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Very compelling, you got the controls down perfectly. The player moves at just the right speed to narrowly avoid stuff. Great work

Super fun entry. The rules around _how_ to make a successful dungeon were a little confusing, but loved designing little rooms for the adventurers to deal with

Great twist on the theme! Also your art style is dope super super unqiue and cool

Great work! Really did give me all the powers I would want if I were to play a dragon. Love all the randomized hero names over their heads

There actually is a boundary eventually (but it's not well tested lol) but this is great feedback thanks so much for playing!

Had to play after you reviewed my game! Yours is obviously the much more fleshed out idea than mine. Lots of fun. Great minds think alike!

Every so often someone posts a vod of them playing this game. I haven't worked on An Airport Game since 2019 and it always warms my heart to see someone new play it and get the true ending and seeing their reaction. Thank you so much for playing it really means so so much <3

Okay so sorry for the delay everyone! The correct file has finally been uploaded and you'll see folders for environment sprites and character sprites and folders for each character. Enjoy!

Nice work! Great simple puzzle game, super easy to pick up and understand with some increasingly hard puzzles! Had a lot of fun, well done!

I actually enjoyed playing for quite a bit. Loved the sound effects and simple game concept. Easy to pick up and play well done!

Loved the art and the shattering effect when you die. Had a lot of fun bopping around!

Very cute aesthetic. Was fun but maybe a little slow and repetitive after a few levels. Great work though loved the idea and execution

Great presentation super fun experience. Difficulty ramp got super steep super quickly but i overall had a great time

thanks so much!

thanks for playing!

thanks! We hope it was a good challenge!


thank you! We thought he was an important addition to squeeze in

Once again Vimlark pulls out an excellent entry for a game jam. Presentation was snappy and cute, gameplay was interesting and unique and had me playing for quite a while. Only downfall was I eventually set myself up so well that I don't think I could have lost unintentionally. I eventually was able to play it safe enough until I had the right dice to take out enemies or escape to the finish almost every time.

Very fun simple idea. Saw your tweet about this during the jam and glad I was able to find the final product to play! Well done

Yeah I mean this might be the best game I've played so far out of all the submission's I've seen. Art is great, level design is phenomenal, music is excellent. Idea was interesting, thoughtful, unique, and made for a super enjoyable experience. Incredibly well done

Loved the old arcade aesthetic. Had a lot of fun. I wish you could rotate the other direction? Regardless had a lot of fun devising and strategy and trying to get as many upgrade as I could to survive

This was super fun. I think this could be equated to like 2048. Simple intuitive. Seems like there's a mathematical solution to winning but still had a lot of fun exploring my potential options!

Loved the presentation! Seemed like it was entirely luck based and if I didn't do anything the race would have ended the same... but still had fun!

Really clean presentation and cool idea. It sometimes spawns enemies right on the player causing an instant death which can be kind of frusterating

Got stuck on level 3 unsure what to do but good concept!

Loved the black and white aesthetic. Graphics were charming, simple, enjoyable. Overall a very nicely polished game, had a lot of fun playing. Only gripe is the same issue I've seen on other games in the jam which is where you get screwed by the RNG and are just begging on the right dice roll to happen so you don't lose. Great work!

Had a fun time. Unfortunately once you run out of dice you're kind of soft locked until you let yourself die. I think running out of dice could also be a reason to  end the game perhaps? Great work!

This game is great. Adding in the bartenders who shoot the dice as well to ruin your well laid plans was an excelllent twist and really added to the difficulty in the end! Well done!

That was very fun and very silly. Really enjoyed the story and jokes. I'm sure i missed a couple dialog options but I overall had a great time

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I feel like I got softlocked mid way through (see screenshot). But otherwise loved the concept and the snappy platforming!

This was one of the most fun entries i've played so far. Really fast paced, easy to pick up, and offered a lot of variety of strategies, enemies, and gun types. No notes, really really excellent entry

This was very very enjoyable. Really easy to understand how the game works (I didn't even read the tutorial text and I figured it out) and really quickly made it available to someone who's slow and methodical and also to someone who wants to hurry up and try to speedrun the levels with increasing difficulty. Love it!

I LOVE tetris and I love this take on it. Really fun, simple, and enjoyable tetris-like game. Great entry!

The art is really well done. There's unfortunately a lot to read and it's all important so you can't just immediately jump in but its a super innovative idea and when I finally got a grasp on whats going on, I had a great time! Well done!

Great work! This was pretty tough to get a handle on. I tried many times and couldn't get past the second level even with really thoughtful approach. Love the idea though, very challenging in a good way!

Yep! It works in the website through chrome/edge but if you try to run it on the itch desktop client it fails. Not many people use the desktop client besides myself but easy setting to change for the future to make sure its as easy as possible for everyone to play!

I actually had a suprising amount of fun. The dice is a little sluggish to control, but once I had both swords, a shield, and wings I was like "oh yeah this is dope" and flying around flailing my swords at the enemies and it was really really fun!

Had a lot of fun!