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Hello! So sorry, Apple makes it super super hard to open Unity games because of permissions but this thread should give you the steps to give your computer permissions to open the file!
Mac Unity Build (from a PC) not opening on Mac - Unity Forum

would love to be added to the bundle! Thank you for organizing

You got it! keep at it!

thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed ❤️

Fixed! Enjoy!

Yes! Sorry for the horrible delay. Just uploaded the zip with all the sprites. ENjoy!

thanks so much again! ❤️❤️❤️

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that’s okay that you didn’t buy it here! That’s why I have it on the play store so you can play wherever you want! Such a kind compliment to the creator* (I made this game solo!). I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m hoping to make something another RPG style game in the future

Hey Wise Pie Studio, I saw your post on reddit and I've played your game. Love the theme and aesthetics, very wacky and Job Simulator-esque. I think for me the feedback I would give is there a gap in how I think the game behaves and how it is actually behaving. i.e. When I move the mouse left and right it moves the box on an axis that is diagonal to the camera angle so it's a little hard to equate amount of mouse movement with box position. Also sometimes pressing space makes the box spin more sometimes less and I can't tell when. Besides that though, it's missing a game loop (how you win or lose) but I assume that's because it's an early build. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing this later in development. Good luck!

Aw.. thanks so much that really means a lot I wrote it all myself!

that’s so kind of you to say. Thank you so much! <3

Amazing entry, played it all the way though, great piece on overpowered RPG characters, really fun to play, loved the massively detailed inventory menu for how little things there were to collect. Well done overall, thanks for making this game

Strong entry lots of things to keep track of on screen while playing but pretty fun. I eventually figured out its more effective to just stick to the left side of the screen and spam the space bar as fast as possible haha

Solid entry, felt more like key mashing around the area then trying to hit the correct key. Perhaps a punishment for hitting the wrong key might be a good addition?

Extremely clever entry. Art style and game feel was amazing, probably best of any entry I've played so far. I personally didn't like that the controls were a bit drifty for the player since it is a bullet hell, some more precision would have been preferred, but great entry overall!

Solid entry! I wasn't initially sure if I was supposed to destroy things or have the animals destroy things or if I was supposed to destroy the animals, but still had a lot of fun, very whacky and silly entry

Thats a great idea! A friend of ours actually came up with this idea of the "One shot challenge" where you try to see how many enemies you can clear with one blast

Awesome entry, extremely original and unique take on the theme. Loved the art style, loved the music, overall just really solid. I kept dying to fall damage and it didn't really feel like a game that needed fall damage given the mechanics?

Great entry, lots of unique and well implemented mechanics (bucket, hammer, glass, fire extinguisher). This entry is really showing how little custom art assets you need to make a compelling and great looking experience so well done. My only feedback is I personally dont like having to move my fingers from the moving buttons to use an action, so if the F button was mapped to the spacebar it would have been easier to aim and shoot the water at the same time. Great work!

Very cool entry, love the art style, love the sounds effects and music, one way you could add variety is by randomly changing the pitch slightly of your sound effects to give the feeling of multiple possible sounds. Great work!

That's a good point! Fortunately we made sure you could always outrun them speed wise, but it definitely gets hard when you lose some controls. Thanks for playing <3

Yup! Totally fair critique, I think we wanted to make shooting feel punishing because you can like clear out an entire wave in one blast if you aim it right. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! It used to be exactly top down but we felt it was a little bland and that an angle was more fun to look at

Great entry, the story was excellent, the voice acting suberb, and the puzzles solid, and I REALLY appreciate the showing you your trajectory after dying 2-4 times so that I did not get stuck. Great work, this was hilarious

Interesting entry, I was unable to get past the first level but I avoided the cubes for a very long time and didnt get many powerups. loved the music

Gameplay ended up being a lot of clicking, but very creative entry love the idea of fighting an out of control forest fire, although I quickly found out how to just rapidly clear the area around a starting fire and the challenge somewhat subsided. Great work!

Great game, very similar to the mechanic we came up with (use an ability, lose that ability) but I much prefer your method of recovering the ability. Some nice clean puzzles, great sound effects and music. really strong entry overall. I think the idea could be expanded upon if you added other abilities to lose later on (like duck, boost, etc.)

Solid entry, very clean and simple to understand, my only piece of feedback is that difficulty ramps up extremely quickly when you get to the grass and the game only ends up lasting a minute or two.

Excellent game, amazing twist in the end, truly did not expect that. Very very worth playing all the way through. My only fear for this game is that people won't see it all the way through because they think its a basic puzzle game when it is clearly more than that. Especially on the level where the switch doesn't work it  might seem like a genuine bug but then quickly you see it is part of the story. Great work and thanks for coming to the stream! <3

EulerMoises is a great twitch chat member and they and their partner made a great game. The art is very cute, the sprite work is excellent, the music is great, the sounds of kids laughing is comically annoying and I had a great time playing. Something I might improve is the mechanics of finding the kids, it felt a bit monotonous to have to just run somewhere and back, perhaps  a boost with a boost meter might add some more variety. Great entry. Thanks for coming to the stream!

Great entry, loved the art style and jokes, really unique mechanic, much like riding a backwards bike, really fun sound effects and music. I enjoyed this thoroughly! ❤

Great concept, very unique game mechanic,  the instructions were a little unclear, but once I got the hang of it it became clear how vast this puzzle could become when expanded. Well done!

Great entry, love the art style, story, and music was *fire emoji* super funky fresh. My only complaint is that the camera moves sometimes as you move around the scene which in turn changes you mouse position relative to your player often making you aim in directions you didn't want to.

that’s a fair criticism. It’s not a perfect game mechanic but it felt TOO harsh to take away one directional control and not have any way to traverse the full map

Great entry, loved the art the game mechanic and music. Extremely clean, fun, and cute entry. Really well done

Great entry! Music was awesome, effects very clean, and the parallax background is also very impressive. The gameplay was a little weak just in that even if i undershot the wall I could still climb up it? Not sure that was intended. Good work!

thanks Jcritical! Thanks for being a part of the process! We appreciate your support!

We did all art EXCEPT the environment trees and stumps that were a part of the Low-Poly Simple Nature Pack by Oleh Lila under the company name JustCreate

That was a beautiful comment. Thank you so much for playing ❤️  it really means the world 

ugh I know. Thank you for playing!