is when you are losing and struggle to maintain control, I just wish there was just a tad bit more chaos that didn't have to be induced by me. 

I purposely spammed the shoot button to create a scenario for me that I could enjoy so I'll give it 4 stars!

Cool game man, simple, solid.  And it's got a nice story!

It even gives some inspiration for our game, we had a similar approach in theme.

A simple, beautiful game with a light take on the theme. A game that captured my attention the moment started. And I must say it was a satisfying and wholesome joy to play it. I didn't know something so short can be so satisfying. 5 stars all around! 

Simple game but you leave alot of room for mastery. I like it!

Oh damn! I love this it's brilliant this really should be much higher. 

The simplicity of it really hits the theme dead on. 

I give it 5 stars all around because I want to get back to finishing it. It's infuriating AND fun! A mark of a good game.

A simple yet polished game. Well done. Taught me a thing or two. 

A simple yet polished game. Well done.

Thanks for the feedback! This jam was an insane 48 hours. I hope you can stay and checkout an updated version of it where we polish the mechanics. 

It's a buggy game, but you know what I'm really liking the direction it's going, really got into it and I wanted more.
Are you going to continue the game?

I like it! Kind of reminds me the anxiety I feel in everyday life. You got to juggle everything! I would be nice to know if there was some kind of progression, not sure if the game actually has a good ending.

But it's well done!

It's a interesting game, kinda wished it flowed a bit better. That said if anything it reminds me of long live the queen in that we are indirectly part of the main character's quest or our actions indirectly have consequences down the line and you need the foresight to address it.

I hope you had fun working on it!

The next jam is due in a few months. We will be using a ongoing project for our submission, so the good news is that we have a finish by date as our goal for our project. Unfortunately that would mean less time for the current ones including this one.

Noted, a more dangerous black hole could be more exciting. For a 48 hour jam we were quite ambitious and some great material had to be cut to make it to the release. As for the many cooks we actually had just enough, but the process got tied in the in the last 4 hours. Hindsight we should have settled with the mechanics and moved into putting all the art material in.

As for the art our artist was quite content with what was made for quantity over quality. So I think what could make up for that would be more particle effects, and we have a sound scape in our library ready to go!

I myself do enjoy more saturation, but we can only cover and ask so much in such a short time span, post jam I will be spicing it up with the particle effects, but all 2d assets will have to be as is.

>The concept itself seems a bit arbitrary;

That is actually a very keen observation, our brainstorming session was going in a very different direction until about the last hour, we had a much darker and gruesome  idea in mind but we decided this would be something everyone would be more comfortable with.

I'm not sure how far we are going to go with this one, hopefully we can go as far as conveying a real story than the physics sandbox we have created. 

Didn't beat it but it was like real trip for me.

 Takes me back to the 90's for some reason.

Feed back is totally welcome. It was a hard to put it all together. We have alot of tweaking to do. Not sure exactly how far we go because of another Game Jam we just signed up for.
That said I really appreciate your feedback, maybe your hopes can come true!
Your comment is fine, it's filled with useful information!

It was fun, had to take me a moment to understand the concept. I like how fast it goes. Although I have a problem with the random maps. It kills the fun sometimes when I get trapped by my own blocks because spikes are close to the wall. That said the art is really good, it has a strong personality that I can get into. 

I'm not a big fan of puzzle games but it was really fun to play. Took me a level or two and I really just got into it, it's a good game for 48 hours.