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Match 2 and Shoot to save the Space Station!
Submitted by Denis_Grenier (@Denis_Grenier86) — 27 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline
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Were the art assets made during the 48 hours?

Most of it

Was all the music/sound created during the 48 hours?


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Great music, great art!! a bit difficult to play, but loved the concept 


First of all, anything with a robot that has an LED like face is going to win me over instantly. Second of all, you might as well have made this an on-beat shooter too because that music is perfect for that. Third of all I loved the idea! I love how hectic it got, I love the slight power ups! The only thing I don’t like is how soon it ended! Please continue making this! I would love to see it!


Really good game, like the concept and exaction


Very cool art, sound and music are also good. Gameplay can be a bit hard depending on your memory (mine´s not great) but i think the game has potential and is pretty polished to have been made in 48 hours. Nice job!!


I really like your game, graphics ,sound and music are great. On the first level I couldn't understand what to do at beginning but after I started to do the match between pieces. Good Job.


that's what i call a creative concept! nice art style and great polish in general! good job!


Amazing game, reminds me of megaman, the music was amazing, the art and animation are also awesome, gameplay was smooth but sometimes crashes, the idea of combining matching cards game and top down shooter was creative, but I was Wondering if you could add something that would disrupt you when you are trying to find the other one like an enemy that would randomly target one of the box or something like that

good job finishing this in two days :D

Submitted (1 edit)

I like the art style, gameplay, and polish of this game. The only problem I had was that the game would freeze on me. Not exactly sure why. Could be a browser issue. Overall, a really good job. I see what the problem is now. There are buttons put in the upper right of the screen. When I click to fire, if I accidentally click on one of the buttons covering the screen, the game will freeze.


The graphics were really polished, great job!

Also the idea is really simple, but entertaining! Love the fact that you randomize the placement of the symbols to make reruns more interesting. In terms of gameplay, I would’ve liked a dash button instead of having to press a direction twice, mostly because of how unnatural it feels to do so when moving diagonally.

But overall, a great game! Nice and fun!


Really like the take on the theme and the art and sound was incredibly polished. I did find the single hit death a bit annoying but other than that a fun game :)


Great game, simple easy and fun. I like art and gameplay. Nice! Good job!

Please check my game as well ;)


This game is very good ! Would have loved more levels. A constant feedback, like some sort of gauge refilling itself, to show the fact that you can run out of ammo for some time if you shoot continuously could be nice to have.

Congrats !


Thanks for the feedback, I would have loved to include a final boss at end, something with multiple eyes that opened and closed and you'd have to match the eyeballs to defeat and tie it all together but ran out of time.  =


this game is really well polished and its crazy to think that this game was made in only 48 hours. the art style is really really good and gameplay also really good. but the song is like 5 seconds long and gets a bit annoying after a while.


wow! such an amazing and fun game! the art is perfect!


This is the game with the best gameplay by far


Really cool game! I love the concept of mixing a top-down shooter with the classic matching cards game. The art, music, and sound effects are great as well! Nice job!


really loved, the mix of genres, the sounds, the mechanics, congratulations