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I went through all of you guys and rated your games! Thanks for the support!

Lovley toon graphics! I enjoyed it!

Lovley toon graphics! I enjoyed it!

This is just amazing! A little bit more tutorial would have helped but the mix of things is great! I also would love to move while in 3D!

I love how the simple style of the art looks amazing!

Loved the idea! I wish it was just slightly quicker from the beginning 

I liked the idea but it's difficult to play as it is 

Great music, great art!! a bit difficult to play, but loved the concept 

Nice one, I enjoyed the music a lot. Only thing is that I got stuck and the game didn't really do anything until I restarted, maybe really simple should let you know you're dead!  

Loved the music! concept is great, few things could be polished but I'd love to see it done!

I liked the idea, less waiting time  would be nice! 

I liked the idea but I found it challenging to play, would love to see the level design improved

Nice one! I found the "battle" a bit slow, would love to see it quicker

Hey I am looking for a last day rating boost! Play and review my game and we will play and review yours! Here's ours! I rated and comment yours!

It's an interesting mix of genre but it was very tricky to play, needs a bit of polishing but it has potential! 

I loved the concept and the music! well done :)

Nice mix of genres, a bit tricky to play!

I really liked the game and the concept, the music was a bit intense though :)

Nice game! It wasn't easy to control the camera, but it might be my laptop :) Loved the concept though!

I liked it, but the jump might need a little bit more control to make it easier 

I liked the idea but it's basic, would be nice to challenged a but more! 

I really enjoyed it, art and music were great. maybe a bit slow! 

It was funny but I didn't really understand the concept behind it, I just pressed forward and won ;)

really nice mate, I liked the challenge :)

It looks nice but for some reason I wasn't able to play! :(

I like the concept but the car moves too fast, it's very challenging to play!

Nice concept, it has a lot of potential!

the models are good, keep going !

Nice concept but a bit tricky to play. 

Really nice! I loved the art and sounds, controls need a bit of polishing but well done 

Amazing! I played it a lot! Would be cool to have a menu where you explain the bullets! It's great!

nice game! I enjoyed playing it although there are few bugs, but good job in 48 hours! 

Reminds me of Doom! I can see enemies in the dark tough! Cool submission!

Beautiful art, a bit of music would have been nice though! first floor is quite challenging ;)

I love the transition from space to spaceship! Intresting Idea!

Loved the concept but a bit tricky to play! Really funny though 

Great idea! I wish I could not start if not connect to the final room! It's a bit too hard but def can be an amazing game!

I mean this is just great! I would have never thought about it! well done :) 

Loved the look I wish there was more feedback to know where to go as it's really dark! I did not find the enemy car that challenging!