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The new game on steam isn't out yet! If you want updates when it comes out, feel free to wishlist it!

We got that feedback a lot! If you check out the full steam release when we launch , you'll notice that we no longer reset the grid when you submit an incorrect solution!

I am so glad there is a "neigh" button. 

Nice work! I did get suck on the "spud" shooter level, but what I played up to that point was nice. One camera control tip: I'd recommend having the camera move to follow the player just slightly before the player reaches the end of the screen, such that you can wee what you are moving towards. 

Nice work creating literally all the assets during the 48 hours! Real impressive. The game itself definitely felt out-of-control pretty quick. 

I think it's a pretty interesting idea for a mechanic but, like some of the others below, it looks like there was some untapped potential. Still, nice work for 48 hours!

Nice idea! Like that you need to keep a mental model of where the inputs are in order to make sure you won't run out of space.