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the game is really good. but it is lacking music and sound effects. but i gave you 5 stars anyway cuz y not?

k. i will rate ur game too


i tried ur game. pretty cool

its a joke jeeeez. drama queen

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this game reminds me of this. i dunno why

this game is really fishtastic

this game is pretty nice. but i stopped playing becouse there was a really big difficulty spike after a few levels. but overall its pretty good. i also really like the artstyle.

this game is ok. but the song is honestly really annoying. but overall its nice

this game is really well polished and its crazy to think that this game was made in only 48 hours. the art style is really really good and gameplay also really good. but the song is like 5 seconds long and gets a bit annoying after a while.

dis game is nice. but the ladder physics are really weird and enemy hitboxes are way too big. but good overall

thats really cool

did you mean “thank S H R E K”???

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"What Are You Doing In My Swamp!?" - Shrek 1969

i dont know why i am putting shrek quotes everywhere.

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you have to switch to the car to go into the disarm zone.  as shrek once said 

“Ogres Are Like Onions.” - shrek 2014

"Onions have layers" - shrek  2004

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i think the artstyle of the game lacks any consistency. the character is pixalated but basically everything else is higher quality. i also think the collision detection isnt the best.  i know that i might sound a bit harsh but if i where you i would still keep on making games because you get better over time. so good luck on ur future games or something.

no problem

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i think the game is very well polished. but it is way too slow paced for me. it takes about 5 minutes for the game to actually get a bit hard. wich is way to long for me. but overall it decent

my highscore is 1122

shrek is love. shrek is life

i think the game is pretty nice. but its not that well balanced in my opinion

nice game. my score is 8213

ok. i will literally try to release it on steam. im watching a tutorial rn on how to do it

it took me 700 years to make those sound effects. so i hope it was worth it.

this is a really nice game and a really cool concept. the only problem is that i suck at typing

the game is pretty nice. but the shoot sound is driving me crazy. it gives me a headache for some reason.

thanks for the feedback. i will definetly change the colors.

i was going to add random level generation. but i had no time to do that in 48 hours. but i will probably make a non jam version of the game with random level generation.

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but what does that have to do with anything. would the game be more fun if you wanted brakes? in my opinion wanting something in a game that isnt there is just worse i guess. but i dont know lol ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯.

i was going to add that but i didnt have any time to do that.

just wondering but why does the game take so much s p a c e for a game jam game. also the game is nice. nice graphics and intresting gameplay. overall n I c E.

k i will try ur game.

Thanks for all the feedback so far. i really appreciate it.

l get what u mean. but if i where you i would make something a little more simple next time.

the idea for this game is pretty cool. also its really well polished

cool. but way to ambitious for a jam game in my opinon

yeah youre right. i had no time left to balance the game. but when the ratings are done i. definetly gonna fix this stuff lololo

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thanks for the feedback. yeah youre kinda right about the theme thing. but i was wasting too much time trying to find an idea. so i just used the brakes one. i will definetly try to manage my time better for my next game jam.

pretty good game. very well polished