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Very good work! The wolf makes the game the theme. I find the game a bit easy or I'm the one who is not understood when the game ends.

Otherwise the game is very well done and well executed :)

The game is really fun, even though the post-processing was disturbing my eyes. The game is well done and well executed. It's a little battle royal, you vs the bombs :D

This game is not bad, but I don't see what it has to do with the theme?

If it's your first jam, the game's not too bad.

This game is unsettling, at the beginning, but I managed to get to know the keys of the keyboard a little bit.

The game is too good, I like the way the controls are handled in this game.

Amazing job! It's fun and original. Well done! For the post jam update, you could add some sound efffects or a music in the game.

I like this little idle game. I can play it and check other game in the same time :)

Very funny game and I love the physics of this game :D

Great Job! Really cool idea!

At first I wasn't sure if I was or wasn't cutting down trees but after hearing a sound I understood when I was or wasn't cutting down a tree.

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Haha, Now the ducks are drinking ?

Great Job!

I have a error when I click to the How to play button.

That's a good idea. I never thought I'd be in control in the game in the game.

It's a little weird at first, but you get used to it.

The game is well done, the puzzles were a bit difficult for me except the thing with the doors (where I did randomly :D) but otherwise I love the game. For the controls, you should at least put the directional arrows if possible because I don't have a QWERTY keyboard. :)

At first I didn't understand why I changed my ability but in the end I understood and I liked it. Well done!

Good work! Too bad I don't have a sound or effect to tell me when I hit a rock. But otherwise it's well done.

Really good game but I think I found a bug in the level when the monster eat a human, after that I move once or twice and my character didn't move. The game is really fun to play :)

Doing a little talking would have been nice because I didn't know what to do at first but then I figured it out :)

The level withthe yellow car is hard but fun when you finish the level

Yeah! as Quentin Delvallet says the tongue is not useful sometimes, you could do some levels where the player only uses the language. In the meantime, the game is really fun to play.

Wow you found the second game reference :D

I don't really know what you mean by "enemies were affected by each other's bullets", you mean that it's the last body controlled by the player that has to be hit?
Thanks for your very nice comment :)
Well done for finding the second reference of our game.

Yeah! Right now the best score is your score (3130) :D

Thanks a lot man!

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Thank you very much! I see you liked the game, I'm glad :)

Thank you very much :)

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Thank you for your very constructive response. It's nice that you enjoyed our game :)

The difficulty of dodging bullets and not being in control when there are too many enemies was the goal of the game to be in the theme but after the jam we will change that :)

Thank you very much, it's nice that you enjoyed our game :)

Good game, I love the mechanic in this game!

Thanks for playing the game, glad you liked it. Voice-overs aren't my specialty. I did what I could :D

best score 410, Am I a epic gamer :D ? Great game, is it a 2d or 3D or 2.5D game ?

Very good game. It's not a triple-A game, but the mechanics are interesting and challenging.


It's funny, our games have the same mechanics but we use it the same way (the beauty of game development :D ).
I love the game, it's fun and funny but one thing that's kind of blocking me is the controls. I find them a bit difficult to handle (keyboard & mouse) but otherwise well done.

Hello ! Thank you for trying our game and sorry for the "bug", I have some questions for you: What is your OS and your PC specs ? And last question: the bug, you found it in the introduction when Mr. Zero says "I'll let you try"?

Thank you !

Good game and good graphics !

Cool the idea !

Clean graphics !

Good Game ! And good idea ! Don't follow the arrows !!!

Good Job !

Great Job ! And good idea !

Okay the graphics is not the best but the game is playable and the idea is great !

Thank you ! And we have to thank my graphic designer for that incredible voice :D