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Really clever take on the theme. I've never seen something like this, but at the same time it's understandable right from the start what to to. Also I like how with each upgrade you are better and at the same time the your score is better.

Some upgrade on how responsive the camera would be helpful. But after all so smart game.

Edit: also the game is well polished

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Nice twist of papers please. I liked how there wasn't written exactly what to do, but must quess/figure out what is valid and what not.

Also I like how the game starts with tutorial, they are quite rare in game jam games.

Wow, that is such a great idea.

Thank you for playing.

Nice rellaxing game. I think that if this was full released game with some fluid simulations and polish it would be so satisfying.

Glad to head that.

Fun game, the movement was a bit unusual, but it added to overall chaos of the game.

Puzzles were well balanced, so I didn't finish them on my first try, but after just a few attempts. Also, I liked how the game shifted from controlling thief first, then guard first and finally two thieves at once.

I know you running in galleries is prohibited, but some queue to store move commands, so you can finish parts that you already have figured out faster could be nice quality of life improvement. But after all game jam was only 48 hours and I myself didn't have time to implement some nice to have things in my game.

So overall, nice puzzle game.

Some savepoints would help. But I liked that the level was rotating from the center and you were traveling ouside of it, so it started easy, but became more and more harder over time. Liked the background a lot.

Nice game. Also liked how the colliders were forgiving and you could be with a small part in the wall.

Some progression or end goal could help the game to be more interesting over time.

But overall simple minimalistic game that is easy to understand and little bit relaxing as well.

Thank you for the suggestions. It’s true that if someone closes the popup by mistake it will not show again. And that would solve it.

There should be some goal or the game getting more and more difficult over time. Because I got to 11 minutes (yes, I couldn't stop playing) and the game was basically still the same. I liked a lot the shield enemy and even if I think that the explosion was neat mechanic, I think shield should block it.

Also, I love how many upgrades there were, but by my taste it would be better if the bullet was faster (and slower to rotate) in the start. But I don't know, maybe all that I am saying was in the game, but playtesting showed that it isn't a good idea.

But overall, really good game, I have fun playing it and I couldn't stop.

It shouldn’t be satisfying, it shouldn’t be satisfying, it shouldn’t be satisfying.

BUT IT IS. I feel bad for killing so many humans. Maybe this game will change my life and I will start

caring about flies.

The drawn cutscenes are so beautiful. I was amazed by the size of the game. Really liked the tree, where you could see a big portion of the game world.

Maybe the movement could be relative to the camera and not relative to the character.

Written walkthrough really helped, because I didn't know where to find something for the scarecrow to wear. Maybe being able to see the whole world from the tree would help a lot.

But those are only minor things and overall, the game is nice.

Moving the characted felt really good. Maybe even better than in any other game in this game jam I've played. This game has so many moves, every one of them responsive and with satisfying animations. It felt nice to go from the jump to glide to ground slam.

I would maybe make the levels little bit shorter, at least for game jam version, because playing some parts over and over, when player is stuck at some part at the end of the level, could become boring (but with such a great movement options it felt good to repead the level even on 8th try).

I should have read what each item does before I started playing, because I gave every item right away. But I mean it creates interesting conflict when to leave items and when to keep them.

Also, I super liked the zelda type of vibe. All dungeons, houses, grass fields felt and behaved really well. Using items in creative way was also fun (like using feather for one way and mirror for the way back).

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It was because fridge door had fallen on them. It got really messy in the room.

Wow, first time when I put together a chef.

In the first try I messed up the chairs (they felt to the side) so it was impossible to get back to the body, but when I knew of it in the second playthrough I was paying attention to it and I beat the game.

I shouldn't play this game a little bit asleep, because sometimes it looked like I was already dreaming. Great job.

Liked how in every level there was something new. And also, the mechanic with the letters was really clever.

But the levels should be smaller. Because when I died for some stupid reason (for example bad placement of something) it wasn't to fun to play the whole level from the start. But they were still small enough to make me play again and it also felt good to finally beat the level.

Best menu of all the games I've played this game jam. Simple but well executed game. I think that this could be perfect mobile game. I've played similar game to this one, but the balls that stay at place really add depth to the game.

Wow, just like real life.

