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Softands Game

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Hello ! Thank you for trying our game and sorry for the "bug", I have some questions for you: What is your OS and your PC specs ? And last question: the bug, you found it in the introduction when Mr. Zero says "I'll let you try"?

Thank you !

Good game and good graphics !

Cool the idea !

Clean graphics !

Good Game ! And good idea ! Don't follow the arrows !!!

Good Job !

Great Job ! And good idea !

Okay the graphics is not the best but the game is playable and the idea is great !

Thank you ! And we have to thank my graphic designer for that incredible voice :D

Thanks so much ! And I'm glad you liked the game.

Okay, I understand

I'd like to see how it turned out.

At first, the game is really raging and a little boring. After that, it was fun!

Original Design but without sound the game is a bit annoying.


Did you save all the princesses? Or are you terrible?

Cool Game ! I like the graphics.

Nice Game ! the idea is interesting.

Thank you for playing our game ! I'm glad our game made you laugh :D

I think :D too

Not all the references like the SCP, I don't know what it is? but all the parts of the game, I knew

Oh ! Thank you ! I'm proud too :). Je ne sais pas quoi dire d'autre que "Encore merci !". Ah oui ! Thanks for playing our game and I'm glad you liked the game.

Nice Game !

I love the soundtrack and the art but mix up pixel art and low-poly, I don't think it was a good choice, but it's yours.  Another thing, in the begining, I though that the game is a low-poly game and I'm a little disappointed.

Good game ! mais le son monte trop dans les aigus (après c'est peut être la base du rétro :D)

Otherwise this game is really funny to play even if I take a long time in the tetris game.

Merci ça fait plaisir à entendre. :)

Gameplay très simple et sympa à jouer

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Gameplay bien pensé, maintenant j'aimerai la version speed run de ce jeu 😃

Merci de ton retour, je viens de remarquer que le fade In/Out est long de 1 ou 2 seconde, je réglererai ça plus tard. Et Génial le jeu t'as plus !