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Really fun game. It's really satisfying when you manage to hit a big attack, and I can see myself playing it again later.

The shields, though, could be improved: they recharge pretty fast, so you can't wait too long to attack, but if you don't wait long enough your Attack command will not reach many ships. I understand the risk/reward here (and the need to make EMPs relevant), but it doesn't feel quite balanced yet. Also, they could have a little timer showing when they will activate again.

Another suggestion is a Cancel command, so you can cancel (obviously) a misclicked/wrong order. Then again, properly choosing orders is part of the challenge.


Thanks !

The game clearly needs some work still ^^. 

I agree, the cancel order button you suggested is really missing and make for really frustrating moments. Like when you face a shield and charge an attack instead of an EMP... And end up either attacking the shield or having to slowly move away from the shield to release the attack.