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Thanks for the in depth review. A lot of useable feedback there. We did want to make the last level hard, although it might have been too hard. Maybe in the future we will redo the game with a more cohesive art style. Not sure at the moment. If we did redo the game, we would definitely ramp up the difficulty more gradually and include a more flushed out tutorial. Anyway, thanks for playing.

Thanks for the kind words. Our composer wrote and recorded the music. He also put in the Wilhelm scream. I'm sure he'll be happy you recognized it. We were afraid the riddles were too hard, so I'm glad you found them challenging but solvable.

I agree with most of the comments here. This is a nice little story. The game is well executed with a musical score and effects that set the right mood. It also feels like a complete game. Some of the other game jam games I've played have been impressive, but impress in one or two categories and just feel unfinished. This one actually feels like it is the whole package. Great job!

I like the pixel art although it would have been nice to have character movement. The mystery of what happened was definitely interesting. I did think this game could have used a better soundtrack. After a while, that same drum beat repeating over and over again became a bit monotonous. The effort seemed to be put into creating the world, which I give you kudos for that. Overall, a good job!

Graphics in this one are top notch. The controls felt really good, and there is an interesting invincibility mechanic. Well done top down shooter all around. People should definitely give this a try.

Visually stunning. I've played about 25 games now, and this one has the best presentation. The opening cinematic to the graphics, to the music, it all fits together so well. My two suggestions would be to change the sound effect of the ship movement and to make the controls a little more responsive. On the first note, when I was floating around listening to the peaceful music, the experience was nice except whenever I moved, I heard this pounding noise that eventually made my head hurt. Moving the ship also got a bit frustrating after a while because of how slow it moved. That aside, the environment you created felt really good. My compliments.

Really liked the art style in this one. I'm not sure if there were no checkpoints or if I just didn't get far enough to trigger a checkpoint, but I would add checkpoints if there are none. I died at one part, and the game froze on me. However, I did like the parts that I played through. Nice job. 

Can't argue with the other comments. The atmosphere you created with the visual elements along with the audio all work really well together. I do wish you could continue from where you left off. I smashed my boat several times and starting from the beginning again can get tedious. However, a great job overall. 

I agree with everyone else. Really liked the  visuals and how you incorporated the sound. It will be interesting to see where this game goes if you decide to continue.

Really liked the polish on this game with the graphics, gameplay, and audio. The pinball mechanics were really smooth and spot on. I also liked the bugs that came out which you could destroy. The only problem, I suck at pinball games, but that's my problem not yours. Great job!

This was a nice atmospheric horror game. I like the old style pixel art. I'm not sure what happened to the dad because while he was talking, I accidentally walked over and opened the door before he finished. I also had some problems with the flashlight not turning on  sometimes when I clicked. Other than that, overall, a very well made game. 

Thanks for the feedback.

After I recover, I will definitely check it out. Glad you liked this game.

When you collect all the needed items, the mother at the bus stop should disappear, and the bus stop should activate. There are three needed items. Don't want to spoil what they are here.

Haven't run into that problem yet. We'll see if more players encounter the same issue. Thanks for letting us know.

Some of the puzzles are apparently a little hard, so I am posting hints in my discord server. Thanks for playing!

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I'm posting hints in my discord server. I'd rather not put spoilers here right now. Thanks for playing, and let me know if you are still stuck.

Glad you liked it so much. We're working on a second game now so hopefully you'll enjoy that one too.

Really liked the level designs and the puzzles for the game. The music was also really nice. Overall, a very good game jam game. Can't believe you did all this in a week. Great job!

Thanks for the detailed review. You made a lot of good points. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

I have done more games which you can find by going to my creator page. However, currently the Tired Moon Studios team is working on a new game which we will reveal in the near future. so keep your eyes peeled for that. Thanks for the kind words.

Just came across this post. I know the Magical Girl Jam is over. Just wondering if you would be interested in working on a future jam. You can see what we did here. Let me know. Thanks.

Thanks for making the video. Glad you enjoyed it.

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How do I join your discord? I see you have twitter accounts, but I don't know where the discord invite link is to your server. Nevermind, I see the artist goes by the same name on the magical girl jam discord. Thanks.

Wanted to let people know that we fixed the bug with collecting the wolf fur multiple times and not being able to finish the game if the potion is mixed wrong

Really liked the artwork in this one. It's a pretty polished game as well. I did reach a point where suddenly my character died, respawned, then I couldn't move left or right anymore. Don't know what happened. BTW: Is there a way I can get in touch with the artist? I'm curious to know if he/she would work on a future project with me. Thanks.

Really liked the artwork for this one. The main character is very nicely done. The backgrounds also set a nice atmosphere. I would work on the gameplay however. Mainly, the first sword robot boss was just too frustrating. I think it is because there is no invincibility period, if he gets you cornered, you essentially get hit over and over again then die. There is good difficulty like a Megaman or Hollow Knight, or Shovel Knight which I really enjoyed. Then there is just frustrating difficulty that makes you quit a game. I think this one has potential, though.

Really liked the artwork for this game. It's pretty amazing you did all of it during the time of the game jam. There's a lot of polish to the game as well. I reached the first big monster and died. Am I supposed to save somewhere because it just started me at the beginning again.

Really well done game. I liked the big magic hit mechanic. We did a similar line of sight thing in our game. Also, the going back in time thing was cool too. It is difficult without an invincibility period. Tight controls and camera shake made for good gameplay feel. The final boss seemed pretty easy compared to the second to last boss.  Overall, really good job.

Really liked the pixel art in this game.  The lighting mechanic was interesting. I also liked that there was a boss fight at the end. I beat the boss but wasn't exactly sure how that worked. 


I thought lighting up all the bulbs made the boss vulnerable, but there were times the boss just seemed to fall down on its own.


My biggest suggestion would be to tighten up the controls. When it comes to platforming games, loose controls just makes for a frustrating experience. Other than that, good job.

Really liked the music and graphics of this game. I found the range attack to not be that useful. They take a lot of magic and don't do enough damage. It would be cool to have a throw attack or something that does a huge amount of damage in a big area. Good job overall.

New version is up.

Okay, I will update the game then. Thanks.

This version you can beat the game and go all the way to the end. I have an updated version that will add an additional challenge of finding items in the last level. Unfortunately, I couldn't get that working until today and after the jam submission deadline so it will be coming as soon as we are allowed to update.

We submitted in time. However, I was going through the game and found some bugs afterwards that I have corrected now. My question is when can we update the game without being disqualified? Do we have to wait the full month before voting is over? 

Thanks, glad you liked it

Thanks for playing.

Glad you liked it so much.

In order to do a mac build that won't be seen as a corrupted file, we need to have the app notarized, which none of us know how to do at the moment. I looked into it, and it seems like a convoluted process. I hope Apple changes how they handle non-notarized apps in the future. Sorry.

So I am confused by this. If you say that you do not let game devs directly email people who download our game because it is a huge violation of privacy, then what does the interact feature do? When I click on the interact tab it literally says:

 "You can contact those who have access to your game by writing an email. Be mindful of spam, recipients can unsubscribe from your emails.  You can send at most one email per day, please double-check & preview your emails before sending them."

The only thing is that it will only let you email people who have purchased your game, not only downloaded it. Does that mean  if users purchases a game it is not a privacy violation to email them but if they download a free game, it is a privacy violation?