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Glad you liked it. Actually, I worked on a version with guns hehe. Might release it later ;) 

Really well done. I like the mechanics. and the atmosphere and story are very coherent. I'd like more of it!

Difficult to get at first. But once, you get it, it is really fun! Maybe add some more clear feedback on when you can grab or not. But this game has a good potential. Well done!

Nice concept. For some reasons, it actually reminds me of Guitar Hero. Maybe, you could transform it into a music/rhythm game. Well done !

Thanks! Yes, I am aware of this bug. Trying to fix it.

Thanks! I am trying to implement this. 

Thanks for playing and for the suggestion! I am gonna have look. 

Fun game! Well done.

Really fun game! Really like the art and the music, which have a Celeste-like feeling. Just one thing, maybe disable the collision on the side of the clouds. I think that would make the gameplay better. 

I like the idea of the game. I think it has a lot of potential. But right now I found the control difficult. Maybe having two different buttons for left and right would help. I hope to see more adventures of Arachnoman!

I discovered this crazy sport not a long time ago online.  That is great idea to use it for the theme of the jam. I like the art and the music. But it was too difficult for me. 

Really good game. Has a lot of potential. The music is ok but too repetitive. Overall, well done!

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I like the concept of being able to move hands and legs separately. But in the end, it feels more like swimming than climbing haha. 

Excellent concept and very fun puzzle game. Well done!

Really like your game. In the jam, that is the more "realistic" entry in term of actual climbing.  It seems that the music stops after a certain time, so you might have forget to put it on loop. Anyway. well done!

Good game. Really like the art and the music.  But I found it quite difficult.

Hahaha, I hate you! Was really fun. Took me 78 attempts to finish. A suggestion: when you die,  delay the restart by 1 or 2 second, so you understand clearly how you died. 

As a fan of KSP, I am always up for a rocket game! This one was fun. Maybe, for a more realistic feeling, it would be better if the rocket sprite turns when you turn, if you know what I mean.

Fun game. I like the narrative element, especially the newspaper at the end. Good job!

Fun little game! Well done

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Awesome game! You make the best of a simple mechanic. Challenging and fun. The music and the sounds are good. But maybe you could make it even better by combining them with the gameplay, like in a rhythm/musical game, something like that.  

Go Godot!

Fun game with good controls!

Cool game with a great music. Tiring for the finger though, I think Choppa Man needs a real automatic gun. 

Cool game with a great music. Tiring for the finger though, I think Choppa Man needs a real automatic gun. 

Simple concept and good execution. Well done !

Simple concept and good execution. Well done !

Excellent concept. Really fun to play. It is interesting to see that Tetris has been an inspiration for few games in this jam. 

Thanks! Yes, it is too loud. Gonna change that in the next update. 

That was fun! The choice of an octopus for this kind of gameplay is original, although you don't really feel like being in the ocean.

Here is the game I made for the game jam. I'd love some feedback. :)

Really cool game. Nice art and music. Well done !

Meow meow, that was fun! I like the art and the music. 

I like the idea of the game and I really had fun playing it.  I think you can developed it. With some polishing, you could make a great little game. 

I really like the music and the art! But as other explained, it is a a little difficult to understand the gameplay. Anyway, great job for your first jam!

Thanks! That is encouraging to hear.

Thanks for playing! That is a pretty good score. Haha, an easter egg good be fun. I know about this little bug when the stick sometimes stay attached to the circle. Gonna try to fix this later. 

Great art and music. I found the game quite hard from the start. Maybe it would good to modify the difficulty curve. But I think it has some potential. Good job!

Thanks! Agree. I'll add this later. 

Thanks for playing !

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Thanks! I've modified the level. Should be easier now ;)