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I'm a sucker for these retro graphics! Pretty fun and the theme/limitation is basically perfect. The level design was also really clever. I love how this is a character from Baby Dino ;)

The graphics, concept and vibe are really good. I'd suggest more visual feedback when interacting with the game.  Like the ingredients could snap into the mug or the customers could smile when you get their order, something like that to let the player know they're doing what the game wants.

Nice little game, I scored it quite high on graphics! 

Cute game, and the theme/limitations were super well executed. I also really liked the volcano animation!

Thanks for playing. I use Clickteam fusion and every game I export for html ties the frame rate to the monitor refresh rate.  It’s super annoying but the game will only run properly on 60hz monitors 😭

In love with this concept! I wish the kick animation didn't have such a long wind up cause it makes it too hard to hit the ball (head )

it’s a false positive from the .exe, the engine used is clickteam fusion which is pretty bad for triggering them

Thanks for the help! Great feedback

Thanks for playing, what would be an ideal control scheme for you?

Hey thanks for playing, what’s wrong with the controls and what would you have preferred? I’m a console gamer so trying to get a good idea of what is best for pc games. Thanks again

Sounds good i'll check yours out pronto!

Here's mine:

Thanks for the feedback, I would have loved to include a final boss at end, something with multiple eyes that opened and closed and you'd have to match the eyeballs to defeat and tie it all together but ran out of time.  =

So cool, love the concept, graphics and sound are really good too. Great job!

Very clever, there's a ton of potential with this concept!

Great job to the team! Super stylish!

Thanks for playing, yeah it’s def got some issues to iron out XD

Cool puzzle, agree that once you figured out the game it becomes too easy. Yet still enjoyable, almost zen like. To add challenge and more puzzle, maybe you could have a limited amount of candies, and you can earn an extra candy every time you remove one from the board or something? I dunno, i really like the concept!

Cool game with an original concept, the graphics remind me of Banjo-Kazooie which is amazing!

Great graphics and music, genuinely very fun! 

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Thanks for playing! I noticed you’re working on Baby Dino Adventures,  just started following you recently it  looks amazing!

Hey thanks for trying, if space is scrolling the screen you probably have to refresh the page. Use the J and K buttons to jump  one of the characters through the window. I hope you give it another shot!

Thanks! I drew the graphics during the jam but the music and sound are from an asset pack I purchased awhile ago:

Hi thanks for playing! I’m a graphic designer so naturally I prioritize the visuals. That’s why the gameplay is so simple (and buggy lol) I usually spend the first half of the jam getting the game running, then the other half doing polish. I’ll check out your game in a it bit!

Thanks, I’m very proud of this one! I took the Friday off work so I could start as soon as the theme was announced. I5 years of just playing around with game dev so I’m pretty fast, I also didn’t sleep lol!

Solid little game,. Nailed the Game & Watch feel perfectly. 

Fun game, simple but elegant. Great work!

Enjoyed this one a lot! Surprisingly creepy,  great contrast between both worlds, and nice touch with the music too! I loved the self aware joke about getting stuck in the wall. Really great job!

Very cool, took me a minute to get the hang of it but once you get going it's very fun!

The graphics are great and the concept is solid! 

The game design fits the theme perfectly. Very clever!

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Cool concept, great art, and I enjoyed the writing as well! 

Cool idea, graphics are great.

hey thanks for all the feedback, def plan on revisiting this project after the jam. I’m considering this a proof of concept and I’ll most likely build it from the ground up Into a larger more polished product hopefully without any of those issues.

thanks for the input I tested it out and you’re absolutely right, slightly less gravity really helps.

lol I was waiting for someone to catch that mistake.  I only noticed after I loaded the pics on the page.  I was just moving too fast to meet the deadline I didn’t catch it in time.

Graphics and sound are incredible! Great entry, probably up there as one of the best in the comp!

Absolutely, they're fantastic!

The most polished entry I've seen yet. I wish i could get further but i'm having trouble making the larger jump in the first area. Definitely inspired to push the presentation on my own games a bit further after playing this. Great job!

Fun and quirky little platformer, i was impressed that you matched up the music to his explosions, excellent touch!