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Nice small game. Looks so good.

Thank you.

Nice and really polished game, it feels good to play. I like the art and sound design. Some tutorial would help though, because I was to confused what to do, it was too overwhelming to learn everything at once. But I get it, that it's only 48 hours game and there isn't always time for everything to do.

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Wow, this is so charming game. It's shame, that I didn't play it in voting period, because I like it a lot. Small and simple but well made and very polished. Everything from art to sound and game design feels like from a finish game.

Nice game, when I know that it is just prototype.

Thank you for playing. I'm glad that you like my game especially that you liked art style, because your game is visually amazing.

Thanks for playing. Yes we designed the conscience to be lost at times, so you must come for him to the dark and dangerous places.

Thanks, I'm happy you liked sharp vision mode, because it is more accesible to play on your first try.

Thanks for playing.

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Nice and tense game. Even I know the bomb buzzing was scripted and I have no time limit it added even more tension to the game. I haven't seen a game with such a rich story in this game jam so far. I've read through the whole book and I appreciate every detail in it. Also I loved the claustrophobic controls/movement.

Really nice game, from start to finish.

Edit: everything is for me 5/5

Wow, this game is sooo good. It is so surreal, fun, weird, relaxing, beautiful and so on. I'm not joking when I say, that this game it the best game from this game jam I have ever played. I love the visual effect, but it is logical, because I have similar effect in my game. Music also corresponds to the game really well. I love that this game is sandbox so I can play how long I can, build whatever I want, there are no rules. Text/narrative in this game is so good too. When I fall down it calms my anger, when I build something even higher is reward me, it's just awesome. The grabbing animation is also funny.

Overall nothing to change in this game, it's just a gem.

Nice game, but also too heavy for my brain :D

Thanks also for the walkthrough, so even if someone is absolutely stuck and his/her brain is split in half even in real life he/she could watch the part and move on.

Nice game.

Very wierd game, but it creates creepy atmosphere. Everything from the art to the sound design and level desig corespondes to creates such atmosphere really well. Game lacks some checkpoints though.

Good job.

I was in the rooom with lots of slimes and forgot that I can reset the level by steping into the trail from the slimes. So sorry, I will give your game second chance.

Nice puzzles. The music was also good. Rules were clear and difficulty increases through out the game, so I wasn't confused what to do.  Was there some reset button, because I couldn't find it?

Really hard game, but I managed to get to the end. I like the idea of controlling gravity, and in the future it could be more developed, to make different heavy object. Something like the scull now, but even more noticeable. Basically play more with that concept of gravity, it could be interesting. But I don't know if it would make the game more puzzle oriented and if that is something you want.

Thank you :D

Wow, thanks. I'm so happy that you liked it.

Nice small game. This game would benefit from different aspect ratio, the best would be 1:1. Because sometimes an obstacle would show in the botom of the screen and there was only small time to react, but then another  obstacle would show in horizontal axe and I had a lot time to react. But I like the connecting obstacles together to create a shield against another obstacles.

First I thought there should be some way of rotating in the other direction, but that would make the game much easier and not as challenging. So good job, for leaving it that way.

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It has really good art direction. The game was lacking something interesting to happen, something more than just balancing numbers. But the setting was great, some "story/events" were interesting and sometimes it was nice to decide what to do in my turn.

Wow. I really like the idea of using corpses of dead enemies for your advantages. This way enemies are useful even after their death. Maybe the ufo should place boxes faster because now I must wait some time.

But other than that really nice game. The graphics were amazing and everything was well polished.

Interesting game. Fits the theme really well. Looks really detailed. Sometimes it gets laggy, but that is rather my issue and my computer, not yours.

Relaxing game. Maybe the effect when turning around was bit too much, but overall I have fun collecting ingredients and making some potions. Fits the theme well.

Wow, thanks for playing my game :D

And good luck, if you will continue to work on this game. Different types of zombies with slightly different movement is really good idea. Maybe add some really small that are also fast and aggressive, but can be shooted in one or two shots and the some bigger, that are slower. But this is up to you.

They were light switches just to add some light to the room, I designed one so it's really easy for the contience walk in and then turn off, so player can see what they are doing, but maybe it doesn't acour in your game.

But I appreciate that you liked the sound design. It isn't something I'm usually best at.

Nice game. Pretty polished, challanging and simple. Almost everything from level design, mechanics and overall atmosphere does this game well. The last level was little bit harder, but after few atempts I managed to complete it. Maybe the art was too simple, but it's game jam game, so it isn't even a problem.

Looks really cool, I love the 3D pixaleded graphics here. But it's really hard. Maybe adding some delay for enemies when shooting will be helpful, because now the game is unforgiving. Key to really good feel of the game is make game look hard to play, so player is surprised how good he/she is in the game, but under the hood make some features, that will help player significantly.

But overall nice game with interesting visuals.

Thanks sooo much. I especially appreciate that you found the game not too hard, because it was always something I failed in my past game jams.

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Really interesting game. It would be better, if you made colliders for the spikes smaller, so it is more forgiving. The movement feels little bit out, but when I knowed the mechanic it all joined together. I've never player game with this mechanic, so great job. Also I like hand-drawn visuals of this game. But what I would apretiate is smaller time between players death and new run. Because it only wastes time.

But other than that nice game.

Also it would be better if you zip the files together, just to be easier download the game.

Has really nice atmosphere. Music is really nice. I read comments so I understand that it is just a concept, but at least you have gained some experience and been a part  of GMTK Game Jam 2021.

Simple and clear game. Two robots, one door.

Visuals are bit weird, but you managed to make a whole game in just 48 hours. The game is so small so it didn't really need some save system, but it would be appreciated feature.

Zombies were bit too fast and there was nothing interesting in the room gamewise. Maybe add some covers and corners, so player is not just walking in circles around the whole room.

But shooting feels good and I also like the idea of shooting in direction where you facing. You must decide if you want to shoot enemies or run away from them.

Nice and relaxing game. Players must thing strategicaly from the start. I like it. At the start I didn't know how to place trails, but when I figured out it was really intuitive and fast to create new ones. Really good job.

Very creative game. I love it. Everything from playing it by literally pressing buttons on the nokia, to random calls. That's a gem.

Wow, the visuals are so good. I love minimalistic design. The double jump is little bit wierd. It took me some time to understand that biggest double jump is when I press space two times as fast as posible and not when the character is highest in the jump. But other than that the movement feels great.

I was lacking more health, so you have second change when you screw up, or make enemy's colliders bigger and player's  smaller.

Sound effects are really nice and game looks good as well.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback.

Pretty relaxing game. The visuals are great music is relaxing as well. It took me some time to understand what to to, but then it was OK. Now I looked at screenshots and I discovered, that I could change the point view. Cool. Maybe some small tutorial would help.

Nice concept. It is a little similar to my game, by having only small light and traveling with it around. I liked when you're moving with the light you can't shoot. But when I wanted to start shooting it takes some time and I didn't know if it was because something is bad, or I just need to wait for a while. Maybe add some animation of preparing to shoot, so player can understand what is happening.

But overall good game with nice mechanic.