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I'm working on another project right now. but after I'm done with it, I'll work on fnac 3.

Ohh mad gahd this game is really creepy

this game is so immersive


yes i could

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This is what I like to see. The game is simple, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. also very polished. Good gaem

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pros: Good relaxing Music.

Graphics are cool.

The gameplay is unique.

cons: Takes a really REALLY long time to load.

Overall. Cool game.

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It took a very long time to load for some reason. Otherwise, everything is good. The graphics are nice, however there should be a few more sound effects in my opinion. and the text was a little difficult to read, but overall it was pretty cool.

The game is quite entertaining. I enjoy how basic the art is. and the music is fine. I discovered a glitch. I selected the shoot farther distance option, and after doing so, I was unable to shoot at all. Regardless, good game

Yes, I agree. The game was going to be zoomed out even farther, but I didn't like how it looked. Everything lacked detail., which made it less entertaining. If there had not been a resolution limit, I would have made the game more zoomed out.

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You could see your highscore at first, but removed it because it was so unreadable due to the 64 resolution limit.


high score scream?

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You are correct. This was unethical behavior on my part. Making something unique requires far more effort, and to be honest, I'm too lazy to create something unique.

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This is how you capitalizeIn my opinion, This is the best game idea you could ever get. There are only around two games that are similar to Luftrausers, thus there isn't much competition.

is pretty cool

Better be safe then sorry. or something

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yeah youre right. i probably should have put health power ups.

Instead of the sun shooting in a random direction, make the sun fire toward the player. Because the sun generally only shoots out to the side, making the game too easy.


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facts. thx for feedback im gonna fix this

this game is pretty creative and well polished

this game is cool


this game is literally patrick bateman

this game is cool

this game is too short

this game is well polished

the camera should follow the player better cuz you dont really see whats infront of you

this game would be cool if there was something to do in it

its cool

its cool

basically you have to flash ur light at mario for 1 second on night one, 2 seconds on night two ect.

Game maker studio 2


yoooo a youtuber played my gaem das lit

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you need to flash ur light at mario but for all of the other guys you just have to put the mask on when they enter the office

別擔心 2.9 pussy uptad 就在這裡

the game is really good. but it is lacking music and sound effects. but i gave you 5 stars anyway cuz y not?