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Really funny game. I think it fits the theme so much. Good job.

Thank you for feedback. The 4th level is end level, but if you buy Disable AI lines, then you wont see the end message from the AI. I somehow forgot this will happened, so sorry, if it happened to you.

But I'm glad you liked at least sone aspects of the game


Thank you, when you dont have time to make a good AI, make up an excuse why it's so bad :D

Really funny game, with amazing graphics. The movement is challenging, but it has really fast learning curve, so when you find the best strategy it feel so much better.

Thank you, it was really fun to make.

Thank you so much. it felt really bad to miss a deadline due to a stupid WegGL error.

we got an error,but solve it 16 minutes after the game jam :'(

Really liked how polished the game is. I think it would be better, if ther was some auto next turn when you use all 3 dice, but this is just a minor thing. Game mechanic is really good and different types of dice adds depth to the game.

Nice game. Looks good and the game mechanic is not bad too. Also the element system adds some depth to the game. Good job.

Really nice game. The tutorial is detailed and well made. My favourite mechanics were spikes, water/ice. When I figured out some puzzles I felt really smart. After finishing the whole game I must say, taht this is definitely my favourite game of this game jam, I've played.

Really liked the console vibe of the game. It felt really unique. Unfortunately I haven't found a way of getting a dice.

Tha game has really unique atmosphere, I like it. Maybe allowing to hold a button to move would make the movement feel better.

Nice game. Really polished and with almost addicting feel to it. Maybe if there were for example some special cubes, it would add some more depth to the game. But for a game jam game good job.

Really well balaced game with amazing mechanic and really good risk and reward system. If there was some way to change your deck of cards through out the time, get new cards when defeating some enemies etc. then I thing this game would be one of the best games of this game jam.

Has unique style of animation, wich I like. The gameplay could be little bit more interesting though. For example more options to buy and more option to affect randomness.

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It's a really good idea, but the game would be better, if there was almost no randomness and if there were rules. For example newborn dice number would be sum of the parents node and if the value will be grater than 6 then it will be the value - 6, to get to the desired range. Colors would be red + green -> yellow, red + blue -> magenta (or white), blue + green -> cyan, yellow + magenta -> red and so on. Then it would be really good and strategic game. The concept of course could be expanded even more.

But I also liked the 3D models and atmotphere of the game.

It's quite simple, but quite enjoyable game. The slow motion is nice touch to the game.

Thak you for the feedback. Unfortunatelly we haven't come up with anything better.

Thank you. You are maybe right with the enemy changing side at the last moment. When we design the AI we ask ourselves, what would be really good strategy if playing agains other player and we figre out, that it will be waiting for tha last moments to get your dice to the right rotation. But I guess for the other player it isn't so fun.

I like deck builders very much, so I had a good time. Also the game is really well polished. Didn't much get how the dice exactly work, but just to build a deck of them was fun enough for me.

Really cute game. And the small planet like dices are such awesome.

It's ok to not understand everything (especially if I was the one writing the tutorial). Each card has either: numbers, that if player would roll next turn, would recover a side on the picture of the dice, or numbers that if player not roll, would recover a side on the picture of the dice. More specific the card is higher number you get, when you guess right.

Feels good to move. And the game is well polished. Maybe some indicator of when the dice will stop the roll, so player can expect some change, but what change it is will be still unknown.

The game has really good mechanic. And to be able to skip the dice is nice touch, so even if player got stuck, there is a Spacebar to help you. Unfortunatelly I am really bad at there sorts of puzzles, but the game is nice. Good job.

Nice concept, but the movement was litle bit wierd and jump was really overpowered.

Quite good mechanic. Some puzzles are really creative and makes think little bit out of the box. Some levels are easier, but that is ok. It was interesting to look what the AI does and be like: Not go there, go away, or GO, GO, GO and don't turn away.

Good job.

Quite good mechanic. Some puzzles are really creative and makes think little bit out of the box. Some levels are easier, but that is ok. It was interesting to look what the AI does and be like: Not go there, go away, or GO, GO, GO and don't turn away.

Good job.

I feel like it would be better, if the player didn't die, when characted touches edge of the screen. Also faster rolling, or let player stop the roll, then it would be more in player hands how good the round would be. Or at least the player would think that.

Quite chaitic game, that look really good. The interaction hitboxes could be bigger.

Really impresive and creative art and monologs of the foes. Also interesting gameplay idea. Some more card types would make this game even better, but what would there card do? I don't know.

Feels good to move. But maybe if there was more generous trigger area to collect the dices, it would feel even better.

I wish there were more types of enemies (even if they were same type but bigger slower with more health, smaller faster with less health etc.), so player could think more of where to shoot.

Wish the movement fas faster, now it tooked way too long just to get from one tile to another. Also I found a bug, where when I roll a dice after I die, I could play the game "dead". But I must say it was quite funny bug. But good job of makink game in 48 hours.

Took me a little bit longer, that only way of getting money is selling dices, but then the game mechanic makes sence and I must say, it is really good game mechanic. There is really high risk and revevard system, also some dices are better to leave and not sell some are only for one turn. And the graphics are inredible.

Good job.


The game has a vibe.

Quite addiction game. The leaderboard helps a lot with it. Seeing I got only 12 and someone have 82. Simple but effective mechanic. By my opinion, if the roll was shorter it would be more strategic to use it. Because now I roll the dice only if there was big open space, because when the next number afound the number is my current number on the dice, it isn't worth rolling.

But overall really good and polished game. Good job.

Nice levels. I really like, that there was always something new in new level.  Another thing that I liked was maximum number of moves, so player just don't move randomly and after a lot of time manage to be at the right side.

The overview of next sides was for me little bit confusing at the start, because there was numbers of what would you have when you go to that side and not actual value of that side.

But overall quite a good game.

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Nice visuals and puzzles. Only issue I have with this game is the slow movement. Sometimes I had an idea of how to solve a puzzle, but it took me so long to execute it. I know the snap to grid movement is crusual, but it would be nice to let player hold button to direction and character would make move in intervals.

But having overview of next sides of the dice was really good addition. I didn't hold physical cube in my hand just to solve the puzzle :D

Yes that could help a lot