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Oh man, I didn't even realise I could click the tiles to move!

Thanks for the detailed explanation, I hadn't noticed that the score per enemy increases as the game goes on. So is it theoretically possible for the level generator to make a straight line (which I presume would be impossible to win) or are there some sort of minimum parameters to make sure that doesn't happen?

Great game, and fantastic presentation! The isometric controls doomed me a few times though. I'm sure I'd get used to it given enough time, but perhaps an option to move by clicking the blue dots would be a good addition? 

I'm curious as to how you made sure the rounds were beatable, given the levels are randomly generated?

Great game, very frantic but it was so satisfying to pull off those possession combos. The elevator music was a cute touch too! I noticed you could possess the flag at the end - could I do that the whole time and I just didn't notice?! Was it a cut feature or just a fun lil easter egg?

Interesting idea! I think that instead of a discreet XP value that you have to reach each turn, it might be better to have a total XP that slowly builds - that way each level becomes a balancing act of how much you're willing to risk killing the hero to get them just a lil bit more buff for the showdown. As it stands, I could just chuck a couple axes down at the start of the level and be done - I didn't really see why I needed to use the other units. 

Neat game! Controls nicely, and I liked the idea of teleporting wizards right into their own attacks!

You did great for your first jam, love your idea. Certainly a lot better polished than my first attempt!

Really neat idea. I was a bit stumped about the hook of the game until I figured out the income system - a lot of potential there to play around with balancing your income with protecting your hearts. I hope you keep working on it after the jam, I'd be interested to see where else you go with the concept!

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Thanks for playing, it's always great to be able to watch someone play your game in real time! Rotation was omitted on purpose, but defs worth revisiting the idea and I'd never even considered the idea of stacking - appreciate the feedback!

(P.S. thanks for pointing out that we had forgot to enable the fullscreen option :p )

Thanks for playing! 
Better telegraphing for the drop system was definitely on the cards, just didn't get around to it - spend way too long just getting the system to work at all x_x

The red potion lose condition was also something we were aware of, but I couldn't implement an elegant solution in time so I just upped the spawn rate for potions and hoped nobody would notice! haha

Appreciate the feedback!

One of my favourites so far, love it! The art style is so great, I love weighing up how much to spend vs how much I can cram in a crate, and the item effects were a great addition, really well thought out. I hope you guys make more after the jam!

Great game, I love the little coin stack! I like the idea of testing out weapons, but in practice it was a little tedious doing it every time - maybe if it was an optional element to boost your sale price or something? 

Cute game! I like the way the scenes cut together to feel like a movie montage

Awesome idea, the aesthetics and controls were great and I love the concept. I think if you had to keep a certain amount of squads in the game each round, it would makes things a little more interesting and give you more reason to interact with the mechanics.

Great job, super satisfying to play. The character and UI work was particularly nice. Having to swap characters to defend was a great mechanic, once I figured out that's what I had to be doing. I think you've nailed the balance of controlling a squad without having to micromanage too much - it reminds me of combat in a good tabletop RPG where you're swinging the spotlight from one character moment to the next rather than having to hyper focus on all the big picture details. To that end, having more reasons to swap between the characters would be great but I'm sure you already had plenty of ideas for that which were cut for time.

Great work!

Nice presentation, I love the idea of playing as a frantic mech mechanic trying to keep things together mid-battle. It seemed a little strange that installing new weapons also completely repaired a part - is there any reason to repair rather than install? If not, that's a good space for some sort of trade-off mechanic.
Either way, well done.

Love the enemy designs, especially that wonky lil bee. You did a great job showing off the mechanic, and I felt that the difficulty was just right for a jam game. I'm really impressed how many levels you managed to pump out!

Thanks for playing!
Being able to place things under other items is indeed a bug we were aware of but didn't get time to fix. We intended to make it more obvious that you were dropping things in from above, but didn't get time to finish up the polish up that system.

Good point about making the gameplay more proactive, will defs look into that.

Nice game! We had a very similar idea, and it's fun to see a different take on it. I liked the little action log, but it was a bit hard to follow so I had trouble keeping up with what was going on - for example, when I first noticed my health was dropping, I couldn't tell if it was because I was missing items or because something had happened in the action log.

Scoring by the item value was neat, and I liked how I could juggle items to buy a little more time to think. 

