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This game is amazing! It's doesn't seem like a lot of gameplay, but since you replay the rooms a few times, it actually takes a while. And also, did you really record a voice line of more than 10 seconds for every single combination of 1 2 3 4? That's insane! Also, the voice acting in general is really good, and the music, and the graphics.

Loved it! Can't believe this was done in 2 days.

Very nice game! The graphics (and the walk animation) are funny. It's very polished on some parts (you have a full options screen for example), but less on others. For example that pizza bottom that turned out to be the bottom of the burger, which took me a while too figure out.

I also can't keep up with the amount of burgers I need to make. I feel like I'm doing it pretty fast, but I always lose on my second or third burger.

But still, it's a funny little game, and I enjoyed it. Well done!

Cool game! The graphics are very nice. The enemies are also funny, and it's nice that they're all different.

I do feel like there should be some sort of healing item, because if you get hit once, you can never recover that again. Also sometimes the player decides to take a random turn, which is a bit weird.

But still a cool game, well done.

Cool game! The art for the houses and "golf balls" definitely look nice. The UI as well, it's very clear how everything works.

The gameplay is missing a bit of variety I think, because you're basically doing the same as normal golf, which is getting the ball to the hole as fast as possible. The fact that they're elemental doesn't change a lot. This could be reflected in the score (for example, if the amount of strokes was way costlier to the score than a bit of destruction, you could decide to hit through some areas with houses, to save some strokes, at the cost of some destruction). But you can't tell exactly how the score is calculated, so it's hard to know what the best strategy is.

(Also I get a fatal error every time I finish, but since that's at the end of a run, it isn't that bad)

But apart from that, it's fun to optimise your score. If you aim right, you can probably get all balls in the hole in 4 strokes total, which is fun to try.

Well done for only 2 days! It looks very polished.

Thanks for the feedback! I don't know why I didn't just use the mouse...

I did that, and found a few more word matches to get the 5th paragraph, but after that I think there are a bit too many words to try and match. Still, it's kinda cool.

Well I didn't create the levels, they're randomly generated :). But thanks!

Yeah, I should have removed the healing from room transitions. I added that for testing, and never removed it...

I agree I should have balanced the losing of keys a bit more. In hindsight, I should probably always remove one of the 3 non-movement keys first, and then randomly, or something like that. I didn't really have enough time to balance things out, sadly.

Thanks for playing, and for playing long enough so that you actually saw most of the things there were to see!

I mean... The other shoppers are definitely out of control :)

It's a cool idea! I feel like the sensitivity could have been higher, because I had to drag my mouse all the way just to turn around. Except if that's what you mean by "rebellious controls" of course. I also think think there could have been a little more variety in objectives or obstacles.

But anyways, it's a funny game to play for a while.

Very cool game! The graphics are funny (and the pixel art is good), and so is the gameplay. At first I thought it was endless, but I tried it again and found the boss fight. A fully animated boss fight, also very cool. Though I don't really understand the story, what does god have to do with all this?

Anyway, well done!

Thanks! I'd like to update it, but since it was a game jam and I was in a rush, the code is absolutely horrible. So maybe I'll make a game like this one, but if so, I think I'll completely redo it...

This is cool!

my finger hurts

But in al seriousness, just as someone else said, the enemies have a bit to much hp, so it takes a little too long to kill them. But apart from that, the graphics and gameplay and sound effects are all really nice! This is a really cool game.

Cool game! I thought it was going to become repetitive at first, but you kept finding slightly new ways to change the controls, which is good.

One slight thing I think might make the animation better (not that it's bad now, I like this style): Maybe make the legs stop moving while in the air? I think that'll make it more realistic.

But anyways, well done! Simple but clever.

Cool game! A bit short (though that's understandable in a game jam). The graphics and audio are both nice, and the game mechanics are cool as well. I feel like the shooting guys should have a little bigger shooting range, because I feel like I could just let the monkey run right past without getting shot most of the time.  I was also a little confused, because I thought the shooters would run away if I right-clicked, which didn't happen. But I quickly found out that they always come towards you if you make sound.

Anyway, well done!

"There's more, I swear" Is there actually more? Because once all the upgrades cost more than 1000, I quit.

Anyways, it's a funny game to play for a short while, and in the beginning you can train your mouse movement a bit. But after a while it gets a bit impossible and only my turrets did any damage. Also, what does "speed" do exactly?

