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Alvaro Poyatos

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Nice concept, interesting turn on regular chess. I think the jump on difficulty is a bit steep. Nice work! 

Interesting concept, around level 3 things start to get crazy, but i liked it. Some background music would have been nice. Nontheless nice job!

Nice and interesting game. The game gives a very relaxing feeling and controls were actually pretty responsive, nice art and music, goes perfectly with the game. Nice work!

Nice game! Completed it in little more than 20 minutes. In the last part balancing seems a little bit off since i was able to finish it super quick. However it was a fun game and it has great art too. Nice work!

Cool concept, sadly i couldnt get past the first level maybe i didnt understand the objective, nevertheless the scenery is awesome and sounds are nice. Nice job!

Nice concept, controls are a bit unresponsive and the fact that the ball never stops bouncing off can produce weird situations. Overall a nice concept and with a little more polish could get much better.

Nice game, art is really cool, i think adding some kind of background music or ambient sound would make the game better. But overall pretty interesting game and mix of genres.

Interesting art but too repetitive gameplay for my taste, maybe some powerups or variations would spice up the gamplay. Nontheless a great game. Congrats

Very cool art, sound and music are also good. Gameplay can be a bit hard depending on your memory (mine´s not great) but i think the game has potential and is pretty polished to have been made in 48 hours. Nice job!!

This game was great, although a bit confusing at first, once you get the hang of it it gets pretty fun. Also loved the artstyle, pretty unconventional in a good way. Overall a really nice game.

Cool game. The change of perspective makes some great puzzles. Also pretty nice music ani love the simple artsytyle. Nice game

Nice mix of genres. Once you get the hang of it it turns a bit easy but really fun nonetheless. Good job!

It should be working now. Thanks for the heads up.

We fixed it now. Thanks for letting us know

Hey, thanks for the feedback. The issue has been fixed now. 

Very simple mechanics but an interesting and fun experience. Really liked it. Nice job

Cool concept and very good art, congrats.

Pretty cool idea. A bit rough around the edges but overall really nice game.

Pretty cool artstyle.The puzzles are interesting and fun. Nice game