Liked how forgiving colliders were. Also, when ball could fall into the hole even when moving with the hole, it creates interesting moments, where you not only move to the safe spot, but you also must maneuver around balls it the way,

Speaking of a safe spot, not being able to put the hole near edges is really good idea. We all watched the DVD hitting the corner to know how rate hitting it is. And lastly when there are so many balls at once you can only guess which spot is safe and which not. So, it creates another nice challenge for the player.

I love card games, and I was not disappointed. Playing as luck is clever idea and then hoping the player would play the cards right.

But I would maybe double on the luck part, maybe if you have really good result, you could pick some cards for enemy, or maybe show the cards live in battle, so you could be happy that you get this card and not that. Or maybe see all the 5 cards, but you could only select card for the player from the top tree. Because now it still feels too random what you get, even if it isn't random.

But still enjoyed the game, good job.

Really liked how the first part was something like reversed tutorial. Tutorial for the enemies, so you know what to expect from them. I haven't seen that in any game really. But it fits the theme so well.

Really clever take on the theme. Also, the whole visual part is so good.

Maybe some indicator above what tile you are, other than when you can select the building would be helpful, because it was sometimes tricky to get above the small buildings.

But overall good balanced game and by fighting against other people and not some predefined AI is really good change from other games.

Wow, realy interesting take on the theme.

The game has really good atmosphere. For me the reaction time to bulets was too short, but I still enjoyed it.

Thank you for the feedback. I was worried that the difficulty was too hard. Because I didn't beat the game every time playing it and as someone who knows everything about the game it should be so much easier than for other players.

Personally, I would make the game shorter, but increased the difficulty over time. Like adding bigger rock, that form tight openings. Maybe even increase the difficulty by adding more sharks, but then player needs some way to lead them away like with some bait or someting.

But when I was at low health the game was tense, so good job.

Thank you for the feedback. I was worried that the difficulty was too hard. Some indicator for when the enemy is off screen is a nice suggestion.

Really clever to have as playtesters mice. Maybe it could be better to place the tiles right from the inventory, just to save time for the player. Also it tooked me some time to understand that some mice don't jump and some do. Maybe it could be solved by having third level one jumping and one nonjumping mouse. But other mechanics were nicely broad out from level to level.

Sometimes the mouse got stuct at the side of the wall. It was because there was friction between the mouse and the wall, so by putting PhysicsMaterial2D with friction to 0 either mouse or wall would solve the problem.

But overall good game.

I would say yours game is a little bit better than ours, so  I'm glad you liked our game too.

Really clever game. Making risk reward situations, where you bring lot of enemies to you, just to be cleared by themselves. The bigger the enemy, the more dangerous he is, but also more dangerous to others. So instead of the game being just harder with time, it also is more interesting.

Also, the game looks so good with pixel art, postprocessing and particles.

Really adorable game. Maybe I it wouldn't hurt to have just a little bit steeper difficulty curve. At least for the fetch game (for example move the balls in curves rather than straight lines). But I also get that it isn't some high focus game, so the game it fine the way it is.

Maybe one thing, when someone wins it would be better to wait for some time, show the wining row, so player can realize what happened.

Some games in this game jame are funny, but only this game made me laught out load. It was so relatable. Also loose in the game is the hardest thing on Earth. Good job.

 I'm glad somebody liked the grass effect. First, I thought I would do it the proper way by spawning and deleting sprites. But then it would take some time to write, it would take so much memory (and that is something we don't wanna do to our poor little Garbage Collector XD), so I faked it with custom shader.

The game looks sooo good. Amazing work. But I didn't much get what I must do. I read that hitting pitchforks with an egg will make them fall, but I was unable to do it. But I still enjoyed the "story" (it was quite funny) and the look of the game, so no worries.

Very well-designed game. I liked how you could get tiles by removing them elsewhere. Because the speed of the character was good balanced you always missed some walls to collect, so over time you had less and less tiles. That way every second matters as you could lose some precious tiles. The terrain is well spawned, so you are constantly moving up and down. Maybe with some polished graphics it could be one of the best games in this game jam

Elegant short game. It was simple, but there was everything that it needed (and more, with the funny popups). Having menu as tutorial was also clever.