Awesome presentation, and really creative idea. I desperately needed an indicator / ghost of some sort for the rotator though, it was really difficult trying to figure out exactly how the rotation would play out - maybe that point of difficulty is intentional, but at least for chill mode I think it would help the experience a lot.
Very satisfying to slice up discs and slot them in. Great job!

Great game! It was a little frustrating when the dice seemed to fall in a spot with no dots - I did recognize that I could try and punt it over to more populated areas to increase my chances, but it never felt like I had enough control over it's direction to be able to do that consistently. I lot of people scored much higher than me though, so that's probably just a skill issue on my behalf : p

I'm curious about the decision to have the starting dot above the dice - is this to communicate that you can point the arrow down and it will still flick the dice upwards? 

I think having the movement effects trigger on your next jump rather than on a timer would've made the game feel a bit more controllable. I liked the variety of effects, but I think your level design perhaps didn't show them off as much as it could have. I was enjoying going through the tutorial and getting the hang of all the effects, but when the level actually started it felt like a completely different vibe - I think because I wasn't really expecting the time pressure of the incoming boulder. Love the sassy little walk cycle on the dice character though! There's something about that character's design that found very charming.

Wow, great work getting the camera working so well! As Pefeper said, the way you roll the levels around was very impressive and I liked that all the denziens were themed after the dice that you were on. The presentation was great, and I really liked the music - definitely gives off adventurous vibes! I would say that the text was a little hard to read on the textbox though, I think I black outline would help a lot. There wasn't much going on gameplay wise, but it was still interesting to roam around the levels - good job!

Neat game, very satisfying watching the dice smack away at each other. I really appreciate how much effort went in to giving the player as much info as possible - the elemental wheel and the tooltips at the bottom that show you your die's possible results were really great touches. There weren't really any interesting decisions to make outside of choosing which dice to get after each battle - after the rolls were made it seemed like a case of just matching up the best dice for each situation. Maybe differentiating the lanes would help, for example by giving each lane seperate health bars, so that I had to make decisions about which lanes to prioritize. Either way, I still enjoyed playing!

Great game with excellent presentation. I really liked the auto-lock and the fact that you could seemingly kick the dice from any distance! Having a button to switch which dice you are targetting seems like a good addition, but to be honest I didn't really feel that compelled to most of the time. I liked your variety of dice effects, but I wish the explosion die would trigger even if there weren't enemies around - it took me a bit longer to figure out the game because I thought I was doing something wrong when the bombs weren't going off.

Great work, I really enjoyed this one.

Amazing presentation - really liked the sound design and UI work. I especially liked the use of the revolver cylinder spin for the dice roll, great touch! The mechanics were simple enough to graps very quickly while still affording some decision space, but I really wish there was an option to peek at the board before I select my move!

The core mechanic is great and sliding tiles around felt responsive and satisfying. I enjoyed babysitting my lil fella and trying to corral off all the enemies - there were times were it felt like one of those sliding puzzles which was really neat. I would love to see special tile types, like tiles with walls that only allow movement on particular sides or something like that - would be interesting to see what ideas you can come up with to expand on this design!

Presentation was great too, good job!

Thematically I love the idea of summoning a giant ambivalent hand to chuck some dice around, it's a great idea. As you've mentioned, I think having presets is a good idea and gives you some space to think of situations where you need to change to particular presets at particlar times - like switching between a preset that blocks enemy projectiles and one that lets you jump across a gap or something like that.  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Excellent presentation, the intro slides look great, the music was a bop and I especially liked the little animation of kicking through the door. I liked the variety of dice effects, and the UI for your attack queue was really well done. I feel like the attack randomisation was frustrating more times than it was engaging, although the idea of avoiding certain dice to change your playstyle is an interesting one. As others have noted, I feel like the level design perhaps doesn't show off your mechanics to their fullest potential, but it's good enough to demonstrate your ideas so it's good enough for a jam I think! Great work.

Awesome idea, the lock and reroll system was great. I love that the actions resolve in a queue, giving you an extra layer of strategy. Being able to take defeated opponents' dice was a fantastic addition, it was fun to be able to customise your loadout in that way and it kept me excited for what kind of dice I would see next.

The presentation was very nice, it all felt thematically coherent. The animations could probably be speed up a bit.

