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That is the happiest ending. Thanks for playing.

Thanks, we're glad people are still playing this game.

No need to withdraw it. We'll just take this into consideration during the judging period. Thanks for the reply

A lot of work went into this game. The problem is it looks like a lot of the game was developed before the jam even started. The Entropic Summons page said it was submitted a month ago. Am I correct in this assumption?

The artwork is simple yet very appropriate. The use of the theme is very creative and interesting. This did not feel like your normal, everyday game. Very good work!

I liked talking to the philosophers. Would have been nice to have a deeper delve into their philosophical views since this is a narrative game. Liked how you got Sartre in there.

Interesting gameplay. I liked how the player needed to use the time element to get past the obstacles at the end. I had some problems with walls appearing when I went over them causing collision issues. Other than that, a good effort. 

$25 for first, $15 for second, $10 for third to be given to the team leader. Only games submitted by teams are eligible for prizes.

It's mainly to prevent pornographic stuff from being submitted. I would say you can talk about sexuality, just try not to be too graphic about it.

Thanks for all the comments. We wanted to tweak the controls more but ran out of time. I still think it came out pretty well all things considered. The most difficult part was dealing with the grapple mechanics and integrating that with the normal player controls.

Okay, thanks for that info. We'll take that into consideration when judging.

I had a question about this title for judging purposes. You say the artwork was created by the team with premade assets? I'm guessing you meant some was made by the team and some were premade assets, or were they all premade assets? Also, did you have any teammates who helped you make this game? Nice writing BTW.

Glad to know people are still enjoying this game. Thanks for the kind words.

I'm very impressed with this entry. Besides the wonderful art, it has a game mechanic that seems simple at first but turns out to be an involved battle system. You cannot just mash a bunch of buttons to get through. The player has to really think about how to tackle the enemies using the attacks available. Glad they put in a checkpoint system as well, since there are difficult parts in some areas. Felt very polished. Wonderful job! 

Visually, this game is really stunning. The music combined with the art makes for a great atmosphere. I agree that the gameplay controls need a little adjusting, but they are done pretty well overall.

Really liked the graphics and atmosphere for this one. Game play is pretty short, but I read you are working on that. Would you consider working on a team in the future so you don't have to do everything yourself? That way you can focus on the art and let teammates worry about the programming and level design.

I see what the problem is. I forgot to delete the switching object for that scene. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the kind words. Can you be more specific about where the bug happens? Are you talking about the part where you have to fly through the netherworld to get to the other side of the cavern or the final end scene?. 

The art for this is really eye catching. The controls are responsive, and the game play is fun, although I would have liked more variety as the levels progressed. What could really help this game are music and sound effects. If you ever do another game jam, let me know and I can hook you up with several great composers. I have done twelve jams in the last year now and have met some really impressive ones. Good job!

I like the old style feel and the two styles of game play. If it were just the submarine part, the game would feel too simple. Without the fighting part, the game would feel too static. So having both is a nice mix.

Really liked the pixel art in this game. Nice job.

Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what the bug is about. I know the game works differently depending on what browser you use. It works best on Firefox. Seems to work on certain versions of Chrome. It works on Safari, but there are problems like the doors not lighting up. I guess that's the problem with WebGL games.

Yes, we did put a lot of effort into it. Glad it showed through.

I liked the pixel art in this one. The gameplay was simple but worked well. I wish there were more monsters and things to do in the game. Seemed like I was wandering around a little too much. Still, this game was one of the better ones I have played for this jam. Good job.

One of the endings is without the book, yes

We've been getting a lot of positive comments about the art. That would be Sealcat's doing. Glad you liked the game.

Like the graphics and combat system for this one. It would be nice to have variety in enemies so the fighting has more variety as well. Still a very good job. Definitely one of the better games I played for this jam.

This is one of the nicer games I played. I got stuck after making wine. Not sure what to do after that.

I agree. The artwork is superb!

Really wonderful visuals. I like the idea of the gameplay as well, but I couldn't figure out how to get provisions.  Very nice job.

I liked the graphics and gameplay for this one. I couldn't figure out how to beat the boss at the end. I'm guessing I'm missing some control to attack upwards. I think you should put some screenshots up. I almost didn't play this one because I didn't see any. Good job overall.

Really liked the artwork in this one. I wish the combat system was a little more refined, but I did like you had a nice boss battle at the end. Good job.

This was a really fun and well made game. It had a unique mechanic that was very satisfying when playing.

I had a question for the programmers. How did you get the ball to drag around the player in that way. I'm trying to implement a similar mechanic with a 2D game, but I haven't had much luck. I tried using the Unity joint system, but I think that is for stationary objects. Is there a tutorial you followed? Any help would be appreciated.

Again, great job!

There are four endings in all. We would have let the player continue from a certain point in the game instead of starting all over, but we ran out of time.

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I agree. You can thank Sealcat for the art and Akur0 for the music.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

A combination of graphics, sound, and interesting, well thought out puzzles makes this one a winner. The light refraction mechanic is very cool especially with the prisms. Puzzles are just difficult enough to make you think and feel satisfied when you beat them. Wonderful job!

Really cute graphics. Like the music as well. I'm surprised this was all done in a weekend. The gameplay is also interesting and fun. There are times I got stuck when I threw the gerbil behind the frog and couldn't get to it. But it was easy enough to just restart the game. An important note, you have to click the right mouse button to get the frog to move. They list it in the description, but I don't think I saw the instruction in the game itself. Great job overall!

I agree. Theo did a really good job composing the music.