Still, well done for 2 days.

i love this game

don't have to say any more

Cool idea! The movement is really weird though, and sometimes I go fast and other times really slow, and I don't know why.

It looks and sounds really cool, but there are a few problems. It misses a tutorial, so I found out by accident that you can right click. I also got some game overs that I had no clue about why they were happening.

Still, the graphics and audio are good.

Nice concept and well executed, looks very polished. I like the graphics!

I do feel like it would have been much more intuitive to just have some up and down arrows to adjust the points, instead of left and right mouse buttons to increase and decrease. I also wasn't realy obvious what kind of skill would work better for certain enemies.

Still, a good game, and well done for only 2 days!

The graphics are cool, and it looks like there's gameplay, but I don't have a clue to what I should do. Maybe a tutorial would have been useful?

I understand that, it's a bit of a wall of text :)

Love this kind of game! Really liked this one as well, the story and graphics and gameplay are just so good. Very nice! One of my favorite games in the jam!

Thanks! I added the "spacebar to break two other keys" to try and balance it a bit, but I agree it's still a bit harsh. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Most people struggle a bit with it, but I saw one person who got some insane luck and beat it on his second try...

That's true, it should be a bit more balanced. I tried to fix it a little by adding the spacebar to break other keys instead, but I don't think that quite fixed it.

Page 1. I think I need to drag a certain word to a certain place, but I don't know which one. Or I could be wrong entirely and need to do something else :)

This is so cool! How did you ever make this in 2 days? There is sooo much to do it seems!

The moving letters are a bit weird and pixelly, but still easily readable.

This is really well done!

Cool concept! I do feel like the character could walk a bit faster (you have to hold the button for a bit too long now), and more levels would be nice (but you probably figured that out yourself).

Well done, even though you were busy (I saw in your other comment).

This game looks so good! Like really! How do you do this in 2 days?

At first I thought the antivirus in the browser was fake as well (because it said BESTANTIVIRUS, which I find suspicious), but eventually I tried it and it worked. The password also didn't work the first time (as you said on the game page), but eventually I got it to work.

Like the previous person said, short and sweet! Well done!

I'm not sure how this fits the theme?

Anyway, it's a nice concept (I kinda cheated it by pushing the player with the blocks, but that doesn't matter). It could definitely have used some more levels/variety, but it's a nice idea.

Just got the ending, and this is some deep lore :). I'll make the rating a bit higher I think, for actually having an ending in your game.

By the way, I feel like you earn more money (or whatever it is) faster if you reset once they finish their second animation.

Thank you! The skeletons are indeed a bit wonky, if there is more than one they will also go and stand inside eachother and kill themselves :)

Thank you! I'll definitely give it at try, because I really enjoyed this one.

Super cool game! Almost a really tiny metroidvania!

My only problem was the hammer-throwing cats. He was seriously painful. You had to almost completely rely on RNG, and you couldn't get any further without getting past him. If you ever make a full version of this game, I would love to play it, but please make that part easier.

Still, really cool game! Very well done in only 2 days!

This looks really cool, and I like the concept, but I just don't know how to get past page 1... I'm just bad

This is a really cool concept, and the graphics look nice. The problem is that the first 2/3 levels were a bit linear (I just moved in the most obvious direction), and the 3rd or 4th level I just couldn't complete (and I tried for at least 10 minutes).

Still, it's a cool idea, and with some more level design, it could be really fun!

One thing: the setup is weird, you have to download both files and put them in the same folder to actually play.

The game itself is a cool concept, where you have to quickly find out the new controls if you run out of time. But it's a bit harsh, because the red things insta-kill you, and they don't despawn (I think).

Cool idea, could probably have used some refining.

I thought I was just going to do some peaceful fishing. That was not true.

Very cool atmosphere, and the weird controls make the whole thing even weirder. The graphics  and audio are nice, and gameplay is... interesting...

Could maybe have used a little more info on when and why the buoys light up, I didn't really understand that.

Cool game for only 2 days!

Hmmm, if I type an invalid command it says Command Not Found, and when I type a valid command it crashes... Something seems wrong...

Sad, because it seems like there was more to do in this game (I found like 10 different usable commands, like "hide" and "smack", by typing invalid commands).

You do get the originality points though!

Cool game! Looks and sounds nice as well. Except for the enemies, which are a bit... square...

Definitely played a few times, but it's kinda hard, since I don't think that there's any way to heal? And I kept dying to my own shots...

Nicely done in only 2 days!

How do I play exactly? It looks cool, but there's nothing on the page for me.