Great work overall!

Great presentation, I love the take on a casual match 3. Showing all the probabilities on the side was great, and having them determined by their neighbours was a neat idea. A simple mechanic that was executed brilliantly, well done!

Great presentation. I like the action que system, but it was a bit hard to parse. I feel like if I could see what actions the enemy is taking beforehand (or even a list of potential actions), I could make more informed decisions about what attacks I chose. Is there a way to reduce the GM's suspicion?

I like the way the blade placement makes combat into a sort of frantic dance, it was pretty fun! As others have noted, a lot of stuff isn't communicated very clearly, I didn't really understand what the enemies were supposed to be. If you make a post-jam update, please add an option to turn down camera shake too! I look forward to playing it some more.

Having akimbo revolvers that reload independently was neat as it allowed me to save a good roll in one hand while I fended off enemies with the other. I liked the way they controlled too - the aim offset was pretty tricky but I actually felt it to be a fun challenge.  

The narrow ramp of the towers was a bit tricky to climb with the high move speed, not that I ever really needed to go up there. I feel like maybe there should of been more of an incentive to use the correct die on the correct enemy too - I liked having to line up specific shots but it seemed easier to just spam dice at them until they died.

Great idea, I love novel movement mechanics and this was a neat take on a golf game.  Pulling off interesting combo moves like the jump or diagonal moves felt great, but I couldn't help but feel that the variable dice force put a bit of a damper on creative shots and sort of forced me into certain moves. Perhaps more open-ended level design would help, where you have more possible routes to your goal and things you can try and bounce off to alleviate the randomness, or even a mechanic where you can 're-roll' on the spot at the cost of a move.

Great work on the presentation, the intro and the tutorial UI in particular are great. I really like the idea of having to use every side of the die before the faces are refreshed, it's a great way to force the player into improvising with different attacks instead of just rerolling to get the best one. 

I think if you took away the ability to roll blanks and let the player 'stack' the dice by purposely leaving a specific colour to last it would allow for some interesting strategies - maybe you could give a small damage boost to the last colour you use and then it would become a risk/reward proposition of trying to save a particular colour for last to use against a strong enemy or something.

I also would've appreciated some feedback for when I've completely used up a die, so I could keep track of what abilities I've already used and which ones are left. The delay between input and firing also made aiming a bit difficult.

Defs one of my favourites, I love how much this takes a simple push-your-luck mechanic and manages to make it feel very controllable. I was already impessed by the first level, but then the additional dice manipulation mechanics really turned up the heat! I'm really torn as to whether I would've preferred a dice count feature as I did find it frustrating sometimes counting them up but I do also recognise that it certainly adds to the tension! Perhaps it would make sense as an additional mechanic, incurring a heat penalty to 'peek' at the dish and get a quick calculation? Did you explore any other options in your initial design?

Best 2D dice animation of the jam, that thing was soooo satisfying to chuck about! The art and sound design were great all around, I love that dumpy lil marshmellow fellow! I really like that your dice attacks are just as dangerous to you as to the enemies! It was a little frustrating when my fruit would get taken while I was waiting for my die to finish it's attack though, it would be nice if there was some mechanic to temporarily fend off the wierdos while I waited for my die to recharge.

Absolutely polished to perfection - even though I wasn't super engaged by the mechanics, I kept playing for a long time because it was just so satisfying to bloop about the dungeon collecting upgrades and hearing that lovely little fanfare! I really appreciate that enemies don't follow you out of their spawn room too.

Great design, the kind of game were it always feels like there's a smarter way I could be playing it! I like the way it made me think about my positioning relative to my dice value, it always had me trying to think a few steps ahead but also just let me go hog wild and charge all around the place if I felt like it. The art and sound design were on point too, the way the dice rolled was so satisfying! I agree that a tooltip showing the enemy's sequences would've been a great touch.

Excellent job blending 2D and 3D so seamlessly, I loved the animation of your character picking up the massive dice! Customising the dice faces was a great addition, it was really satisfying building up a dice pool. I especially liked chucking one dice into another to make them both roll and pull off a double whammy. The thunder ability was my favourite to use, although it took a while to realise that the streams were actually damaging the enemies so perhaps the feedback is a bit weak there. 

Overall a standout game for me though, great work!