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see you there ;)

That's kind of funny. Thanks for reporting the bug. I'll fix it in the next couple of days.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. For some reason i don't get notified for comments anymore :/
If you need more help (or the following hint is to cryptic), consider joining us on discord (


Alright. You are on the green platform before the one with the flag? In that case try to follow the moves you have to do backwards from where you want to reenter the green zone. Maybe if you exit it at the right spot it will work.

Alright ... SPOILERS AHEAD ... you have been warned!

In this level

you can stop them escaping with the dad, by the following program:

Cast (1)


Of course you will not progress with the game this way, but I feel like this is unintended. There is also the way to get in front of him and block the way yourself with:

Cast (1)
Jump 2

Wait 5

Which uses multiple maybe unintenden strategies. Take a closer look at the execution of this one ;) it makes a double step on the second step of the Jump 2 instruction in 0.

I think it is possible to trap the dad is possible in more levels although I have not tested it. Also as I am writing a lot already here are 2 more thoughts:

1. All programs appart from 0 are saved between levels, which I think is weird.

2. I tried to solve 1 level by using one of the bots I programmed to programm my familiar. This would have been helpful for timing issues (the need to count how much I need to wait in my program would have been eliminated). This might be an interesting mechanic to add, although I am not sure, if it is too complicated for this game (not sure how much the levels will teach/ how hard they get).

All of these are rather small issues. I still hope they are helpful to you :)

I love the game! As someone who teaches coding to kids, I appreciate not only the clarity of the code itself, but the lovely art and story (which is often missing in these type of coding teaching games).

I found one level design "bug" (with potential for more similar ones). Should I just comment that, or is there another communication channel for such things?

Well, back to solving levels :D

I love the idea and I am looking forward for the rest of the mechanic implementations. I found a little bug: The Fallout 1 & 2 Lock auto succeeds when klicking the lock the first time.

Oh, you are right! It should work now.

Maybe I don't get the issue. But pressing the "Start Game" button on the title screen seems to correctly show the Tutorial page before leading to the first level. Any more details on the bug might help us to (understand and) fix it.

Very smart idea. Unfortunately I could not get through before getting motion sick, but I will definately give it another try later.

thank you! we are planning on making a post jam version with at least a few more levels.

Fun little game. I would have liked to be able to move diagonal. Other then that you could make it more caotic by adding more tasks to do. (water flowers, scare off birds, etc.) But the base concept is really fun

This is a lot of content for a 24h game. I would have loved more decisions with more consequences, but I guess there was not enought time for that.

Challanging plattformer with water physics which feel on point.

Really good concept. I could imagine this being a fun 2 player game as well.

Nice game! The core idea is surprisingly close to ours. I love how the games are still compleatly different.

(1 edit)

we plan on implementing an undo mechanic. it would solve your problem of having to do the beginning so often. than kou for the feedback.

Really fun game. If you continue working on it, try to keep the necessary waiting to a minimum.

A bit too easy for my tast, but great idea!

i had a lot of fun. i'm even a littel sad i can't watch my score (cut off), so i cant see if i do better or worse.

Yeah. Honestly I am super hesitant to do puzzle games for jams, because I'm afraid there is no time left for level design at all. Glad you liked it!

Sorry I distracted you from the puzzles. I love to decorate any part of levels that are not used.
The undo feature is something we would have loved to do, but just did not have the time for. Thank you for your detailed reply :)

cool concept. i would love to see controller support, as the buttons already have the correct colors. really fun game.

Cute rogue-lite that gets pretty hard pretty quick. A feature I would love to see in the future is a list with active rules somwhere on the side of the screen. But even without, I had a lot of fun.

Really fun concept. Please make more levels! xD

A bit of polishing and less repetitive music and I fell like this would be a really fun game. For some varierty in gameplay, more enemies would be nice. maybe a new room now and then, like in some side scrolling shoot em ups. (not saying you should have done that in the jam, just some ideas i had if you wanted to add to the game)

I sank into the ground quite a lot :( I love the unique artstyle though. Camera was working surprisingly fine (so many 3d plattformers are just unplayable because of the camera). The first moving plattform could have been a little slower.

I love it. Really great game. Feels very polished both in art and mechanics.

I never new how much I wanted to be a Zombie Hive Mind! I love the idea and that you do not have total control. Music is a little repetetive. Making the level smaller and more confined, with carfully placed enemies and rooms could result in an interesting little strategy game.

The out of control mechanic was quite frustrating. Somehow it always managed to find the tiny spot that could kill me. Graphics and feel of the controls are really good.

great idea! i had some problems moving keys in the right direction and overshooting positions they should stop at. other that that a really great game!

Chill little game

Nice unique concept! Reminds me of Multitask, but is a lot more interesting, because of the way the tasks are linked. some music and sounds would be great. Played this way to long xD

The feel of a slightly malfunction is really good communicated to the player!

Not bad for a first Jam! I like the simple art. Controls diplay would be great.

I am a little confused as to how the timer and damage work. And i feel like shooting didn't always work.

I wish the kids could already fly. Would make life so much easyer.

Nice idea and working quite well for 48h. a little tutorial screen and better controllability would be really great.

cool idea, nice art! a little slow for my likings (unless i missed a sprint button) and slightly buggy.

Nice Idea. The level could be a little longer and designed in a way, that higher speeds have usefull routes to go through.

music hurts a bit. other then that, cute looking concept.

Nice idea.  If I read the levels corectly, you made sneaky softlock prevention, which is really nice. Still found one though ;)